KV-122 Supertest Full Stats

A new tank being tossed around supertest, KV-122. These are the stats so far…


Tier 7

HP: 1200

Engine Power: 700hp

Weight: 46.515 tons

Speed: 42kph (for.)/ 14 kph (rev.)

Turret Traverse: 33.4° sec

Hull Traverse: 40° sec

Terrain Resistances:.959/ 1.055/ 2.014

Hull Armor: 75/60/?mm

Turret Armor: 100/90/?mm

View Range: 360


122mm D-25T

Penetration: 175/217/61mm

Damage: 390/390/530

DPM: 1984

Rate of Fire: 5.087

Accuracy: 0.441

Aim Time: 3.07 sec.

Reload: 11.795 seconds

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-6°


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KV-122 Supertest Full Stats

49 thoughts on “KV-122 Supertest Full Stats

  1. atikabubu says:

    >KV-85 has soft stats like the living dead
    >make the same tank but a tier higher, give it 2x the gun dep and rof than IRL
    Coming to a premium shop near you for only 29.99€!

  2. I really wish they would stop making premiums with that same damn d-25t gun or its variants (looking at you China). There a bunch of kv-4 proposals such Pereverzev Kv-4 or Buganov kv-4 designs would be excellent premiums. I wonder why they don’t utilize them when the plans are so easily available.

    1. From the looks of it, after the swedish line, they will introduce the AMX 65t with other french heavies as a new additional french heavy line, the AMX M4 49 with french colors all over it will probably be the follow up tier 8 premium french heavy as well as replacement for the FCM 50t. Also, for the T-44-85, who in the world would want a tier 8 underpowered russian medium with a tier 6 gun? Unless you mean it should be a tier 7 medium where as I could ask how is that not over powered? They’d have to make it a tier 7 version of the T54 first prototype which… Oh right, russian cloning project, guess that could happen because Stalin.

      1. rubberboas says:

        The t-44-85 he’s referring to is an ancient tank that’s been hidden in the game files for ages. It’s basically just a weird T-43

    2. Ah, my bad, interesting tank… the name is terribly deceiving, thanks man, surprised wargaming just doesn’t create new russian tank lines for all these tanks they’re rolling out. Could even be nice for another mixed line like the T57 Heavy that has lights and mediums jumbled up, just gotta jumble mediums and heavies instead. Sometimes I feel wargaming shoots themselves in the foot when they kill a tank line for a premium tank, it’s the content that brings me back and gets me interested in buying any of their hundred existing premium tanks.

  3. This tank is more agile than an IS, IS-2, IS-2 Berlin, and KV-3 and has better view range than all of them with essentially the same or better gun stats, only the KV-3 has one degree more gun depression… I hate to say it, but this tank looks pretty balanced as its armor is going to be genuinly awful for the tank’s mobility and firepower, well done wargaming, I hope this one makes it into the in-game shop, thank god wargaming didn’t make it a tier 6. This is the tank they should have released as the premium russian tier 7 heavy, not the IS-2 Berlin. However, it’s going to be an absolute wonder why everyone shouldn’t have five skills on all of their russian crews. #MotherRussiaPissOnPunyNations

    1. Let see,…

      T-10 (IS-8)


      IS-2 Berlin (IS-2M)
      IS-3 Autoload
      IS-3 Prototype (aka Kirovet 1)

      T-44-122 (Tier 7 med)

      ISU122S Berlin
      Su-122-54 (122mm D49 are same with 122mm D25)

      IS-2 Chinese


      That all, 29 tanks, from tier 6 TD to tier 10 HT. I can say one of the most used gun ingame (the most used must be US 76mm M1A1/A2 gun)

      1. Haha, I guess you could also do lists for tanks with the NATO 105’s, Russian 100’s, British QF 6 pounder, Allied 76, etc. Guns were reused because it was easier than creating an industry to manufacture something new. Nothing weird there, Wargaming just has to be sure not to release this KV-122 so soon after the T-44-100 so as to not over saturate their economy. I think this just means they will release some other premium tank for another nation before hand, your guess for which tank that could be is as good as mine, woo!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the obj 244 or kirovets 1?
    All we need is another IS to fight and yet another stinking russian HT prem
    Wheres our replacement to the FCM36pak40?

    1. Your post is pretty confusing, are you saying the KV-1S prenerf was bad with a sarcastic attitude? That thing was overpowered at tier 6 with its IS rof and 8 degrees of gun depression. And I doubt they’re making it because they feel bad about removing it. Premium tanks are developed because of some combination of “they existed historically and present a new gameplay element” or “there is an expected market for it” or “it is to rework the balance of the game’s tiers.”
      Some brief examples: KV-1S was equipped with a 122 historically and the current tier 6 KV-85 does not fulfill this historical component with its 100mm meta and this KV-122 will emphasize a tier 7 heavy support role that the assault tanks IS and IS-2 do not fulfill to such a dramatic degree because their armor allows them to operate independetly. Premium tier 7 heavies also offer a relatively cheap money making potential and is targeted to players not prepared to fork over $55 for a premium tank but might spend $25-30 for a tank, especially in the arguably most popular tank tree. Furthermore, if they were to direct this tank to old KV-1S owners they could have just called it the KV-1S and changed the tier 5’s name but this is a clear step away from the power hungry community that would anyways be unhappy the tank is not at tier 6 in the first place. Finally, the KV-122 has the lowest hitpoints of any tier 7 heavies which means with these tanks in que for random battles, they will lower the average amount of health players killing tier 7’s will earn. The tank will also encourage the idea that tier 7 tanks are generally support vehicles and it will excel at tier 9 battles compared to the current IS because of its advantage in mobility. It is difficult to predict if it will accelerate the speed of tier 7 tank battles or slow them down because the high mobillity and armor is focused to speeding up battles and carrying landslide victories but also the lack of armor could make KV-122 more campy and thusbslow tier 7 battles down. These are just a few of many considerations a designer must make when they choose to create new content. Only practice and testing will provide honest results.

  5. Jurrunio says:

    Not even fair to the IS. This premium tank beats it in every aspect other than hull armour. This means the only reason to pick the IS than this KV-122 is that tier 5 tanks will have more problems penetrating the IS than KV-122 with stock shells. That’s it, the only reason to pick an IS, unless the KV-122 got nerfed (no reason to buff the IS).

    OH WAIT! I’m asking WG to be rational! I shall get some sleep first.

    1. “That’s it, the only reason to pick an IS”

      Uhm….to grinding IS-3 too, right ? IIRC, people can not grinding famous IS-3 from Kv-122.

      And btw, compare IS with KV-122 just like compare T57 with AMX50B, seriously. One have mobility but no armor, one have some armor and slightly better gun. And each tank have different play style (like T57 are supporter of HT while 50B are supporter of medium). Im sure KV122 can’t go brawl with same tier HT with that paper armor, but will perfectly fit with medium wolf pack. Vice versa with IS

  6. Tommy_Gun says:

    So basically this is like the old KV-1S before nerf with more HP and on tier 7. And This time it is a prenium tank which means it could fire 10 – 15 preniums and still be + on credits.
    I remember that old KV-1S was so much OP vs tier 5 and 6, and very strong against tier 7. Vs tier 8 it could still do amazing things.

    Now imagine to meet this tank while driving tier 5 or 6… 🙁

    1. “Now imagine to meet this tank while driving tier 5 or 6… 😦”

      Just a tier 5 Kv-1s with higher pen and more HP, nothing to worry about. And Tier 5/6 gun can easily punch through Kv-122 frontal armor even with just AP shell. And why tier 5 and 6 should head on engage with tier 7 HT anyway ?

      I dont know why you whine about this paper HT/Med hybrid tank ? How about T29 and Oni ? And remember, this tank WILL MEET TIER 9 with 75/75 and 90/75mm armor and 175mm pen/3s2 aim/0.46 accr. The mobility just better than HT, but still far more worse than most medium.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        I dont whine. I just have bad experience with old pre-nerf KV-1S (tier 6)
        Besides, why do we need another clone tank anyway ?

    2. I have to agree with counterman here, the tank is essentially a faster, less armored IS or IS-2 Berlin and both of those tanks have proven that their DPM and profitabillity work. Plus, most experienced tier VII IS drivers will realize that you’re wasting your shells if you’re shooting at tier 5’s and 6’s instead of the charging T29 or any other equal/higher tier tank bearing down on you because you will essentially throw the game more often than not. Counterman also points out that this tank has fragile armor which is a big improvement over the IS-2 Berlin which was all round too well armored and mobile for its firepower. KV-122 players will have to actually be map aware and support their team mates so as to not hemoridge their health. I believe this is a similar tank to the Skorpion G and the new premium tank policy wargaming is taking: semi-easy tanks for beginners but ultimatly not so over armored or over camo’d like the IS-6/E25 that these tank are more akin to players that know what they’re doing and skill based to played.

  7. Kulingile says:

    Oh look it’s the old KV-1S… at tier 7. At least they buffed the gun reload and aim time, and mobility. View range is also up by 30m.

    I just hope that it fits an IS-7 crew.

  8. Redtide says:

    My mom brough me kv122.for criatmass present.this tank is great, i am newbie and i happy play as kv122. This fast tank, and can deal nice damage if shoot in the right spot,

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