Latest Changes in MT Rebalance Testing

There is little new as most things seem to have been settled.


• DPM increased from 2,002,3 to 2,145,3; the change has been canceled, the current value is 2,002.3
• decreased reload time of 7,192 to 6,712 s; the change has been canceled, the current value is 7,192
• RoF increased from 8.334 to 8.939; the change has been canceled, the current value is 8,343
Additional changes:
• engine power has been reduced from 700 to 650 HP (currently 570)
• power to weight ratio decreased from 20.59 to 19.12 hp / t (currently 16.76 KM / t)BfR_r44s-cU

Leopard Prototype A

  • nothing has changed compared to previous changes, only additional testing was decided on.

Source WoT Express.

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Latest Changes in MT Rebalance Testing

10 thoughts on “Latest Changes in MT Rebalance Testing

  1. Toodlepip says:

    Were they afraid the STA-2 would be overpowered if they had kept those changes? Did they worry hordes of overpowered STA-2 would overrun Frontline and beat the shit out of those poor Progettos? Just lol.

    1. Anonymous says:

      No they won’t. The obj. 430 had the fastest reload and highest rpm at its time in the game and still no one played it. No one played it until they changed it. Even then it got a reduction in dpm for more alpha and 340 gold shells.

  2. Toodlepip says:

    I don’t see the point of these nerfs. Let’s face it – even if the buff had gone through as initially announced, the tank would have still sucked against Tier X (which it sees 50% of the time in random matches), and it still would not have been disproportionately strong against its own Tier … or does anybody really think the STA-2 would have suddenly become the world’s favourite Frontline tank with those changes?

    Idk … as it is, the STA-2 will remain exactly what it is now – a nondescript, underwhelming Tier VIII medium dust collector. They might as well scrap the whole buff altogether.

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