KV-5 Situation Update


a small update.


Murazor has shared that the Devs don’t know what to do about the KV-5.

They can’t unbuff it because of their strong rule of “never nerf premium vehicles” but they do know and agree that the tank needs a major rework/redesign not just minor fixes.


So, if it was up to you, what you would do about the KV-5?

I personally and depending on how strong the sales of this vehicle still are, would probably just shelve it like other Premiums and bring in a new tank into the store. WG is not hurting for new tank models, especially when it comes to Soviets and even if they were, is not like they never invented anything before.


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KV-5 Situation Update

95 thoughts on “KV-5 Situation Update

  1. Oleg Ouyantsev-Syu says:

    Un-buffing it?? There were always rightful demands all around to BUFF it. Whosoever is putting the word “unbuff” anywhere near KV-5 just wants WoT to pass away even sooner than it is actually destined.

  2. Mikosah says:

    You know, they could just make its APCR cheaper. Use the price of premium ammunition rather than its penetration value as a balancing factor.

      1. Mikosah says:

        I’d fully agree with you if we were talking about a normal tank, but we’re talking about a premium tank here. The role of the KV-5 is to train crews and earn credits. With that being the case, profitability does matter.

  3. 427Arbok says:

    Why would WG undo the buffs to the KV-5? It’s probably one of the most balanced tanks in the game right now. Lots of armor, but it has obvious weakspots. Large though they may be, they can still be protected. It’s one of the best ramming tanks in the game, without a doubt, giving it unique flavor. It also has uncharacteristically good gun handling for a Soviet heavy, but a weak enough gun that it’s fair.

    As far as I’m concerned, if you get killed by a KV-5, it’s because he outplayed you. The armor takes a lot of work to utilize, the gun has great dpm but horrible penetration, and the tank itself can be used as a weapon. The tank that probably needs re-evaluated right now is the lolbounce machine, a.k.a., IS-6. Hell, I’d probably prefer it if WG took the IS-6 out of the tech tree and put the KV-5 in its place.

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