Japanese Superheavies in Supertest

Type 4 and type 5 are back in supertest

It looks like WG are finally nerfing the Derp Guns and buffing the AP Guns plus some other buffs.

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Japanese Superheavies in Supertest

30 thoughts on “Japanese Superheavies in Supertest

      1. WG doesn’t have a clue on how or what to balance and change.
        Type 4/5 need an armor nerf, and the Godbarn shouldn’t be touched at all.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I think the s***barn could use a slight nerf to its mobility, but not the ridiculous nerf that Wargaming seems to have in mind. I’m sorry, nerf reverse speed by 25%, forward speed by 10%, engine power by 11%, track traverse by 13%, dispersion by 11%, and aim time by 23%?

        Talk about a stupid overcompensation. Wargaming seems to have this idea that balancing a vehicle means major changes in multiple aspects all at once, rather than changing 2-3 aspects by less than 10% and seeing how that affects performance on the live servers.

        A more reasonable nerf to the FV4005 would have been to leave the gun alone, reduce reverse speed to 10 kph (-16%), and reduce forward speed to 33 kph (-6%). And MAYBE reduce traverse to 28 deg/s (-7%) to make it a little easier to flank. That’s reasonable without nerfing yet another vehicle to oblivion.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well. the P2Win HE shell on the Type 5 Heavy was retarded and needed to go.
      The armor nerf will come with the premium shell rebalance hepofully.

      1. WG should deal with premium ammo first before doing any sort of balancing. Deal with the anomaly screwing up balance then we can actually start properly dealing with the balance issues it created.

      2. 0gungrave0 says:

        @SpectreHD The “gold round issue” stems from WG doing changes over the years that has led to gold rounds being required more. Dispersion nerfs(more RNG bullshit), MM changes forcing more bottom tier games, ridiculously armored vehicles.

        As someone who has finished every tank line I can honestly tell you that 3 to 4 years ago I never had to carry gold ammo but around 2015/2016 is when I had to start because of all the game changes.

    2. TomWhite says:

      Keep up all of the nerfs and buffs untill there are no more players. Job well done By the WOT in destroying a good game. Think of the millions of dollars you will loose as well as your jobs. Last laugh is ours while you idiots enjoy your new jobs in the Salt mines of your new home in the cold .LOL

  1. name says:

    damn i just started grinding oho, oni and oho are pretty op in my hands.. i love them.. but well, those types are really op. i will just continue fv4005

  2. Bill grey says:

    I’ve smashed a type 5, that was holding off 4x of my teams best tanks
    +u know what I did it in. .
    Rhm borsig

  3. TomWhite says:

    What are nothing but out of touch with the world. If you Nerf and Buff than you loose customers as previous actions by these idiots has allreal lost many players because of their actions. I was a premium buyer BUT giving them any more of money has stopped because they buff and nerfed every one of my premium tanks to useless pieces of SHIT not worth the time to play. I sold them all and when I win a premium tank I just sell it and get silver and an other empty garage. Who is the winner now??? Me that who.. I get to keep a lot more of my entertainment money for other good games if the idiots of WOT continue I will have a lot more money for other games in the future as I won’t be a WOT customer or player.om

  4. JR Davod says:

    This is a BIG buff for the hulldown tanks i.e. s. conq, wz, ruskie tanks, british tanks, etc.. nerfing the only hard counter to them and also the upcoming nerf to arty. Good Job WG! RIP!


  5. Avg REAL ACTUAL dmg of a gold shell from type 5: 400-600.
    Reload time is what???

    Avg REAL ACTUAL dmg of IS7: 500-600 STANDARD CHEAP AMMO….
    Reload time is what???.

    Yeah…but lets never mention russian bias and the urgent need to nerf ANY russian tanks.
    mmm mmmm can’t wait for IS4 buff so it’s as good as the other russian tanks.

    1. Anonymous says:

      HE does that damage almost all the time. You don’t really need to aim as much. Is7 is only as effective as you suggest when you use a lot of premium ammo. I will admit that having a heavy gun that could only fire HE added something new to the game. Wargaming obviously introduced a new cow to milk with having a no-consequence premium round forcing people who played them to have premium accounts / tanks (eyes on the British HESH tds as well). This was a problem when it came out and they cannot possibly be realizing it as a problem NOW over, what, like a year? Two? Hopefully the changes will allow the Japanese heavies to stand out from the crowd in a more balanced manner.

  6. Kulingile says:

    Wow. The rebalanced 15 cm guns on the Type 4 and Type 5 are worse than the KV-2’s derp in almost every respect. *slow clap*

    Seriously, what made Wargaming think that this was a good idea? In this iteration of supertest, the 15 cm guns have been nerfed almost to uselessness, and the 14 cm guns were given a buff so small that it is practically irrelevant.

    This is why I have almost no faith in Wargaming’s balance department. Here’s how I think they should have rebalanced the guns:

    14 cm gun:
    Penetration: 260 (+10) / 300 (+18)

    15 cm gun:
    Gold HE -> Gold HESH
    Penetration: 75 / 200 (+125)
    Damage: 1100 / 750 (-600)

    The maximum DPM (assuming all shots penetrate) of the Type 4 with the 15 cm gun and my rebalanced HESH is 1837. For the Type 5 and the 15 cm with HESH, it is 2633. Yes, it’s a little high, but in my mind, using the 15 cm with HESH on the Type 5 essentially shifts the playstyle towards that of an E 100 – but with significantly less penetration. And players are heavily penalized if they don’t penetrate their shots (see below).

    My version of the rebalanced 15 cm HESH rounds average the following damage, compared to the standard 15 cm HE rounds, when impacting the following armor thicknesses at 90 degrees:

    50 mm: 1100 HE, 750 / 320 HESH
    100 mm: 440 HE, 750 / 265 HESH
    150 mm: 385 HE, 750 / 210 HESH
    200 mm: 330 HE, 750 / 155 HESH
    250 mm: 275 HE, 100 HESH

    Note that it is possible for the HESH to fail to penetrate highly sloped armor.

    If the target has more than 200 mm of effective armor, the HESH gold ammunition is clearly inferior to HE. On the other hand, if the target has between about 85 mm and 180 mm of effective armor, HESH is the better choice.

    This is just my rough 15-minute concept for the rebalance. I’m a little biased, but I’d say that it’s a darn sight better than what Wargaming has come up with.

    1. KitesAndLights says:

      Good they’re nerfing that retarded gun, keep complaining though, that’s the best part of the rebalance.

  7. ROMBAT says:

    Why nerfing this tanks now? What,s the real reason behind this nerf? Because is no real reason to do it, i mean the game is not infested with type4 and 5 or fv4005.
    The real reason is about money. They are nerfing pen, the dmg but the cost of the shell is the same. You also will get less xp because you,ll do less dmg per shoot.
    Nerfing pen on regular ammo, accuracy, , dispersion, increasing armor on some tanks has the real purpose to force us to shoot moore premium ammo, without in order to pen something.
    When we shoot premium ammo wg wins… you need premium account premium tanks in order to afford shooting premium ammo…also best custemers are buying silver for real money in order to shoot premium ammo.

  8. Viking af North says:

    As long as WG not nerf the RUSSIAN tanks, the WG team will be happy,
    it is when the “community” demanding a RUSSIAN nerf they will shift focus on something else.
    As for now the Game is PRO RUSSIAN, and everything that will or could compromise the RUSSIAN BIAS in this game, it will be Terminated or changed towards a RUSIIAN dominance by eather buffing RUSSIANs or nerfing others.
    Its a Clear RUSSIAN sponsored casino game, where everything thats not RUSSIAN will be subleveled to RUSSIAN or removed.

  9. Vepsis says:

    Russian and other already op hard turret tanks really doesn’t need these nerfs to HE vehicles. Major buff to full gold IS-7 and Super Conqueror players.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Type 5 in Tier 10 battles has next to zero armor, everything pens it. You hit IS-7 for 300 DMG with gold when they auto pen you for 400+ with gold. But sure, IS-7 players are crying they Tupe 5 pens their turret hull down and WG listens. KV-2 is laughing hysterically on Type 5’s gun in tier 10.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wargaming, instead of screwing up tanks at tier 10 by nerfing, especially the SUPER NERF of the S__TBARN, how about coming through on your promise to BUFF the much needed IS4?

    STUPID Russian RETARDS – listen to your community of players!

  12. aaaa says:

    This will change Type 5 to E-100 in old times. Interesting tank with shitty gun that no one plays.
    I hate that 15cm gun – its lowskill and its not reliable.. but 14cm with 0.4 and 290 pen only?
    That will never work. Look on “new” tanks from russian tree or italian/poland they are super accurated, have huge alpha and big penetration

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