KanonenJagdpanzer 105 Supertest Stats

Good day everybody,

A new variant of the KanonenJagdpanzer has been seen on supertest. The key difference here is that it has lost the 90mm we all know and is now sporting a 105mm gun. Whether this is a replacement for the existing Kanonen or a new tank entirely has yet to be announced:


  • Tier: 8
  • HP: 1200
  • Wieght: 26t
  • Engine Power: 500hp
  • Power to Weight: 19.23 hp/t
  • Speed: +70/-20 kph
  • Hull Armor: 30/30/8mm
  • Hull Traverse: 46 deg/sec
  • Terrain Resistances: .671/.767/1.981
  • View Range: 360m
  • Signal Range: 750m

  • Gun: 105mm Bordkanone L7
  • Damage: 390/390/480
  • Penetration: 268/330/53mm
  • Accuracy: .307
  • Reload: 10.644 sec.
  • DPM: 2198.5
  • Depression/Elevation: -8/+15 deg.
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KanonenJagdpanzer 105 Supertest Stats

41 thoughts on “KanonenJagdpanzer 105 Supertest Stats

  1. Nafre says:

    I hope it’s a gun upgrade. 105 is more punishing. A second tank with just different gun seems stupid. People don’t like the 90mm gun on it as far as I know

      1. Bendzsi A Haver says:

        That Foch who has less mobility, pathetic weak spots and one of the worst camouflage stats…

  2. Tyrud says:

    I bought the original Kanonen and even though a lot of people thought it was bad, I liked it a lot, despite the 90mm with 212 pen because it plays like a tier 8 StuG and I adore the StuG. It got even better when they raised the pen to 248 so you could punch meds and heavies to death with your awesome RoF.

    It’ll be interesting to see how, if at all, the gameplay will change should they decide to trade out the 90mm version for the 105mm version. I just hope it’s not sold as separate premium, because that would be hella scummy.

    1. Flames2Live says:

      I second you on what you said, I was an early adopter of the kanpanzer, and I even three marked the third NG before it got its penetration buffs! I hope if they are doing this kind of testis because they want to change perhaps the least played medium in the game (and I really hope wg does a swap instead of this being a whole new tank)

  3. Anonymous says:

    T10 gun on a T8 tank with HP and mobility of M41 90 GF and probalbly camo of E25 also since nerf light tanks has less hp than tank destroyers but they need to get closer to enemy tanks and this tank can basicly bring any light tank to 50% hp with HE grenades

  4. Mikosah says:

    Make no mistake, this would make the KJP more useful. But I weep for the missed opportunity to make the tank more unique and interesting rather than yet another alpha TD. I say stick to the 90mm and give the KJP different buffs. View range, movement dispersion, and DPM, for instance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the poor kv5 is trying to kill defenders,libertes,patriots and o-hos with 167mm of pen….plz give it the kv5 gun!

  6. whitesample says:

    Basically the same gun as the Leopard 1 on a tier 8 tank destroyer, nice!
    (Gets balanced by 2100 dpm btw)
    Problem is that the Leopard 1 needs some buff completely urgent.
    After all, its gun now is… crap.<

    Also the Jadgtiger 8.8… just replace it by the Jadgtiger H already.
    I know its fun to track stuff with your (now simmilar to the caernavor tier VIII) 2900 dpm.. but its completely unconsistent (200mm for a tier 8 premium) right now and the rotation buffs arent going to solve anything.
    Yeah I know that is a pref mm… but pref mm is completely broken nowadays. You always get tier 8 so… the advantages are… meh.
    Its a TD and having it historical as a premium would be very nice.

    1. Thagomizer says:

      Hey, I like my jagdkitten. It’s the rof that makes it fun. Track, weak spot, track, weak spot, rinse and repeat 😉

    2. Anonymous says:

      For the sake of historical correctness: the Jagdtiger 8.8 cm PAK was real stuff. Because there was not enough 12.8 cm PAK the germans equipped some Jagdtigers with 8.8 PAK’s.

  7. NioHashiri says:

    Would be funny if they said we will not replace the 90mm gun this is a new premium tier 8 german td now give us your money.

  8. DickHerMax says:

    WG bringing up the damage of 120mm up to the damage of 122mm cuz of small differences.
    WG releasing 105mm with the damage of 122mm

  9. Stormcloud says:

    Seperate variant is highly unlikely imo, it doesn’t make sense to introduce a KJ Mk2. That’ll just antagonize the Mk1 owners and it also doesn’t align with their plans to make T8 at least more competitive vs T9/T10.

    You don’t see a lot of Mk1 being played (at least on NA), almost none. This testifies to how the tank greatly sucks vs Skorps.

    Also, the above stats is missing TD gun arc. Almost pointless to have a 105mm if your gun arc is as narrow as the St Emil.

    1. They can just move down the 90mm KJ to tier 7 tbh, nerf the pen back to 212, DPM is already pretty much the same as the Jpanther. HP down to 830, same as the E25. The tank fits tier 7 from the start anyway.

  10. that Tier 6 view range of just 360 meters will screw over this TD badly
    even with a max crew with Sit awareness recon and BIA and Vents it will barely reach 385 meters view range, with optics I doubt it will reach 410 meters

    remember, if your using Bino’s? then every time you move your tracks due to the gun traverse (no turret) to follow any enemy target they reset every time for 3 seconds

    and ~
    good luck fighting against the new OP hyper performance Light Tanks, unless they aren’t moving and they always are, then otherwise this TD will be Scout fodder every time

  11. Bob says:

    Just a note the Charioteer at Tier 8 also has the same gun, good mobility and a turret. This is a good buff for the worst tier 8 premium in the game. Hopefully it keeps the same gun traverse as the 90mm.

  12. Kanonenjpz with the 90mm could’ve fit tier 7 perfectly replacing the E25. Regular MM, 212 pen, 240 alpha. Basically fits the tier 7 TDs. But they just HAD to put it on tier 8 because the can sell it for more.

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