Kharkov next stage in Supertest

The gameplay for the LT class has been improved, and therefore the open parts of the map (1 and 2) have undergone major changes, including raising these areas to the same level as buildings in the urban part. The number of bushes and rubble piles that allowed for effective fire has also increased. These changes should increase the action of the exposed part with the urban part.

The urban area (3) has been simplified, it will provide more control during the battle. The next zone (4) was also simplified by removing cover.


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Kharkov next stage in Supertest

21 thoughts on “Kharkov next stage in Supertest

  1. Kyros says:

    Still useless shit. Open flat area will be avoided like cancer and now coverless Nr.4 also. All fights are now focused on center which will cause long camping on both sides, or fast pushes with >8 Tanks. Heatmap will show this.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Maybe we see how it plays…. I remember all the salt on test 9.22 from all the seadogs talking about how wargaming was putting a potato in place of their beloved 263…. maybe we just wait and see.

      They just might make insignificant changes-____-

  2. Nameless says:

    These houses they added in the 4th zone. They really could improve upon them by making them more complicated, more ramified. Just adding two houses and just about that won’t cut it for the loss of the barricades that previously were on that side.
    They really could improve this map massively but it seems they’re fixed in thinking. Very, very fixed. The only kind of map element they know to add are corridors. Corridors, corridors, corridors and, you guessed it, corridors. They’re afraid of open maps where there still are corridors but the map itself allows for much more freedom in movement.
    Silly WG as usual. Wouldn’t be surprised if they scrapped this map altogether.

  3. Did those fucking idiots seriously just wall off the center of the map?
    Now it’s just double Himmelsdorf bananas and flat open fields all around, while also wasting map space.
    I can’t see a single tank class that this change is good for.

  4. wolvenworks says:

    so they closed mid? i dunno…at the current stage it looks boring as hell. like the inevitable feeling of slowly sinking a dildo into your ass

      1. wolvenworks says:

        scratch that. they changed the bottom. at the current stage as per RSR reports i think it looks playable. have to wait and see

  5. Anonymous says:

    Holy sh*t, it looks even worse now. There should be terrain diversity, not flat ground everywhere. Also, 4 is even more useless now being a big open area with no cover – go there and get rekt.

  6. Whiner says:

    As usual. Level difference? Remove! Possible bushes for camo? Remove! Having to move tank sideways before being able to progress forward again? Remove! Anything that is beyond thinking in a straight line must be removed.
    Is the community really this stupid that it cant cope with any map that is beyond corridor fashion?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    It looks the opposite of what you said about being playable for all classes – eg zero armour TD’s.

    Ok so we have to actually play it to find out – but there is no hull down in the North West,

    …..No hull down favours Russian Heavies….

    there is a large open area with no cover on it – just the holy grail of WG heavy friendly developers – an Ice Hocky Rink. Any bushes there are isolated – so with the arrow they introduced (to nerf unspotted TD’s ) it is going to be pretty obvious where a shot came from!

    The roads look wider – ?

    That is replicating the HD changes say on Ruinberg – which make them a copy of Paris – a despised map !

    Why are wider roads a problem ?

    Because there is no way lightly armoured can cross them ……

    So it “looks” like more of the same – massive heavy bias especially super heavy – so this Business can encourage more armour , more premium ammo spam and more premium accounts and premium tanks to pay for it….. roll on the CA$H …….

    Who at WG cares about game play any more?

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