KV-4 Kreslavsky: Stats Updated and Model/Armor Screenshots

*Updated* This is “Kreslavsky” not “KTTS”. The Kreslavsky has been so little talked about that nearly forgot about its existence, sorry for that, all stats and screenshots are correct however.


just like the last 2 articles, updated and gathered stats and screenshots for you of the KV-4 Kreslavsky:

For More In-Game Screenshots and video.


A project designed by M.I.Kreslavsky. Not a single prototype was built due to the start of WW2. Existed only in blueprints.


Tier: 8 HT
Hitpoints: 1500
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 92,6 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,0 hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/16 km/h
Hull traverse: 20 deg/s

Turret traverse: 24 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,4/1,5/2,8
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 360

Hull armor: 180/125/90
Superstructure armor: 180/160/100

Gun: 107mm M-75
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 227/289/62
ROF: 5,31
DPM: 1699.2
Reload: 11,3
Accuracy: 0,38
Aimtime: 2,9s
Depression: -7/+14

Crew: 6 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio, 2x Loaders)
Model and Armor:

Official screenshots:

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KV-4 Kreslavsky: Stats Updated and Model/Armor Screenshots

57 thoughts on “KV-4 Kreslavsky: Stats Updated and Model/Armor Screenshots

  1. BobTheAngryPubbie says:

    Damage: 320/320/420
    Penetration: 227/289/62
    ROF: 5,31

    For a t8 td, that’s dogshit DPM. And not even a proper amount of standard pen to make up for it. Why get this one when you can get an Amx 48? A Jp II? Or..pretty much every other T8 tank destroyer?

    1. SlayerBR says:

      well its bassically a kv4, but in form of a TD, and prem, soo it probally must be good for crew training, and hey at least they don’t did another is-3, is8, is7, prem clone =P that time they did a kv4 clone in form of a TD =P

      1. BobTheAngryPubbie says:

        For all the people ripping on me, i made that comment BEFORE someone pointed it is infact a Heavy Tank. Leave me alone.

    1. As has been pointed out on a LOT of occasions, the secondary guns would be useless for most tanks. There are only a few tanks (mostly the Japanese HT’s) that have secondary guns which would be usable on their tier, even if you let them use gold ammo…

      1. Robert says:

        Really? You can hit most tanks with a 75mm, even frontally. Tanks like CDC, Leo 1, AMXs (most of them), Skodas, pfff, so many… And even more if you hit their rears or sides… Stop buying every idiocy they say. In War thunder they have multiple turrets, secondary weapons, and they work perfectly and do damage.

      2. You are the one making some big assumptions. And I’m not buying anything. And you are assuming main guns, not secondary guns.

        IF they are ever going to implement that system, they will most likely use the system they already have, namely the WoWs system. And is you look at that, those secondary guns can’t hit a barn door if they were standing inside the barn. So why do you assume it would be any different in WoT? Stop using a different product from a different publisher to compare…

      3. That is one of the possibilities mentioned, but to make it balanced the accuracy on secondary guns would be horrible. It will probably make a lot of noise and almost never hit anything…

      4. As a tier 4/5 gun, you aren’t going to do much on tier 9/X tanks. And accuracy is probably not going to be good enough to hit light tanks.

        I’m not saying it’s completely useless and I’d love it if they did it, if only for ‘realism’ or ‘immersion’ purposes, but I really doubt they would have any real effective applications.

    1. That’s because it’s a bit of a stuff up on Ritas side. They are 2 different tanks, both of which are KV-4 designs, the rear casement is the KV-4 KTTS while the mid turret is another design, the KV-4 Kreslavsky (Kreslavsky being the name of the designer)

      1. Yep you are completely right and that can easily fixed.. F* me… There was a lot of work today and completely forgot about the existence of the “Kreslavsky”

  2. seanpwnery says:

    The problem with larger TD’s are the way WG balances them – having a slow traverse speed is the death note for any TD, turreted or limited traversing. I’d happily give up top speed for a snappy fast hull traverse which is far more important to an AFV meant to be more stationary than on the move (which makes sense if you geared the transmissions with high ratios).

  3. lemmysir says:

    That RoF is so bad… which of course makes the dpm bad too… Usualy T8 TDs have almost half the reload with the same caliber guns, well, similar anyway… the JP2 with its 105mm has almost double the dpm, yes the pen is 20mm less, but the alpha is the same… Why would they do it like this is beyond me, but I’m not gonna get this tank anyway so I don’t really mind…

  4. On the regular KV-4, the ZiS-24 has a better RoF than this thing ever will. I won’t just throw under the bus. I’ll reserve judgment when and after i get it upon release, and then, in the Words of the Mighty Jingles: “Let’s have a go, and see how she plays.”

    Don’t rely on the stats on this site. Cause things can, and will, change before she gets released. I say keep an open mind, and then go from there.

    1. And as everyone has said, the RoF/DPM is horrid. T28/T28 Prot using the 120mm only have an 8-9sec reload for something that does more damage with better penetration and its going to go up against tier 9 and 10 with that gun handelling… Fuck the accuracy and aim time are the same as the 155mm on the T95. I wanted this tank for the crew training but unless it gets premium MM or a major buff to gun handeling this is looking less appealing

      1. The comment was posted before the edit. Rita had accidentally named the post about the KV-4 KTTS tier 8 premium TD, hence the riot by everyone because that would mean the KTTS was going to be nerfed from the original stats

  5. I’ve never played the KV-4 but the gun stats look nearly identical to that tank’s top gun. Armor values look comparable, too. So, I suppose this TD is all right? If that gun elevation is accurate, then this TD will be able to blast light tanks off mountain tops with ease.

    But like @saintcaboose said, it looks like two different tanks are pictured here. The top one looks like a TD. The actual tank models look like a KV-4 with a different turret. So is the KV-4 KTTS going to be a turreted TD or not?

    1. That’s because it’s a bit of a stuff up on Ritas side. They are 2 different tanks, both of which are KV-4 designs, the rear casement is the KV-4 KTTS while the mid turret is another design, the KV-4 Kreslavsky (Kreslavsky being the name of the designer)

  6. Uuuhhh says:

    I would love to have this thing, but 11.3 sec. reload on a 107… It’s going to be stacked against higher tier tanks that reach it’s DPM in almost half the time. I would never expect this from a Russian Tenk, I always thought their vehicles had special powers. I used to have a KV-4 and it was a pretty fun tank, but it had it’s own problems. And now they’re taking that same tank and locking the turret. If they want me to but it then they better add wings or something b/c I could just go and buy back my kv4 if I really wanted to play it.

  7. SlayerBR says:

    well btw, this tank looks in paper pretty bad, but if it gets a wide gun traverse like from the t28HTC, and a preferential MM of up to tier 8 max, it could really become a beast and a great TD to have, and would take the place of the king of sidescrapers from the kv4, but thats the only way i can think of this TD to be usefull =P

    1. I dont think any non-turreted td will match the gun arc of the T28 HTC (still need to get this beast) but I think the KTTS will come damn close and will easily become the best side scraping tank in the game for the sole reasone that it has good armor front and sides and won,t have to turn a turret face-on to the enemy

      As for preferential MM, I would say tier 9 at most unless they give the gun handeling a serious buff to RoF, Auccuracy and Aim Time (Last 2 are the same as the 155mm on the T95)

      1. SlayerBR says:

        well i thought about the HTC cause if you look close to its HD model the KTTS actually have a “half-turret” and its even in position to side scrap =P if it could get a bit more wide gun arc, not equal to the HTC that would be insane, but if it gets a bit more, it would be the best side scraping tank of the game, and the RoF, aim time and etc, would not matter since you would be invulnerable in that position to all except HE shells =P

      2. In a side scaping situation aim time might not be so important, but accuracy and RoF still are, as 11 is plenty of time for a LT or MT to get behind you, and its a 107mm gun with 2 loaders, I would have expected at least an 8 sec reload, as an example the T28 Prot with the 120mm has better RoF, dmg and penetration

  8. Patata Caliente says:

    Yet another Soviet tank. Yay. And to think how many other blueprints there are … this will go on forever. It is slowly getting tedious.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Guys, this ISN’T the KTTS, the non-turreted one. This is a different one, an HT with a turret.

    Seems pretty bland after that.

  10. Françus Samuel says:

    Oh God.. At first, I thought it would be great like the regular KV-4.. Then I saw the hole behind the mantlet, 3 times bigger than on the regular (which has 360mm armor on the wide area the mantlet covers armor, practically non-existent here)

    I hope they will change the hole size, or all we’ll get is a Tier 8 Churchill I with glorious flat turret. 🙁

  11. Some guy that likes to use guns says:

    That gun is sideways… never noticed until now 😡
    Luckily not to much like some “ATx” shits.

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