Jagdtiger (H) & Tiger (H) In Garage


Thanks to Daniel S. who emailed this, in the 9.19’s WG video overview he noticed a Jagdtiger (H) and Tiger (H) in the garage:

For those wondering, that’s a full press account in the video, such press accounts come with all the tanks in the game, even the rarest, as for the Tiger II (H), is just the renamed Tiger II (P) that we posted the supertest stats of earlier this year. these two vehicles have been added to the normal servers about two patches ago.

I took some screenshots of the latest stats on these vehicles from tanks.gg for you and already compared to their closest versions of same tier/nation for reference:


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Jagdtiger (H) & Tiger (H) In Garage

19 thoughts on “Jagdtiger (H) & Tiger (H) In Garage

    1. Anonymous says:

      If they do decide to that I’m curious on the replacements. Tiger 2 at 7. #1 at 6. Maybe the VK36 at 5? Slight reduction of armor for vk.
      Tier 8 will… Made up tiger 3? Or fancy upgrade for tiger 2?
      As for the Jagtiger you could put the ferdi at 7. Lots of weak spots so it could be ok. Tier 5 can still pen it. For the tier 9 replacement? Jag E75?

      1. Chipmunk of Vengeance says:

        I guess we think a like some what, Jgd E-75 would be perfect for tier 9, but tier 8 might be able to fit the E-75, nerfed of course, or a fake Tiger III variant. Either works if they can be balanced.

  1. So versions with historical loadout at a tier lower then their upgraded counter parts… I’ve always thought the Tiger tanks were all a tier higher then what they should be so I don’t really have any many complaints and they aren’t exactly OP either.

    I wonder what will happen to the premium VK45.03 and Jagdtiger 8.8 though

    Also see that there’s no premium tier 7 VK45.02 (P) in the garage there. Kinda disappointing actually, would be nice to have it in its historical configuration… maybe if they change the PzKpfw VII line to have other VK70.01 designs it could be a tier 7 that splits into the both it and the Maus line? Who knows, dreams are cheap

    1. Anonymous says:

      I doubt they’re be bothering with the old premium tanks at this stage. Since the most idea design choices for the game right now would be slowly killing off all pref MM tanks.

  2. OopSAA says:

    Already in the seen them in the chinese server store. Tiger 2H (Tier 7) and jagdtiger H (tier 8).


    Also seen the heavys: VK10001 (P) (tier 8) obj. 777, obj. 268V5, obj. 257 and I think also the Chieftain/T95 (all tier 10)

    There are a also a bunch of medium tanks who are on the iris site.

    Guess there are more premiums and CW rewards coming.

    1. Ion7 says:

      I had hear rumors about their shop before but had never seen it, tanks for the link. Considering you can buy tanks like the VK 100 and Obj 777 from the shop, I wouldn’t trust that the (H) variants will be premiums. It does however, seem unlikely that WG will shift the German tech tree: Too much compensation and the fact that they haven’t mentioned anything (Normally plans this big would be known in advance).

    2. The chinese shop has nothing to do with any other region. As soon as something is added to the game files in supertest they just put it in their shop. If anything is there is doesn’t mean you will see it here. Obj 777 has been in the game since 7.x patches. If not even earlier.

  3. Charcharo says:

    I want that Jagdtiger premium :O
    In all honesty having historical vehicles on a lower tier is an OK thing to me. And the non-premium versions can get any possible upgraded versions of things. This means the normal Jagdtiger at tier 9 can not only use its awesome (but not used on a JagdTiger) gun but also get a better engine easily.

    This is a good compromise IMHO. Historical vehicle a tier lower and the normal variant with many wonder upgrades and wehraboo/Other fanboy fantasies – a tier higher 😀 !

  4. Anonymous says:

    So jt88 will be powercreeped into oblivion with these changes..We should be allowed to trade all our pref mm tanks for the new ones now that pref mm is completely useless.I mean you sacrifice almost everything for not seing 3 (!) Tier 10s….With the old mm it made sense but now,I don’t know…as a guy that depends on tanks like fcm 50t, sp, is6,kv5 and jt88 it feels kind of disappointing…..

  5. It would be so awesome if I could trade my JT88 in for this beauty. Unfortunately the 88 milimeter gun doesn’t have a fear effect on opponents, everyone takes risks to flank you. With 128mm gun and 490 alpha, I’d not think they would volunteer anymore… 😀

    Fingers crossed for trade in, but it’s not likely 🙁

  6. Jurrunio says:

    Tiger 2 (H) is a tier 7? We already have the VK 45.03, which has thinner turret armor as the only difference between the two. That’s unfair to those who bought the VK. I think that’s why they haven’t sold the Tiger 2H yet.

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