Latest Changes to 1.9.1 Test server

Recent changes to 1.9.1 WOT (next week’s update release for all regions except China).

Concept 1B


Changes for Concept 1B (🇺🇲USA, Tier-9 Heavy, special)

• The price of the tank in gold: from 100 to 17.500

AMX Chasseur de Chars


Changes for AMX Chasseur de chars (🇫🇷France, Tier-8 Medium, prem)

• Removed from sale in Premium shop or in game store/tech tree.



Valiant (🇬🇧 UK, Tier-5 Medium, prem)
• Tank added to game client
• Gold price(place holder): 💰100



Changes for A46 (🇬🇧 UK, Tier-6 Light, prem)

• Aiming Circle Spread on Vehicle move (max.): 0.12 (7.20) ==> 0.15 (9.00)
• Aiming Circle Spread on Vehicle Traversing (max.): 0.12 (6.88) ==> 0.15 (8.60)
• Scatter from turret rotation (max.): 0.06 (3.25) ==> 0.1 (5.42)
• Aiming time: from 1.82 to 1.92
• Scatter after firing: from 2.5 to 3.5
• Reload time: from 3.16 to 4.03
• Rate of fire: from 18.96 to 14.90
• Average damage per minute: from 1991 to 1565
• Average damage per minute with a HE shell: from 2845 to 2235
• The price of the tank in gold: s💰100 to 3.000
** Also means that the tank is ready for release in 1.9.1

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Latest Changes to 1.9.1 Test server

4 thoughts on “Latest Changes to 1.9.1 Test server

  1. why says:

    Does WG hires only incompetent people to ballance tanks? That A46… what the hell, what are they thinking? its so bad..

    1. The sad part is – there will be people who buy this. And then Wargaming will claim “the tank is fine – look how many people bought it. Proves that we are doing things right, no need to change anything”.

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