Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 4

Its Monday and as promised here is Italy part 4. So far we have only showcased fighter lines so here is the (Twin tail) heavy fighter line to mix it up a bit.

Tier 2.

Breda Ba.65

breda b64 65

So here are 2 planes mixed into one since they are literally the same plane.

This is the Breda Ba.64 ground attack/bomber/heavy fighter thingy. Also known in its upgraded form as the Ba.65. There where several variants of the Ba.65 going from variants with gunners to variants with turrets to variants with no gunner at all. The base armament will be 4x 7.7 mm breda machine guns and no gunner. With fuselage upgrades u will be able to mount a 12.7 mm breda gunner and later a 12.7 mm breda gunner in a turret giving u a much better firing arc. The wing armament can also be upgraded to 2x 7.7 mm breda and 2x 12.7 mm breda heavy machine guns which will kill most stuff flying in front of your plane.

Tier 3.

Breda Ba.88

The Ba.88 is one of the earliest Italian heavy fighters. It first flew in 1936 and entered service in 1939 but got outdated extremely quickly being faced out already in 1941. Its base armament is 3x 12.7 mm breda heavy machine guns but with the 88M fuselage it can mount 4 of them in the nose. It has a 7.7 mm gunner but if needed it could be buffed with a unhistorically 12.7 mm breda. Still its a twin engined fighter and has a great speed of 490 km/h

Tier 4.

Savoia-Marchetti SM.88

This is the Savoia-Marchetti SM.88. Its historically a heavy fighter but has the armament of a regular fighter aircraft. Its armament is 2x 12.7 mm breda and a 12.7 mm breda gunner. For the sake of making this thing competitive in the armament department i would unhistorically give it the ability to upgrade the 12.7 mm breda machine guns to 20 mm breda. The 20 mm breda is rare enough in the Italian tree so i think its great if we have some more Italian weapons on the Italian planes instead of german ones. Beside its armament it has great performance and flying characteristics being a twin tail plane its very maneuverable. It uses the DB-601 engines and has a top speed of 560 km/h.

Tier 5.

Savoia-Marchetti SM.91

Let me represent the first real “in my eyes” Italian heavy fighter! The Savoia-Marchetti SM.91! This beast was developed from the Savoia-Marchetti SM.88. But unlike the Savoia-Marchetti SM.88 it has really good armament! Its armament consists of 5x 20 mm mg151’s! This will make it one of the best heavy fighters at its tier with that kind of armament. It uses the DB-605 engines and has a top speed of 585 km/h.

Tier 6.

Savoia-Marchetti SM.92

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.92 was like its yunger brother also based on the Savoia-Marchetti SM.88 but was meant as a replacement of the SM.91 when it never entered service. This plane was built like a twin fuselage plane similar to the F-82 Twin mustang and the Me-609 but unlike them its not built ducktaping 2 single engined planes together nor is  it based on any single engined aircraft. This plane was armed with 3x 20 mm mg 151’s and 3x 12.7 mm breda and had a top speed of 615 km/h. Now this armament is slightly worse than its yunger brother the SM.91 but it could semi historically upgrade them to 6x 20 mm mg151’s. Now the SM.91 never had that armament nor have i found any specific plans showing it either but its army specifications are 6x 20 mm cannons and a top speed of 620 km/h so if its armament is not powerful enough then it could get 6x 20 mm cannons.

Tier 7.

Caproni Ca.380


Now this is the first paper plane in this line but as most of you hopefully know Italy surrendered in 1943 and most of its air industry stopped developing military aircraft after that until the end of the war so from now on it will be paper planes in this line. Anyway this is the Caproni Ca.380 Corsario. This was a heavy fighter design made by Caproni to compete against the Savoia-Marchetti SM.91. It featured a very similar configuration and where to use the same engines the DB-605. But it was soon realized that the DB-603 was to become available so it was decided that the DB-605 was to be replaced as soon as possible. Now i have found 2 main blueprints for this plane. One with one tail off-set and one with 2 tails. Since the twin tail is cooler its gonna be the upgraded fuselage. Its default engines are the DB-605’s while the upgraded ones are DB-603’s. Its base armament is 4x 20 mm mg151’s and 2x 12.7 mm breda but can be upgraded to 6x 20 mm mg151’s. Top speed is 643 km/h.

Tier 8.

Fiat G.58

The final propeller heavy fighter and the final twin tail one. This is the Fiat G.58. Its 2 Fiat G.55’s duck taped together. As u can see it has 6x 20 mm mg151’s and 4x 12.7 mm breda’s. Now not a lot of info exist for this but it was in the competition against the SM.92 and the CA.380. Since the Ca.380 was planned with the DB-603 engines and the Fiat G.56 had a DB-603 its fairly clear that this one where to use that engine too. Now its top speed is only mentioned on most documents as 600+ and think that mostly since they hadn’t decided on the engine yet. The G.56 had over heating problems and since this would basically be 2 G.56’s stuck together they where not so sure of they would use the DB-603.
Anyway for balance sake its speed will never be 100% historical either and i speculate that the DB-603 would only make it go 670 km/h at best anyway.


Tier 9.

Campini CS.8

So the first jet aircraft in this line. The Campini CS.8 was a really early Italian jet design. It looks like a meteor but it has much better armament and the cockpit sits much further back. Now it has straight wings and the engines are first generations but i would personally guess this would go around 700-800 km/h. Its armament are 6x 20 mm mg151’s.


Tier 10.

Campini CS.10

Here we are at tier 10. Now this is where its at! This is what you call a real heavy fighter. 8x 20 mm mg151’s! This variant was so good that they even made a wind tunnel model for it. Its engines seems to be bigger on the wind tunnel compared to the blueprint so it would if this is the case be much faster than the tier 9. Its speed would still be a bit lacking since it would probably not go much further beyond 900 km/h but the armament makes up for it since 8x 20 mm mg151’s will probably give it the best t10 armament in the game. This thing is all about burst mass and dpm.

Thats part 4 folks! Now i have 3 lines left (attacker, heavy fighter and fighter) and the premiums so write in the comments what u want to see next time. Since a lot of people want to see the Polish tree i also wonder if i shall take a break from Italy and showcase the Polish tree which will only have one part? Anyway the next tech tree showcase will be tomorrow.

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Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 4

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  1. Killtech says:

    thanks for another detailed post! personally i’d prefer to see the Italian attackers first to complete the classes and go over to poland after.

    it would also be great if you could make a summary post at some point for each/all nations with links to all lines/planes. you know an ‘envisioned tech tree’.

      1. armando30 says:

        if you have anything about the SAI Ambrosini 404 (Stipa 404), don’t forget to show us, it seems interesting (judging by the sketch and mock-up) and innovative, like how the the american XF5U was

  2. Terragion says:

    If you have only one polish part it will not be long break in italian tech tree. So why not?
    But I saw many propositions with two polish branches? I’m confused, but waiting for your proposition 🙂

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