Kharkov Redesign Part II

A Russian YouTube has put up a free-cam/drive through video comparing the map versions up to the current supertest map. The commentary is unfortunately in Russian but the video is comprehensive.


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Kharkov Redesign Part II

4 thoughts on “Kharkov Redesign Part II

  1. Seth H says:

    Looks like the map got smaller, great. Just what we need, another small map for upper tiers. No tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of the a map.

    How about this, take maps the size of Frontline and Grand Battles and use them for regular use? You could adjust the play area based on the tiers playing AND it would give you multiple play areas per map. With the existing map being converted to HD they have added details to areas outside of the play area, why not enlarge the play areas to include those areas? That would make things a little better while they come up with maps that are increased to at least 1.4km. WG would be better off going at least 3km.

    1. Weeeeeeell you’d be pretty much fucked then if you’re let’s say in a T95, which in the worst case would have no chance to go and reset the base while the rest of your team is getting roflstomped.

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