KV-122 Supertest Full Stats

A new tank being tossed around supertest, KV-122. These are the stats so far…


Tier 7

HP: 1200

Engine Power: 700hp

Weight: 46.515 tons

Speed: 42kph (for.)/ 14 kph (rev.)

Turret Traverse: 33.4° sec

Hull Traverse: 40° sec

Terrain Resistances:.959/ 1.055/ 2.014

Hull Armor: 75/60/?mm

Turret Armor: 100/90/?mm

View Range: 360


122mm D-25T

Penetration: 175/217/61mm

Damage: 390/390/530

DPM: 1984

Rate of Fire: 5.087

Accuracy: 0.441

Aim Time: 3.07 sec.

Reload: 11.795 seconds

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-6°


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