LEKPZ M 41 90MM GF: Video Introduction


back from my semi-weekend off… WG uploaded a video giving an introduction of the leKpz M 41 90mm GF:

The video feels a bit dull and I find interesting that WG only shared the link of the expensive Premium Shop bundle on it.

A lad from WG EU sent me this high res image for those interested:

GF Tank
Uploaded the higher res version on Imgur


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LEKPZ M 41 90MM GF: Video Introduction

5 thoughts on “LEKPZ M 41 90MM GF: Video Introduction

  1. Fucking tank is a pile of shit, camo rating is so bad I get outspotted by Russian heavies and TD’s.
    WG are fucking scum, if their staff were in the same room as me I’d cut their fucking throats.
    I’ve had enough of their shit, after spending £4k on this game, I’m going to spend even more sending explosive devices to WG.
    The scum need to die, and I’ll fucking kill as many as possible.

    1. Just died and lost a battle because I got outspotted by a fucking T30 that wasn’t even in cover.
      WG are fucking worthless scum, I hope their families are burned to death.

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