July 8th (Brief!) Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick bits of info from the recent WarGaming FM “In the Bunker” interview with Alex Ilyen:

– The T-62 has not lost its relevance against the Obj. 140. Most players didn’t speak of the 62’s more heavily armored turret. Yes, we know these tanks are very similar, and we still have the 430, 907, and T-22 to go. We need to make these machines different, but still keep them unified in a way. We’ve seen player responses to the Bat-Chat, it’s not a nerf, it’s a rebalance. But you can imagine the responses if we touched the Soviet mediums, so for the time being, we’re not ready for a full global rebalance of those lines.

– The Type 59 may also see some adjustments as well. No info on what’s been touched, supertesters will have to see for themselves.

– We’ve also looked at the two Pattons in testing- M46 and M48. They’re good machines, just not particularly relevant. Huge cupolas and other weak spots, they’re superseded by nearly all other high tier medium tanks. It’s not a very good combination of characteristics, so there will possibly be some visual changes.

– The Type-59/ Patton will also be touched on as well.
And here are a few more snippets from Tankfest:

– There are plans to adjust the in-game credit economy, seeing as the new matchmaker has left fewer total hitpoints in battle, and thus reducing the number of credits that can be earned.

– After the transfer to HD maps, work will begin on gameplay variations of those same maps.

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July 8th (Brief!) Q&A

35 thoughts on “July 8th (Brief!) Q&A

    1. WhiteBaron777 says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen a single balance related post on this blog where there isn’t someone complaining about the t-34-3 in the comments

  1. Not a nerf to the bat bat apparently….hmmm ok

    When asked about the Russian mediums ……’we are.not ready for full rebalance’

    If you say so….ok

  2. Tim Allen says:

    I honestly don’t get why they’re so adamant on changing the Bat Chat’s gun. Yes, you can potentially do 1950 damage in one clip to an enemy, but that almost NEVER happens. Especially with the super heavy meta right now. I’ve never had a problem against Bat Chats at all, but now like 5 years down the line, it’s not ok? You have tanks like the Type 5 heavy, the FV215b 183, and the FV4005 Stage II that can literally one shot you. At least you have a fighting chance against a Bat Chat. You can’t bounce HE from those big guns. Even if they go through with the changes on the Bat Chat, why in god’s name does it have 278 premium pen? These changes just seem silly to me and of course they won’t touch the Russian mediums. Even though the Bat Chat is way more popular than any one of the Russian mediums.

    1. heinz says:

      In randoms, ranked and clan battles the bc 25 t is often used. That means it is a strong, maybe too strong tank. Please tell me what I can do in my M48 Patton when an bc unloads on me? Nothing. Patton is my only tier 10 med and it happens often that I am just…. Dead.

      1. The BatChat isnt used “often” in randoms… wed see entire teams of BatChats if it was, and its used often in competitive modes by competitive players because its one of the few tanks in the game that scales with skill, and does so extremely well. It requires more than just the basic skills of “Press W and click enemies” to do well in. It requires more map knowledge, more thought and planning to creat favourable engagements in order to even be able to fully dump your clip (which takes 11 seconds) and then it requires the skill to disengage for a full 36+ seconds where you are completely vulnerable. If you look at that tanks over all winrate, and you look at the winrate curves for the tank it is actually one of the most balanced tanks in the game, and its stats reflect this.

        As for your “What can I do in my Patton if when a Bat unloads on me?” scenario… since you only mentioned your Patton and no other tanks my advice is:

        Dont get caught out alone against a BatChat. If youre alone and you get clipped, either fully or partially, by a BatChat, it is your fault. You engaged, or were engaged by, a tank that excels at taking apart lone tanks and you did so at ranges where you negated your strengths (gun depression, and truly amazing gun handling) and handed him the advantage. You deserve to lose that fight.

        If you arent alone, a Bat isnt going to be able to clip you reliably. And even if he does, he will be punished for it. Ive never been clipped when I was with others, and Ive punished many a Bat that have tried to clip teammates while in a group

        Bats excel is assassinating lone tanks, they excel at removing guns from the fied, and doing so quickly, but they give up A LOT for this ability. They are not a tank you can just buy and automatically do well in. And despite what youve seen fighting against them, they dont often clip out tanks.

        Getting out played by a tank is not a reason for the tank to be changed.

      2. WhiteBaron777 says:

        Tanks are used in competitive for their specific attributes, not overall performance. You can’t use competitive usage statistics for balance 95%of the time

      3. shithead says:

        T-54 Ltwt (until LT reshuffle) and IS-3 (until Defendcrap) was holy grail of Tier 8 meta and yet they never received nerfhammer/rebalance from WG. On the other hand IS-3 was even buffed when remodelled to HD… So this argument is absolutely invalid.

    2. Ion7 says:

      The Bat Chat shouldn’t be able to contest a super heavy one on one. Instead, auto-loaders are support tanks and low-hp assassins. While the Bat Chat is semi-balanced as it is, it is too strong at all roles compared to other vehicles.

      1. Tim Allen says:

        Of course the Bat Chat shouldn’t be able to contest super heavies in a one on one fight, but there is a problem when there are barely any tanks in the game that can contest super heavies in one on one fights. And what do you mean by all roles? The Bat Chat isn’t a sniper like the Leopard, the E50M, the Centurion Action X, etc. The Bat Chat doesn’t have great turret armor like some of the Russian mediums or the 121. You basically have almost no armor at all to begin with. It’s a high risk high reward tank. You have very limited ammunition in your Bat Chat. You need to time your reloads properly and watch how many shells you use. Every round you miss, makes you that much closer to being useless. The Bat Chat only fills that one role as being a sort of “assassin” tank. You use your mobility to flank caught out enemies, dump your clip into them, and pray that you don’t get caught out when you’re running away with your half a minute reload. Yes, it’s a strong tank. Too strong? No, I’d probably give that to the Type 5 and the Maus right now though. Most of the Tier 10 mediums are strong, but none of them are inherently broken.

      2. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Ion means batshits should not contest a heavtanks frontal armor by loading heat look at foch complaining in the type 5 Whats the point in your armor when a tvp can give you the bird to your armor.byonly loading heat…

  3. ROMBAT says:

    I guess batchat 25t is the first nerfed med. Moore will come. Meds penetration wil be nerfed in order to “encrease the rol of armor in the game”. That means that wg want us too shoot and bounce moore on heavies and other tanks. That means less credits for us, because we are going to pay moore for shells and get less credits. Players wil be force to buy premium time and premium vehicles in order to play a tier8 + game….and that,s the way wg will fill the pockets better than they are doing now.

  4. Vidar Hook says:

    “Most players didn’t speak of the 62’s more heavily armored turret.”
    When anyone ever compares the two, the pretty much only things listed are:
    1. The Obj 140 having 6 degrees of gun depression
    2. The T-62 having a stronger turret roof and cupolas.

    How have they missed that? HOW?!

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s wg…and we all know they live in their own fantasy world!!!! Usual in q&a they speak with the customers….well in soviet Russia q&a asks you!

      1. madogthefirst says:

        I have the M48 and love it. If they took away the giant MG turret I won’t complain. (as long as I keep my view)

  5. Mikosah says:

    Is there any logic in even suggesting a change to the BatChat’s gun or the Obj. 140’s turret armor? What is the objective here? Also T-54 and M46 may just be the two best tier 9s in the whole roster. Why again to they need buffs? In seriousness, WG has been severely lacking in self-awareness lately. I worry for their sake.

  6. Eqro says:

    its not a nerf its a rebalance

    1. Anonymous says:

      Almost any time they use the word ‘rebalance’ it means nerf. Bat is an iconic tank and is tricky to play well. They are fools for messing with it.It has it’s own niche.

    2. Ragnarokbazil says:

      They are getting rid of the gun so you cant say fuck you to heavys armor example… Type 5 hes blocking shots as hes meant to you say fuck you and instead of flanking the kvtog mk5 you contest its hull frontal which your not supposed to.. So they taking your gun away and im fine with it.. I own a batchat and I cring the fact I hear HISS from them shooting gold at everything…

  7. Pang Zhu says:

    The batchat doesn’t need or deserve this neutering / rebalance… If any autoloader medium tank should get nerfed it is that idiot-proof Czech tier x

    The clip reload is much too short and gunhandling too good – if you compare it with batchat, it makes no sense to touch the French tier x autoloader.

  8. andrebellons says:

    “it’s not a nerf, it’s a rebalance” remembers me of that great video from WG-NA about the “free garage slot/shitty premium tank” video they made some times ago…

  9. WarStore says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to rework their shitty maps first, make them viable and fun even think of making them good looking to run on soviet 20th century PCs?

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