Jim Has spoken


Jim Sterling has finally spoken:

I have to confess that this video made me like Jim more than I already used to and he has changed my view on the situation a bit.

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Jim Has spoken

27 thoughts on “Jim Has spoken

      1. Oh no, it’s a fucking dreadful system, I’m just pointing out to Nafre that they can be bought with silver AT A COST because you can’t play without the premium account on any non-premium tank

    1. Mkoo says:

      If AW had players… it could be a viable game. It’s also a huge mess now because of Balance 2.0 (I love how they decided to do like the most idiotic thing and rework the entire game at once instead of reworking it iteratively). Mail.ru are no saints either.

    2. What are you talking about Ragnar? Do you know know the history of Gaijin? and what they did the Ply gamer? And then tried to get the communities approval to strike youtubes? Remember, you are not allowed to negatively criticize gaijn…

    3. VonOhlhausen says:

      Oh yeah, AW is great. Except for the lack of players, the hyper-monetization, the firing of the people developing the game and replacing them with a studio built around pushing consoles and more monetization, the reset of everyone’s accounts to ground zero except for cash money transaction items, the dumbing down of gameplay and the general lack of any kind of progress towards a better game that is now being replaced with a slow slide down a lackluster, boring and infuriating slope.

  1. Shrike58 says:

    12 minutes in I particularly enjoyed his reaction to the flame war that broke out in his inbox over the state of the game; sounds like us!

    1. heldermartins1 says:

      And here we have it, the same prodigal son trolling around, in WG’s name, here and in other blog.

      1. It’s not like you Foch lapdogs aren’t everywhere. Especially or Reddit where Rita has been defamed and criticized for, really, what can be best described as scum (or Focj wannabes, whatever you prefer to call them).

      2. heldermartins1 says:

        U’re missreading everything, WOT121: no one here is beeing anyone’s lapdog. MAny of us just don’t agree with the way WG has treated the matter at hand.

        You, on the other hand, are just spewing your vomit around, doing the same thing you accused Foch of doing (bitting the hand that feeds him): you are a guest here, in this blog. You, me, eveybody else. If u dont like the way things were going (Foch’s way of saying things) if too much for your sensitive manner, just dont watch it. Plain simple.

        Again, one thing is very blatant: you are supporting WG’s way, praising QB’s unsalty and very onesided position, no matter what, and bashing Rita, Foch, Jingles, Circon who, combined, are funnier and more informative then the “Q”uecum”B”er.

        1 – or you’re a very unsatisfied person, with low life expectations, who turned
        his attentions towards the internet to make those low life expectations a
        thing of the past;
        2 – or, you’re just a minion, with the only purpose of derailing and obstruct a well known blog (which is an old strategy of the red past).

        To summarise:

        – Buy a newspapper and start a life.

  2. Thaldor says:

    In my opinion this is the video this mess needed. Just someone with real knowledge and experience on copyright (with what Wargaming threatened SirFoch) and company defamation on YouTube, who doesn’t really care about the game at all (Jim does say that SirFoch didn’t lie about the facts, so Jim did research that much, but it’s not the point of the video and premium ammos were just joke).

    I think it’s real nice how he keeps the topic in the Wargaming but also keeps it general. Like at the moment there’s a ton of YouTubers who basicly work as company represantives for free stuff and probably quite many of them didn’t even ask for it (like SirFoch was just given the CC status by WG even when they knew he was a salty personality). Companies expect these people to polish their shields and do their PR for them, while in reality they don’t give clear guidelines (at least public) and expect even salty personalities to just smile and say “everything is fine”.

    I really want to see and/or read Wargamings reaction to this Jimquisition. At least for the last part where WGNA contacted him and gave the same statement as for the Kotaku and unlike Kotaku, Jim asked for more and didn’t got it in time.

    Also I really like the top comment on the Jims video at the moment 😀
    MoA-Reload…1 hour ago
    Wargaming EU “We fucked up”
    Wargaming US “Hold my beer! We got this”
    Some time later: Wargaming US “The fuck…this guys asked for proof…shit!”
    It’s just so great diamondisation of the whole PR problem WG is facing. Just at the same time WGEU is trying to say they are sorry and they made mistake which was human, WGNA goes and gives statements stating what they did was rightful.

    [SARCASM] I don’t know can I go to the Wargaming party in next month and not laugh at this mess… I can just imagine Viktor saying they take PR seriously and professionally 😀 [/SARCASM]

  3. OrigamiChik3n says:

    25 minutes of talking is a bit too much for me. But Jim said one thing that i haven’t even think of. No matter what Foch said or how he said it. No matter if his words were an insult, defamation or slander. Youtube copyright strike is not meant to deal with any of these issues. Being ignorant about it Ph3lan deserved the all the shitstorm that went his way.

  4. warkity says:

    Jim Sterling has a lot of good things to say. I think WG needs to get it’s community contributors program more organised. And as jingles said improve it’s internal communication and it’s external communications. It’s approach to me seems too ad hoc. It’s not the small company it was back in 2011.

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