Kim Jon Un spends 65% of his time playing World of Tanks


According to a study that the new website hasn’t given a source to, the fierce leader Jim jong Numero Uno spends 65% of his time browsing the internet and seems to be an avid World of Tanks player.


^Probably playing a scumbag Steve and pressing that 2-key skill.


-He and his elite also like to shop on Amazon and stream cat videos on youtube.

But now we know, given the changes and certain WoT matches we have why he is such an angry individual and wants to nuke everyone. Also, no wonder he keeps his domain in poverty, those Wargaming bundles don’t come cheap!

I wonder if he also plays WOWS.

We know you already got Steven Seagul but Wargaming, you have a great opportunity to create peace here! Make Kim Jong Un an offer he can’t resist, think about a rental package with a Golden Type 59, SU-76 and perhaps even an E-25, on the only condition that he stops playing with his nukes, I would take it!

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Kim Jon Un spends 65% of his time playing World of Tanks

48 thoughts on “Kim Jon Un spends 65% of his time playing World of Tanks

    1. Seth H says:

      I’m trying to remember dates, where his threats before or after the NA server merge? I’m thinking after, which would be a valid excuse. LOL

  1. Kyros says:

    North Korea doesn’t threaten without reasons. North Korea had since 2001 ready continental Nuklear Rockets, today they already must have some hydrogen bombs ready. If they would be the aggressors, then there would be a war long time ago.
    They are beeing provoked by the USA and this sanction bullshit. You listen to Americas News and soak that shit up like a sponge, for once in your life stop trusting this news and use your brain for yourself at least for once.

    USA is doing the same shit to Russia, they are calling them evil and a nation that want war. Blaming them in their “news” and provocating them. Russians try since 20 years to settle a agreement between them both so they both could profite from eachother. Russia is called the aggressor by the Americans even tho USA Military budget is 550billion $ and Russia 52 billion $. And this fucking 52billion $ are used for border defense.

    It was not Vietnam beeing the bad guy, it was not Irak, it was not Syria, it is not Russia, it’s also not fucking North Korea. Hell Vietnam calls it’s War with that muppets as the great defense war. Wake up you fucking sheeps, stop soaking that news shit in.

    1. fr2d2u says:

      USA should just get out of the world stage, like EU and let everyone settle their problems on their own.
      I for one wouldn’t mind a NK vs SK conflict. China vs Japan… f yeah. India and Pakistan duking it out would be awesome. Not to mention Russian expansion would be a riot.

      At this point USA is just a dam acting against nature. Once it goes, it’s gonna be a blast.

    2. heldermartins1 says:

      If that degenerate drops ANY of the bombs u mention, it will not initiate a war, it would only “provide” fallout and aftermath…

      “Border defense”? You really need to stop smoking what you’re smoking.

    3. Bravo says:

      Russian bot which doesn’t understand irony and tries to spin USA as the bad guy. Let’s say that both USA and Russia aren’t angels. But at least the USA usually has good intentions instead of cold power hunger, like Putin. Present occupant of the White House excluded. Furthermore: budget comparison is bullshit because standard of living in USA is higher then in Russia.

    4. That’s right. The Crimean Peninsula accidentally fell in Putin’s pocket and all the Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine were just on vacation.. They just forgot to change out of their working clothes. North Korea firing missiles over Japan is really just jolly japes, nothing to be alarmed at.
      That said, Trump is also a lunatic, so who knows what he might do?

    5. Anonymous says:

      You talk about people being blinded by american propaganda, and spew an even greater anti-american propaganda, lol. I also like how those border defense funds went to “defend” Crimea.

      PS: I’m not american, and i could go on bashing either side, but balance must be restored so i “bashed your side”.

    6. Stupid Russian Troll:

      Like it or not, the USA is the world’s greatest Superpower, and with that lies the responsibility to support our allies.

      NK has been blackmailing the world for decades and Trump decided that can can’t get kicked down the road any more; NK has to be addressed now that they have become more dangerous and more threatening to our allies.

      Even China has been helping, which shows how wrong your anti-American Leftist education is, and has left you in a position of ignorance. Try opening your mind a bit.

    7. Seth H says:

      LOL!!!!!! What an idiot.

      1) The UN put sanctions on NK in 2006.
      2) South Korea put sanctions on NK in 2010
      3) The EU has had sanctions on NK since 2006
      4) The US didn’t put sanctions on NK until February 2016 (under Obama by the way).

      BTW, this is based on not the “news”.

      So your logic (“They are beeing provoked by the USA and this sanction bullshit.”) fails since NK should have been threatening other countries since 2006. You state “Wake up you fucking sheeps, stop soaking that news shit in.” yet your narrative is false (other than the part about the Russians). Now run along to your safe space snowflake.

    8. Hm… supposedly Europe is under US influence, I can’t really complain. Excluding the idiotic media and brainwashing networks, I like living under US wings here.

      Besides, we got a ton of international trade, a somewhat stable currency, freedom of doing whatever-the-fuq we want, travel, massive military alliance, widely used english language, top-notch international education, science, technology… (I wonder why the “victims of US” have nothing of the sort…)

      We ain’t soaking anything, we’re just living our lives. The one soaking shit up is you. Stop blabbering about politics and justice, and be happy about the fact that you can sit in your mum’s room playing World of Tanks on her laptop.

      1. 1234 says:

        Russia didnt annex Crimea, they liberated it. Crimean people want to be part of russia and not the shitty Ukraine.

  2. CounterMAN says:

    “World Of Tanks, a computer game with 100 million fans worldwide, is a favourite, as are titles by the Valve Corporation, a US developer responsible for Left 4 Dead 2, in which humans fight zombies. ”

    wait what ? How ppl can still believe this bullshit news ?

    1. Anonymous says:

      What you mean? Dont you realise that Kim is just a regular guy and just as much prisoner of the their system as normal citizens. He has no actual power in NK. He is just what their army and actual rich n-koreans want to show for the world. Inherited power is not respected or feared there on the upper echelons of NK army.

      1. He means the 100 millions fans worldwide currently concentrated in Russia and Eastern Europe. While the NA and Asia server deal with sub 30k players on the weekend. Even lesser on the Asia server.

        World of Tanks is not a global phenomenon even if WG touts it to be.

  3. tallnclassic says:

    There is another video, made by a World of Tanks fan who has made some ‘instructional’ videos in the past, showing The Dear Leader’s marching soldiers:

  4. dino7777 says:

    The Great Leader has a WN8 rating of GoogolPlex
    When he plays a tank for the very first he gets 3 marks
    Every second match he earns the Pool medal
    While every third match the Raseinai

    Insiders say that he first kills 3 to 9 of his own team, so that the win chances are more balanced. As yes, the Great Leader loves fairness, he invented it.

    These are quotes from the national North Korean agency, and we all know that this institute always tell the truth.

  5. Doowlax says:

    Great Leader am with u ready for your call.Live long and prosper great leader,and destroy this imperialistic clowns.Entire world soon will be North Korea.

  6. arthur wellsley says:

    If there were a grain of truth to this story, and Kim Jong Un does or did play World of Tanks, then I would suppose that he plays on one of the CH servers run by Kongzhong. Kongzhong have every tank in the game files available to purchase. This means that unbalanced tier X tanks can be purchased for real money. As Kim Jong Un and his family are kleptocrats, he has considerable (stolen from the state) resources, and can thus buy any tank he likes, including the unbalanced tier X ones, and then steam roll players with a smaller wallet. The CH version of WoT really is pay to win.

  7. Seth H says:

    Ummmm…. Rita, your title or first paragraph needs to be fixed. In the title you state “SPENDS 65% OF HIS TIME PLAYING WORLD OF TANKS”, yet in the first paragraph you state “spends 65% of his time browsing the internet and seems to be an avid World of Tanks player.”

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