Kaspersky partners with Wargaming


Karspersky (Internet Security) and Wargaming have partnered, until August 31 of 2016 those who in the Republic of Belarus will be able to get a “free” PZ.KPFW tank. IV SCHMALTURM if they buy “Kaspersky Internet Security for all devices”.



So far from the partnerships that WG been doing with other companies this seems to be the best so far, unless this is just another temporary vehicle like the T-44-100 (P).

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Kaspersky partners with Wargaming

6 thoughts on “Kaspersky partners with Wargaming

  1. I herz tanks says:

    Schmallturm is a very fine tank.
    Not really good in anything particullar, but not bad either.
    Jack of all trades… captain average… i like it.

    But Kaspersky… lol
    Last time i seen that turd, it blocked a friends DVD drive, from installing a game!

  2. You’d think WG would want to reduce the amount of people bothering CS because they have crappy antivirus software/don’t know how the internet works and got hacked/scammed/were being idiots. But no, let’s team up with kaspersky…

  3. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I’m not surprised. Kaspersky badly needs any kind of promotion with their antivirus as crappy as it is. I remember trying to install free trial of Kaspersky when it said something like “Oops, looks like you’re running firewall. You have to disable it because i’m a piece of dog poop and i’m not going to work with your firewall”. Teaming up with WG seems like a logical thing to do.

  4. siralexice says:

    Not a bad tank, I enjoy taking it out for a drive because it is a good crew trainer for german mediums and is quite a competent sniper. I prefer tanks with accurate guns to those with fortress armor.

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