KV-2 Footage


I’ve noticed so many of you asking and complaining that the KV-2 is not on HD in the article I posted with the HD models so I decided to post this KV-2 footage for you, hope it brings you some comfort. Ladies and Gentleman, contain your extase:

Thanks to totos for emailing!

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KV-2 Footage

15 thoughts on “KV-2 Footage

    1. skivster says:

      The first part, where the KV2 is rotating is from german archive. They captured one of the KVs and showed vital “weakpoints” of it

  1. Do you know what’s the only thing better than KV-2 in WoT? KV-2 in WoT Blitz, where you can hot-switch HE and AP shells. It’s just glorious.

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