leKpz M 41 90 mm Armor Screenshoots & updated stats


Gathered a couple screenshots of the upcoming leKpz M 41 90 mm ‘s armor:

See also: WGL Grand Final’s “super secret” tank

Also this little bigger got uptiered, this are its current stats:

Tier: 8 premium LT
Hitpoints: 1100
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 23,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 21.3 hp/t
Maximum speed: 72,4/24 km/h
Hull traverse: 54 deg/s
Turret traverse: 50 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,6/0,7/1,2
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 745
Hull armor: 25,4/25,4/19,1 mm
Turret armor: 25,4/25,4/25,4 mm

Gun: 90/76 mm US-Kanone M 32
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 170/206/102
DPM: 2181.6
ROF: 9.09
Reload: 6,6
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 1.8

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leKpz M 41 90 mm Armor Screenshoots & updated stats

67 thoughts on “leKpz M 41 90 mm Armor Screenshoots & updated stats

      1. Anonymous says:

        DPM means shit if you cant pen and with 170/206 that’s gonna be a lot of the times for a T8 light

    1. it is overpowered for a LT.
      LT’s job isnt damage dealer yet all LTs at tier 8 that have been added are powerful. Such guns and dpm combined to their mobility, and allowing gold ammo, is too much. If you want dmg and mobility you go for meds.

      1. Thing is, meds, currently at least, do the same things that LTs do but better. LTs can’t active scout without being detected, and MTs can passice scout just as well as LTs of their respecitive MM tier, yet MTs are only marginally slower and have more armor, HP and better guns. As long as they don’t make scouting a valid option for LTs again, high DPM LTs are needed.

      2. Ramenrasengan says:

        I feel like the the WZ-132 is actually a pretty good scout, It’s prob the best “Scout tank” at Tier 8.

  1. 170 AP pen? If I wanted to play a French LT I’d play the bloody 13 90. Also barely over 200 HEAT pen is bloody pathetic. Bare in mind this thing has the same match making weight as a tier 9’s, and it has to deal with 170 pen AP and 206 pen HEAT.

    So, what we have is AP as standard (no APCR shell velocity) with utter shit pen, HEAT as prem with utter shit pen (and it’s HEAT, GL against anything with any spaced armour or sloping, and HF with 800 m/s shell velocity as opposed to RU’s high velocity HEAT or other nations’ APCR), worse mobility than the RU, worse DPM than the RU, worse depression than the RU, etc.

    Why the fuck would they uptier this to tier 8 when, even with the buffed stats, it’s not as good as the tier 7 walker bulldog? Does anything go through their minds except money? Pro tip: if you want to sell more of a premium tank, actually making it good is a solid start.

    1. pacer123 says:

      I like how you always complain about such stupid matters. Look at tier 8 MTs- there is a point driving them when there is a bunch of LTs being far better? Furthermore its a prem/reward tank- dont get it if you dont like it.

      1. I like how you’re comparing tier 8 LT’s which are balanced around scout matchmaking to tier 8 MT’s which are balanced around their own tier. Of course LT’s are going to be better than meds of the same tier because meds don’t have to deal with higher tiers nearly as often whereas light tanks literally have to deal with them every single game. You should be comparing how useful tier 8 LT’s are in tier 9-11 games compared to a tier 9 med which has the same mm spread and weight. The answer is nowhere near as useful, think of an T-54 Lw compared to a T-54, an RU compared to an E 50/AMX 30, a 13 90 compared to a Skoda T50, etc.

        Now think about how many corridor maps there are, and how few useful bushes for scouting there are. Light tanks are useless enough as it is, we need uses for them, not 170 pen, etc.

      2. pacer123 says:

        Of course,because LTs main task is to spot target not to deal with it (as primary). It’s ridiculous to compare T9 MTs which are “universal” tanks placed almost on top of the tree and are equipped with high-end armament (mostly) with T8 LTs even while they have the same MM spread. T8 MTs- Iam talking about Russian (maybe not Obj416 case) and Chinese ones- struggle to pen even as top tier while having every single stats worse than LTs. And if you think there is too few bushes for LTs to spot in tier 10 matches then what the hell should T8 MTs do in such situation? Low pen ones will try to pseudo-scout in bushes just to get spotted and killed or just flying like flies hitting nothing, high pen ones will just snipe and then get screwed if they are not in hulldown pos-because they are slow as f*ck. There are even corridor maps with some “prominent” points that T8 LTs can take easily and dominate the game while T8 MTs can hardly compete with them. AAAND its not like everyone sees tier 10 all the time- T9 HT armor are mostly the same as T8.

        Back to MAIN POINT- German Bulldog may not be as “good” as T54lt or Ru but calling it PoS is clearly idiotic.

      3. Yes, tier 9 medium tanks are far superior to tier 8 light tanks. That’s what I’m saying. They have the same match making as tier 9 meds so why compare them to tier 8 mediums? Tier 9 meds can spot as well as do a plethora of other things like flank, brawl, snipe, wolfpack, etc. far more effectively than tier 8 LT’s, so why do they have the same mm spread? They’re ridiculously outclassed yet they’re treated the same. Tier 8 light tanks outclass tier 8 meds, sure, but they’re not treated the same when it comes to mm weight. They have tier 8-10 mm spread, meaning they can be top tier and dominate everything, or at the very worst when bottom tier they should always have some other tier 8’s on the opposing team. Tier 8 light tanks can never truly be top tier. At the very best they will get a tier 9 game where they still have to compete with tier 9 tanks, and at worst they will be put in a tier 11 game with only tier 9’s and 10’s, no other tier 8’s with the exception of other light tanks. Yes, the light tank’s role is meant to be scouting, but you can rarely do this due to the corridor maps/bush removal that has been taking over the WoT meta for the past couple of years so light tanks *have* to take the role of a medium most of the time. Unfortunately they’re classed as a tier 9 medium, not a tier 8 one. Comparing them to tier 8 mediums is ridiculous when they’re classed as tier 9 meds. Compare them to tier 9 meds, take into consideration how few maps they can use their camo advantage, and realise how useless they are compared to what they’re basically classified as when it comes to mm.

        Next, if you’re having trouble with the T-44, etc.’s 183 pen when top tier then you’re bad. Nothing at tier 6 or 7 will give you trouble with over 180 pen. Everything at tier 8 can be penned frontally with 183 pen except some heavies, and that’s not a problem. Having to flank a heavy tank isn’t unfair, it just means you have to use your brain instead of crying at it. Or just sling gold if the situation calls for it. Also tier 8 heavy tank armour is the same as tier 9 heavy tank armour? How red of a tomato are you? The ST-I’s armour is tier 8 standard? E 75 is basically a Tiger 2 as well. VK B’s armour? Yeah 300mm upper and lower plate as well as 252mm turret face is pretty much the same as the VK A’s 180mm upper and lower, and 185mm turret face. Type 4 heavy’s armour is tier 8 standard too. Yeah, Conqueror turret is so bad, right? Seriously, what the fuck are you on?

        And about tier 8 meds in tier 10 games, I’m very against the idea of tanks having +/-2 mm. I think tier 8’s should only be able to see tier 9 maximum, tier 10’s out class them far too much as is the case at every tier with tanks 2 tiers higher. That being said, the only solution to a bottom tier game isn’t hiding back so you can’t get shot. That’s very rarely the situation, in fact. Any tank can flank, tier 8 meds better than any other class of their tier (excluding LT’s, but they’re classed as tier 9 tanks so it doesn’t count), and as long as you act as a support gun and don’t get shot in the face when big angry heavy tanks turn to look at you it’s the best way to rack up damage, not sniping at the front of tanks or failing to scout before inevitably dying.

        And sure, BACK TO THE MAIN POINT: The tier 8 bulldog certainly is nowhere near as good as the Lightweight or Ru. Or WZ-132. Or T49. Or as good at scouting as the 13 90. In fact, due to the utter shit 90mm it’s getting, it’s nowhere near as good as the Walker Bulldog down at tier 7. That thing has a ridiculously good gun on the same platform that flat out beats this thing’s 90mm purely because it has ridiculous burst damage potential which is so much more useful on a light tank that, when engaging targets, has to dispatch of them quickly to avoid taking hits. The walker bulldog at tier 7 has a far more useful gun, but it’s also more mobile, has APCR as standard which is extremely useful for the shell velocity, and even has better pen. And it’s an entire tier below. This tier 8 German bulldog is a real shit of a tank, it’s so terrible it’s not even funny.

        Little side note: Gonna have a crack at your stats from what I’ve heard so far: I’m assuming under 10k games with 1000 WN8 give or take 100-200 (unless you have a substantially larger amount of games, in which case no higher than 1400 WN8) aaand a 49% winrate. Let’s go for under 1700 recent WN8, and you probably play a lot of mid-to-low tiers which actually padded your stats to that very medicore level (at best) to feel better about yourself because you get bullied at high tiers and enjoy bullying players who have just started the game as a result, but you’re still only on the same level as them regardless of your larger number of games. I’m either pretty much dead on, or am being too generous. There’s no way they’re (significantly, anyway) better than that. I’d love a name and server I could run up on WoTLabs to check how right I am, but I understand if you don’t want to give me that satisfaction.

    2. if you wanna deal damages go play fucking mediums.
      LTs are here to scout, with people like you no wonder this class is hated. A light tank nowdays is basicaly a wasted team slot because its driver doesnt know how to drive it. Because WG added LTs with such good guns/armor (RU/T-54lw) people think they’re mediums and they ruin the game by dying to fast or destroying everything (depending if gold is used or not).

      1. Onicorn says:

        LT’s currently HAVE to be damage dealers since WG has done heavy deforestation, bush removal and corridors to the existing maps and added a considerable amount of city maps into the rotation.

        If you set your light as a pure scout and get into Stalingrad, Kharkov, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, or winter Himmelsdorf you’re completely fucked.
        If you get into Abbey, lakeville, Murovanka, Mountain pass, Mines, Steppes, Serene coast, Tundra, Cliff, Fjords, Overlord, Windstorm, Arctic region, Sacred valley or Airfield you have to rush certain locations and kill the opposing team’s lights and mediums (which is pretty hard if the damage dealing potential of your light is poor) or active scout at suicidal ranges to the enemy team’s main force.
        Westfield, Karelia, Live oaks, Siegfried line, Malinovka, Prokhorovka, Fiery salient, Redshire, Fisherman’s bay, Swamp, Highway, Erlenberg, Winterberg and El halluf (also Sand river to some extent) are currently the only maps where you can be effective as a pure scout.

        You’ll get a bad map for scouting at least 60% of the time and t8 lights face t9 tanks EVERY game, t10’s very often.. a competitive gun is very much needed since in those cases you can only help your team to win by doing damage. 170mm AP and 200mm HEAT pen is a total joke in it’s tier. ALso this one is as high as M41 Walker Bulldog, so even it’s camo value is inferior to other t8 lights. Waste of money.

      2. The problem with T8 lights is a T9 medium can exactly the same things…better. It has the same MM weight. It has the same (or better) view range, and they can passive scout just as well…the only way to make T8 lights viable in CW or even in normal battles is to nerf the view range of all tanks significantly (excepting perhaps arty) so that it actually has a use. Currently, there is no reason to pick a T8 light for anything.

      3. People play them as mediums because anyone can scout on any map that isn’t Malinovka or Prohorovka, because every other map is a corridor map where light tanks are obsolete.

  2. x says:

    Another useless german premium, how surprising… How about a decent t6 german prem instead of this high tier cannon fodder? Like a t6 Tiger for example? Now that the Japanese tech tree has the only historically correct Tiger tank in the game (muffled laughter)..

  3. Anlushac11 says:

    Was actually looking forward to this vehicle. Not anymore, its been removed off my want list. Still want Turan IIIM and PzIIIK2

  4. WOtmaster says:

    My Wz-131 says hello 🙂 170mm pen and 500 horsepower, eh pretty damn mediocre. Even shooting gold wont help at all.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Why would an exclusively German modification of a vehicle that served in their army be in the American tree?

      Also, AFK Panther would have it’s stock turret, gun and engine. Enjoy that as a premium…

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        No, it’s actually 0.4 base accuracy. 0.38 is with the Commander bonus added to the Gunner skill. And it’s terrible yes. I’d rather they kept the aim time the same as when it was tier 7 and upped the accuracy instead.

  5. Grabarz says:

    well guys you are complaining about his penetration well i tell you – If you are playing light tank against heavy tank which is at front of you, then you die light tank is made for flanking which most of players cant do even 5 vs 1, 170 penetration is more than enough to kill enemy from the side or back – I agree that accuracy is poor, however aim time is great so.

  6. SWAT0013 says:

    I just do not see point of this vehicle – thx to corridor maps you can not do scouting, thx to terrible penetration and accuracy it will be quite tough to do some damage (especially in T10)…
    I hope WG will decide to change its parameters, I was really interested in this tank, but I have no interest in it now 🙁

  7. Muddy Side says:

    Mates, this tank is not bad but still the T54 lwt and WZ-132 is better — which is fine as this tank is a premium tank. The russian premium ammo is much better: APCR, 235 pen and high velocity.
    The view range is good and the HEP ammo is really good, a nightmare for other lights having 100 mm pen, but HE ammo is so unreliable that imo it is one of those aspects on the game that only skillful players can take advantage from.
    So, unless you are starting the german light line, you are better off with the Russians and Chinese normal light tanks.
    But I would think buying this tank if the shell velocity was better and the premium ammo APCR with better pen that the HEAT it has now. Also, I wonder the price of this tank now that it is tier 8 and how good/bad money maker can be.

    1. Though…I guess if it has camo as good as Ru 251 or better, it could be better played as a spotter instead, where the bad penetration won’t matter as much. Instead of relying on bad HEAT to go through the fronts of IS-3s you’ll just have to rely on flanking more, which is fine by me…but ONLY if it has great camo.

      Gun depression is very good overall, considering Ru 251 has 7 to front and 10 only to side (I think).
      Mobility looks comparable but hull traverse is much better than on Ru 251 which has killed me more than once in that tank, so that’s good. Aim time is fantastic, so paired with a stabilizer, this will be a fun run and gun tank.

  8. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

    German version of M41 whit 90 mm instead of 76 mm gun? Ok we could use another tier 2 or 3 premium tank for beginners . Ohh damn its a premium for this old rubbish game. What was it called ahh yes World of tanks I believe. But what I cant believe is why any one is still playing WOT when Armored Warfare is open for every one. I stop playing WOT the moment I get an invite for closed alpha of AW last year. I even try WOT few times after I switch to AW but oh my god WOT is crap made by greedy donkeys. You have to start playing something better to see how awful WOT really is.

    1. AW has just as many bad sides. It’s just newer and not reliant on ideas from 6 years ago. WoT is still a better looking game, AW just feels nicer overall. Less annoying BS.

      1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

        ” WoT is still a better looking game,” some tanks in HD in WOT looks better then tanks in AW but rest of game looks like crap compared to AW. WOT looks exactly for what it is its an old game on very old engine.

    2. wfschepel says:

      AW is just a WOT clone, but then without the player base. Play whatever you like, but let’s not pretend AW is more than it is. I play(ed) it from the closed alpha as well, spent some money on it too since I want it to succeed. However, in its current state it is utterly inferior to wot.

      1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

        In AW I play only PvE so for me WOT is utterly inferior and 100% boring. PvE is something that I was really looking for in game whit tanks for a long time. Simple team deathmatch was boring long before any body even think about creating WOT. Only thing that keep me playing WOT for almost 10k battles was that I wanted to grind and see all those famous tanks like Shermans, Tigers etc. Game itself is and always was utter garbage. Not , thats actually not completely true – 2 years ago WOT was way better then today.

    3. Anonymous says:

      on your last comment the only thing we can assume is that PvP is too hard for you and you had to go PvE and because WoT does not have this WoT sucks?

  9. wfschepel says:

    As a T7, I liked the looks of this tank. Now, not so much. 170 pen can be made to work, but it’s hard work. As for the nonsense that scouts are meant to scout: not with the current set of maps, they are not. They are highly specialised damage dealers, trading armour and pen for fantastic mobility. On the few maps you can scout, you do, but on the majority, it is about harassing enemy tanks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The stats are actually not that much worse than the regular Walker Bulldog – for instance, 0.40 vs the original 0.38 dispersion, or 170/203 vs. 175/210 pen – noticeable, but not fundamental. In fact, some are actually better (1100 (!) HP instead of the M41’s 910 in top configuration).

    The major drawback is, of course, the fact that this is not an autoloading gun, but other than that the leKpz M 41 is okay-ish, I’d say. Still, I am not sure I am going to buy it, even though I would really like a decent trainer for my RU crew. We’ll see.

    One thing is certain, though – if Wargaming can’t resist putting their stupid logo onto it the way they f… up the AMX 13 57 GF I will definitely not get it. I could not care less about their pathetic attempts to establish World of Tank as a major e-sports game, and the tank looks plain stupid with it. Wish I could get my money back for that one.

      1. Patata Caliente says:

        Well, what with the +3 MM for scouts the regular Walker also sees Tier X matches, and that is doable, too. The premium Walker will see more of them, but well …

      2. Renarde Martel says:

        @Patata Caliente: I can’t reply to you directly for some reason so hopefully you see this.

        WB gets tier 8 matches, leKpz won’t. leKpz will get tier 11 matches (lots of tier 10 with some tier 9, no tier 8 except scouts) and WB won’t see those. It’s effectively a tier 8 MT being compared with a tier 9 MT in terms of MM and it really makes a difference.

  11. Silvio I says:

    I’d say just buff the T49 by giving it an AP option for the 90mm but no, WG has to make an entirely new tank to make money off us.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Sadly, the T49 was going to have a 90mm gun… the gun from the Patton (as in the stock gun, also seen on 59-Patton premium). But it got taken off during testing.

  12. I see no reason why War Gaming needs to add another useless Light Tank. One that runs around with a near to good gun on it, and only to have it shot up by a supersized Russian Tank with both, better armor and gun. This makes no sense unless you believe its to do with the Developer Bias towards Russian. . . .O wait, they are Biased. Cause it is Russian Tank. Silly Hawk you should know this by now. Now, Uncle Jingles is going to punish you for being stupid.

  13. this as a Premium T8 Light Tank/
    you joke right!
    Tier 8 with those overall stats don’t forget it WILL see mostly T11 games (teams mostly of T10s)

    can you just imagine all the new noob players and the tomato players NOW buying this for cash in Premium shop
    Then playing in T10/ T11 games it will be a disaster with players that should not see these top Tiers at all in a LT,

    remember please a regular T8 Premium will not see T11 games full of T10 tanks ~ this new Premium T8 LT will and a lot

    hope I’m wrong but hey its WG with – its the EU lets cash in on the EU cash Cow player base

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