July 8th (Brief!) Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick bits of info from the recent WarGaming FM “In the Bunker” interview with Alex Ilyen:

– The T-62 has not lost its relevance against the Obj. 140. Most players didn’t speak of the 62’s more heavily armored turret. Yes, we know these tanks are very similar, and we still have the 430, 907, and T-22 to go. We need to make these machines different, but still keep them unified in a way. We’ve seen player responses to the Bat-Chat, it’s not a nerf, it’s a rebalance. But you can imagine the responses if we touched the Soviet mediums, so for the time being, we’re not ready for a full global rebalance of those lines.

– The Type 59 may also see some adjustments as well. No info on what’s been touched, supertesters will have to see for themselves.

– We’ve also looked at the two Pattons in testing- M46 and M48. They’re good machines, just not particularly relevant. Huge cupolas and other weak spots, they’re superseded by nearly all other high tier medium tanks. It’s not a very good combination of characteristics, so there will possibly be some visual changes.

– The Type-59/ Patton will also be touched on as well.
And here are a few more snippets from Tankfest:

– There are plans to adjust the in-game credit economy, seeing as the new matchmaker has left fewer total hitpoints in battle, and thus reducing the number of credits that can be earned.

– After the transfer to HD maps, work will begin on gameplay variations of those same maps.

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