Latin American Server Incoming?

Yesterday World of Tanks Blitz players received an update which gave them the following:


Now obviously this is just for Blitz players at the moment, but as some have pointed out, WG isn’t going to go to the expense of purchasing servers in the region exclusively for Blitz, so it may be a good sign that PC may be receiving it as well. Not much more info is out at the moment, such as whether it’ll be a single server or cluster, but we’ll update if anything comes up.


From the lads at: Report de Batalla

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Latin American Server Incoming?

14 thoughts on “Latin American Server Incoming?

  1. I’ve connected to this server and it’s hosted on NA (east).

    Sadly, not this time we’re getting a LATAM server but this might change soon with wargaming’s partnership with levelup and the new police about regional prices on the RU server (at least, wows)

  2. A LATAM server would be very welcome. Suffering from severe lag spikes lately – and in the best days, the ping is 120-180 ms (you have to gave a LOT of lead to shot a running tank…)

  3. ElPoto says:

    I’m in Costa Rica and I get better ping from the East server. I would never move to a latam server. Guys at South America might get better latency but other than that I see no benefit in splitting the NA population even more. No thanks.

  4. SpottableSky says:

    Oh yes, please let this happen so all the fucking trash Brazilians that play on 300 ping could fuck off from NA and have their shithole were they can they throw portugese insults at each other like a bunch of bufoons.

      1. SpottableSky says:

        had plenty of them throw games because they sat in the back in their heavies and missed shots by a mile due to the wonderful latency from internet they get from a half baked rotten potato. But hey, anyone with terrible internet shouldn’t play competitive online games in the 1st place.

    1. Scarvalho says:

      I live in Brazil, 200ms ping doesnt really disturbs the gameplay, you will have players in heavies camping behind arty in all coutrys, cause this is what stupid people do. But I agree with you that the Brazillian comunity are a bunch of morons, that unfortunately is a cultural thing…

  5. Frustrated Console Peasant says:

    I fully support a South American server on all their games. That way all the Brazilians can listen loudly to their favorite kinect music stations and family drama in the safety of the spawn while camping/afking in peace without subjecting the rest us the NA server to their favored playstyles.

  6. fastcatale says:

    I always have like 100ms to 130ms, but i don’t care, i’ll stay in NA (east) if they do this. And South America includes all the countries from Colombia until Chile and Argentina. Everything between Guatemala and Panamá (where i’m from) is called Central America.

  7. Coldfire says:

    Not going to purchase servers exclusively for Blitz? Why do you even think they’ve bought a single server, rather than just rented or leased a few dedicated boxes or a server rack. In which case they would have rented or leased exactly what they needed for Blitz. It doesn’t indicate anything at all for the other games.

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