Kharkov Supertest Freecam video

There are currently two versions of the map in supertest. The one we published Here ,Version A and another with the plaza in the South Eastern corner blocked of also, Version B. Time stamps 00:01 and 02:45. Our thank’s to WoT Express.

Also the mini maps.

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Kharkov Supertest Freecam video

22 thoughts on “Kharkov Supertest Freecam video

    1. Mr. X says:

      its was bad but this looks interesting for scouts mediums and still is playeable for these heavy players. The best part is the closed area in the middle of the map it divides the map into 2 areas without to many dark corners. The worst part about the old map were those corners where you never knew what will be behind it

      1. Nocomment says:

        The center of the map they have now closed off provided pretty much the only opportunity for interesting gameplay and the open areas are just shooting galleries for any lts or meds trying to cross them. If these “improvements” go ahead its going to be yet another 1d corridor map. Rivalling Paris for boring crap gameplay. Here is the corner for heavies, Here is the bush for lights and meds. There is the mound at the back for td’s. (note singular corner/bush/mound)

    2. WhiteBaron777 says:

      They could make a completely open map, give only one side bushes and it would still be a better map than the current Kharkov. Hell, it would probably be less one sided than ruinberg too

  1. Infernal969 says:

    How to ‘fix’ a map according to WG:
    1. Make half of it inaccessible
    2. Remove all cover
    3. Forget about it and make a new premium tank instead

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure… all the smaller maps need to be enlarged. Please not another clone of Paris!

    Cant we add some trees/bushes, and maybe some slight rolling of hills in the open area?

    This map has been lite tank and TD unfriendly… fix it so they can play on it too please.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Old maps should be reintroduced into the game regardless of what Wargaming’s opinion of them are.

      It should not be their opinion, but the opinion of the active player base that dictates the direction and fixes are needed in the game.

      We play for fun. If we feel the old maps were fun, and you Wargaming reintroduce them, then mission accomplished!

  3. Partybooper says:

    Wow. Version B literally looks like the shittiest map ever I would never like to play on.
    Version A also doesn’t look too good. Cover removed SE and NW…

  4. Nameless says:

    AFAIK it’s 800×800 which really limits the map a lot. I’d make it 1400×1400. It would add a whole lot more space for improvements.

  5. Hooli_Gun says:

    Dragon ridge….. One of the most unique, original and beautyfull maps designed….. With a few tweaks could become a favorite map to play, for all tank classes.

  6. wotobot says:

    Nord spawn instatnt win!
    South spawn have no place for push… no place for def, no last stand,
    more unbalanced map than Westfield, Overlord(South spawn wins)etc.
    mm 3-5-7, shows just how unbalanced maps are…
    good luck south spawn superheavies !

  7. snabbie says:

    It loos boring, and the B version is really bad, i hate it when the close off parts of the map. Make’s the map even smaller

  8. Anonymous says:

    I see 15 sour complaining comments, could someone please take the time to actually come up with a fix or to design a map on some program that would be better? Like if we combine all the time it takes to do this complaining between all of us then we probably could have designed a couple of our own maps and brought attention to them for WG to take notice of. I know Rita probs never reads this anymore but it would be nice if someone with a WG ear could talk to them about running a map design competition.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Agreed. I know there is a lot of frustration and anger in the World of Tanks player base because these players know the potential of this game, and have invested a lot of time and money, and Wargaming seems to ignore the players concerns on what the players consider the need for BIG issues to be dealt with, like matchmaker, RNG and the taking away of good maps…. but I agree we need more constructive criticism and less venting.

  9. HARK0NEN says:

    Enlarge open side on current live version of this map. Add some trees, bushes and make terrain more complex (bomb craters, maybe some big airplane wreck, ditches, depressions…) leave urban part as it is right now, it is perfectly fine for brawling

  10. Duvelske says:

    Tbh the only map i liked big time due to the fast response combat. As light/med you could So easy flank around and use the small entrances between the buildings to surprise people. If you make it like this vid Then its just another boring map. Also tds and even arty had Some good gameplay on this map at its current state. So why remake?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this becoming soooo obvious now. The mission for WG is to get everyone in heavies and make us all spam premium ammo and get us to spend CA$H on premium accounts to pay for it.

    So EVERY map has to be heavy friendly now and if it excludes all other tank types even better.

    So they make all roads wider, the remaining gaps in the buildings look wider, remove all chances of hull down so the Russian heavies perform better, add some wide open killing ground and with really obvious bushes so that everyone can shoot the TD’s blind first time ! Shut off half the map (area A in the middle gave a chance to out manoeuvre heavies so remove it ) block off the South side and make the North side unplayable – they will have their ice-hockey battlefield yet (only playable with heavies) – leaving just 2 corridors.

    But remember this is NOT about game play any more. This is a BUSINESS. your opinion does not count because game play does not maximise revenue. Getting everyone to spam more premium ammo does that and preferably in TierX where every battle costs in excess of 30,000 credits on average.

    Developers feel they are invulnerable and can drive us like sheep to make them more CA$H – but they will kill the game in the process and their pathetic attempts at jobs………

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