Kim Jon Un spends 65% of his time playing World of Tanks


According to a study that the new website hasn’t given a source to, the fierce leader Jim jong Numero Uno spends 65% of his time browsing the internet and seems to be an avid World of Tanks player.


^Probably playing a scumbag Steve and pressing that 2-key skill.


-He and his elite also like to shop on Amazon and stream cat videos on youtube.

But now we know, given the changes and certain WoT matches we have why he is such an angry individual and wants to nuke everyone. Also, no wonder he keeps his domain in poverty, those Wargaming bundles don’t come cheap!

I wonder if he also plays WOWS.

We know you already got Steven Seagul but Wargaming, you have a great opportunity to create peace here! Make Kim Jong Un an offer he can’t resist, think about a rental package with a Golden Type 59, SU-76 and perhaps even an E-25, on the only condition that he stops playing with his nukes, I would take it!

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