Kranvagn & Emil 2 Video Footage

Good morning,

Edrard just uploaded 2 videos of the upcoming Swedish tanks:



For Irish/living in Ireland readers: If any of you happen to be free and near Curragh, I’m gonna be there tomorrow. I’m not sure yet but I will try to set a public area/time for those who fancy saying hello.  Will let you know on my social media pages.  Cheers.

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Kranvagn & Emil 2 Video Footage

3 thoughts on “Kranvagn & Emil 2 Video Footage

  1. Soifon99 says:

    why make these 3d still pictures? we really don’t want to see pauzed gameplay of a not finished tank.. it’s a wasted effort of the guy who makes them..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Duh, they’re tier 9 and 10 heavy tanks! What else are they going to do? Move away from cap? Get to a good position maybe? Jeez, how dare you expect that of top tier tanks!


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