K9 vets – Design a Tank Contest


to celebrate the K9 Vets days the NA server ran a forum contest and they had some pretty interesting entries, this are the winners:

Runners Up: (In no order)

Love the double gunned entry from the runner up but those claws are screaming more cat than dog. 😛





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K9 vets – Design a Tank Contest

6 thoughts on “K9 vets – Design a Tank Contest

  1. Love these types of contests, I entered that one actually. I would like them to make specific genres, for example one contest that is hand-drawn only and one contest that is online. It seems like they definitely prefer online over than hand-drawn for organizing contests in genres would even out the playing field.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Artists and their “tanks”
    Not a single one of these is practical and none of them would survive a week in the battlefield. But hey, they look cool.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      the first one looks like a dog far more then the others xD Dawww look at the tongue as spaced armor xD it looks like an M4 Serman, I call it the M4 Snoopy!

    2. Carl says:

      Oh i don’t know the K9 Puppy would probably be buildable and workable on a basic level, but it isn’t exactly efficient :p.

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