Lansen C: Not so swedish

Since the Lansen C was just released in World of Tanks, I’ve decided to write this article to show you the truth about the Swedish Lansen C.

SP15 and I already had a laugh at it when it was first announced as it’s a frankenstein of a tank.

While I don’t know much about the Lansen from the perspective of Sweden, i know a lot about the Swiss changes to the Lansen which basically made it a completely new tank that looked like the original Lansen.

First of all: The Lansen itself was initially a 75 mm Armed light tank with a maximal armor thickness of 50mm on the Turret and 38mm on the hull. In addition, the 105mm gun the Lansen C gets is wrong, Lansen C never even was considered with a gun of that caliber. Other Lansen designs possibly had it, though since I don’t know the story from the Swedish side, i can’t confirm nor deny that. The Lansen C also never was planned with the Volvo engine that WG ended up giving it.

Secondly Lansen C was a swiss made design in collaboration with sweden and less sweden designing it for the swiss.

As Wargaming had mentioned was the Lansen had multiple gun options such as a 84mm ( 20pdr) gun with the length being L/65, which would have resulted in the maximal possible recoil the Lansen could have handled, They also suggested a L/75 84mm gun, but that would have been to much for the tank to be able to withstand. another plan was it to mount a 90mm L/60 gun which would have barely been able to fit in the turret, but the Muzzle velocity would have to be reduced to 800-850 m/s and a projectile weight of merely 11 kg in order for the tank to withstand the recoil.


There were many other guns suggested for the Swiss/Swedish lansen, but none exceeded 90mm and they all had relatively light shells and had about 170mm of penetration on average, with the best round having 195mm.


Now as for the Lansen C itself; There were 3 designs created by the Swiss military, Lansen Variante A, Variante B and Variante C, each subsequent variant getting thicker armor. While Variante A had 30% thicker armor than the Swedish version of the Lansen, Variante B has 50% thicker frontal armor and 30% better side and rear armor than the base model and Variante C had 100% better frontal armor and 50% better side and rear armor than the base Lansen. In addition to that there were 3 engine options, 2x SLM Winterthur ( Schweizerische Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik Winterthur) engines, each with 200 hp, 1x 400 hp Maybach engine or 1x 600 hp Morane engine.


In addition to the guns, armor and engine changes there were also suggestions to change the suspension in order to cope with the increased weight of the vehicle as Lansen C with its suggested 28.3 tons was 5.3 tons heavier than the Swedish version of the Lansen at 23 tons.

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Lansen C: Not so swedish

9 thoughts on “Lansen C: Not so swedish

  1. Anonymous says:

    World of Tanks (World of Premium Tanks truthfully) is full of WG dev’s own ideas and creations of what ‘they like’

    sometimes “when it suits WG dev’s” there go historical correct however historical vehicles nearly always are weak (like German vehicles from WW2 etc)

    remember WOT is a cartoon game created mostly for ‘big profits’ the WG dev’s ‘dream vodka & coke’ vehicle premium vehicles have to/ need to sell well and in big numbers
    ~ otherwise WG bottom €€€ line cannot be balanced (which would be very bad for everyone who loves playing WOT

    therefore Premium T8 Vehicles in particular ‘need’ to be sexy to sell reliably quickly

    )) selling accurate Historical Premium T8’s can only be real – if WG balances/ nerfs around 80% off all its current Tank lines in WOT ))never gonna happen is it?

    1. Infernal969 says:

      I want to hear from that guy that under every Swede HT article argued that nerfing guns and giving them unrealistic armor values is a good idea.
      I hope he has 10k battles by now in his “amazing” and “fun” Kranvagn.

  2. “funny” isn’t it, they completely messed it up when in fact the real historical characteristics would be more than enough to actually make the tank a good one

    if we look at it as a trainer it should be more than obvious that armor does no matter because you cannot rely on that with the new line, at the same time the real armor values would actually work better because the turret would be stronger and the Swedish TT as a whole emphasizes on using terrain features and hulldown, the new mediums are the same with its suspension mechanic

    the one factor that makes the fake Lansen C a better trainer for the new mediums is getting players used to the surprisingly high alpha dmg those have as compared to most MTs in the game

  3. Big Swede says:

    Everything WG is producing to the public is beside to make a shitload of $$$$£££€€€ to WG´s account, is in two (2) ways,

    1st – If its a non Russian product, they mix and blend what ever thay can, to suit their own agenda, decpite IRL values/design.

    2nd- If it´s a Russian orgin product, it is boosted by default by a factor of 125 to 150% overall.

    So it makes a conspiracy mind wounder who´s the sponsor of this game in first place?

    My own conviction is that WG could make a parallel game and present a game with almost full realism regarding to IRL values armor/dmg and design/function and ppl would not believe it has the same orgin and make more money anyway.

    Big Swede

  4. Jurrunio says:

    Break physics :P. I mean the historical Lansen could still be a tier 8 if WG make it fast and shoot HEAT by standard (so penetration can be higher than historical ammo), but nope they want to create a new one

  5. Mats Granbom says:

    The tank in sweden that had nikname Lansen is the tank Stridsvagn KRV or Kranvagn or E M I L wich is all the same tank. But non of them was ever namned Lansen. The warmateriel in sweden with the name Lansen was Saab 32 Lansen wich is an outstanding airplane that served
    1956-1997 a staggering 41 years!

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