Lansen C in 1.4 Test


As can be seen it now has it’s fully textured skin. Also there has been a stat change in the test for 1.4.

Stat Changes

  • Hull Armor From 100/40/25 to 60/40/25

The newest stat Screen shot (English overlay)

Lansen C 1. 4 test 3

And we have more pictures of it in the posed wild.

Original images from WoT Express. Our previous coverage Supertest Lansen C : Pt 2   Supertest:- Lansen C

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Lansen C in 1.4 Test

8 thoughts on “Lansen C in 1.4 Test

    1. DZ says:

      lol, nerfing 100mm armor is justifiable? give me a freaking break.. yea, lets have a tank where every tank from tier 5 and 6 pens it… damn thing couldn’t bounce much of anything before the nerf.

  1. 2 premium medium tanks being tested right now with better penetration than some Tier 8 heavies, yeah, seems fair to me….

    the game is really, really, really needing a complete rebalance

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes your Correct? err really!

      Like the tech tree VK100 T8 German Super Heavy tank with its 12.8cm gun with 220 penetration standard AP with 440 alpha damage
      and its all but “invincible” to ALL Tier 6 and most Tier 7 tanks …. needs a buff then right?

      or the Ruskie IS3 and etc .. which fights Tier 6 and Tier 7 for the loll’s

      yeah poor little HT’s

      1. why do so many people read “rebalance” as buff? also, did I ever mention the Super Heavy Tanks?
        I’m talking about “normal” heavy tanks, the T32 penetration is unrealistic at 198mm and only does 320dmg, the VK.45.01(A) as well only has 200mm of penetration and the same 320dmg, will you say that their armor is enough to justify such low penetration, especially when there are mediums with more than that?
        anything below 210+ penetration struggles from Tier 9 and 10, let alone against some of the more heavily armored tanks of their own Tier, that’s what I meant and if you had bothered to think you would have noticed that if said tank has more penetration than the Lansen it should mean it’s not the one I’m writing about

        also, I wrote «complete rebalance» and that includes making the Super Heavies and premiums less OP

      2. btw, by unrealistic I’m not refering to historical accuracy, I meant that a cannon of that caliber and with those characteristics (muzzle velocity, etc) with a penetration lower than 200mm does not seem “realistic”, furthermore they are highly lacking at the tiers they are at

        NOTE: IF we were talking about historical accuracy the american 90mm guns would need a significant buff, especially the 90mm T15 derived cannons (T32 second gun, T28 and T28 prototype stock gun, renamed top gun of the M26)

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