Lanchester Armoured Car Full stats


these are the full stats of the Lanchester, the upcoming wheeled vehicles for the Convoy mode:

-Thanks to Ctacello for the help.


Tier: 1
Hitpoints: 200
Engine: 60
Weight: 4 675
Power-to-weight: 12.83
Maximum speed: 82/40 km/h
Hull traverse: 40
Turret traverse: 73
Terrain resistance: 1.055/1.247/2.205
Viewrange: 270
Radio range: 90
Hull armor: 8/8/?
Turret armor: 8/8/?

Gun: 0.303″ Vickers MG
Damage: 30/500/30
Penetration: 15/40/15
DPM: 625.7
ROF: 20.857
Reload: 2.877s
Accuracy: 0.288

Aimspeed: 1.92s


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Lanchester Armoured Car Full stats

30 thoughts on “Lanchester Armoured Car Full stats

  1. Mark Bevis says:

    500 damage with .303″ “APCR” and penetration 40mm Hahahahahahhah, that’s not a machine gun, that’s a pulse laser cannon.
    Even 15mm/100m/90* penetration with AP is optimistic, should be nearer 8mm.
    I presume the 500 dm is a typo for 50…..

      1. kunexar says:

        Or it could be “healing” shoot like we had them during pixel tanks even (one with E5, Foch and lttb). Soon we will see^^

  2. mossburger77 says:

    Too bad we cant double dip gamemodes, these little armored cars in the chaffee racing map would be tons of fun!

  3. wremisekrummels says:

    Gun: 0.303″ Vickers MG
    Damage: 30/500/30
    Penetration: 15/40/15

    whats with that 40pen and 500 dmg? does that thing also has a missle launcher?

  4. Only smart person alive :p says:


    its from the ARMORED WARFARE guys… – just seen that “” adress xD
    NOW it makes sense… they wana F**** WG and… i think they got a decent shot… that game looks like that APRILS FOOLS mode in wows… which was pretty much what gaming is all about: just having some fun 🙂

  5. VikingNorth says:

    40 mm pen and 500 damage? With gold ammo? Sounds like WG finally admit they want everyone to play with gold ammo…

  6. tdmillard says:

    I hope we get more wheeled vehicles in the game such as the M3A1E3 (M3 Scout Car with a 37mm M3 gun) or the Humber armoured car (the Mk I with a 15mm cannon or the Mk IV with a 37mm M5/M6 gun)

    1. baileyhun says:

      I hated wargaming when they took the 75mm howitzer of the m5 Stuart which was actually historically accurate there was Stuarts with the 75mm howitzer called the m8 scot

      1. Xavier says:

        You are correct. There were M5 stuarts with 75mm howitzers. They were called M8 Scott and had a different hull and turret from the M3 that was in service at the time.

      2. Daripuff says:

        Yes, you’re absolutely right.

        Which is why there is a tier 4 tank called the “M8A1” that comes with a 75mm howitzer.

  7. legoguy3632 says:

    They said something about disabling the Mk I so I’m guessing that that is what the 500 dmg is, not something that can just load and fire at other cars but those explosives things they were talking about to stop the Mk I and win.

  8. Having this mode during a marathon month…
    Not a lot of people will play it I’m afraid. Only the realistic ones who know they will never finish the marathon and dont want to pay money (same conditions as for the WZ-111 marathon, about the same amount of time to do it, but 2 additional nations I think. And the first marathon was alteady really hard and few players got the tank for free…).

    1. kunexar says:

      With 1st marathon we had only 6 nations with same conditions (im talking about dmg/kill one, not grinx much xp one). Soooo it is still 5k dmg and 5 kills per day, but for more nations. What pisses me off that i want russ medium to train my crew, yet i don’t want to give WG more money atm. Mayby i will change mind with sweden destroyers but… Still, marathons get harder with same or worse awards. I don’t need damn reserves, I would prefer to have reduced requrements to 120k dmg/120kills per nation (about same as 1st marathon:D)

  9. septfox says:

    Maximum speed: 82/40 km/h
    Hey, that sounds pretty awes-

    Power-to-weight: 12.83
    Terrain resistance: 1.055/1.247/2.205
    So basically, count on 40-50kph forward on flat medium terrain at best, 82kph on a long enough downhill slope.

    Oh well. Maybe the wheeled mechanics will make up for it.

  10. SEA Steve says:

    More shit we don’t need. it would be a better use of time to make good quality maps, fix the MM, and continue the prevalence. not all this.

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