It’s my birthday!


Apologies for the few day hiatus of content in the blog, both Jerry and I spend the last 4 days attending Tankfest! We got some amazing footage incoming for you including a very special birthday gift opportunity inside an even more very special tank!

And talking about birthdays, Yes! Today I am 21, again!

I do not ask much for my birthday other than this, I have created a Fundraiser over on Facebook to support my UK charity Association of choice, SSAFA, The Armed forces Charity! I am very glad that in just a few hours we met the small goal we set ourselves to! You can still donate to raise the stakes!

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity has come highly recommended by the Veterans and families from our community that have received help from them when they needed. The Armed Forces charity is also one of the most senior and well respected Association in the UK! Definitely a good one to support!

Thank you, everyone, for everything!

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It’s my birthday!

3 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Tyrud says:

    How lucky that you get to be 21 every time your birthday rolls around. Must be a Portuguese thing XD

    Happy birthday, Rita and here’s to more years in the future. You’re doing great work through this blog, you know.

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