Les Français arrivent! War Thunder 1.73

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen. First of all please forgive the lack of writing, the reason behind this was on October 10th to the 11th I had the final part of my officer selection for the Royal Navy, so as you would expect I put all my effort into passing that.

Now with that out of the way let us delve into the main news of the day: 1.73 in War Thunder is going to be the patch that brought the Armée de l’air to the game. Now for those excited to know what planes are going to be added, we have 2 confirmed ones that will be added as premiums, these are the Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9 and the SO.8000 Narval, rank 1 and rank 4 respectively.

Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9

So upon first inspection, this plane looks like it is going to be a dominating force in tier 1 battles. Armed with 2x 20mm cannons and excellent manoeuvrability to  back it up, it is going to be a nice addition to a players garage. The only downside to be made out for now is the ammunition count for with 30 rounds per cannon, you are going to need a good aim to make those count.

SO.8000 Narval

The more unique premium up for grabs is this Tier IV prototype Carrier fighter, armed with a set of six 20mm cannons this plane is going to be a plane capable of tearing through the opposition, and with a speed of 700km from first glance it appears to be set as a decent boom and zoom aircraft. Finally it seems to have a good Close Air Support potential with the option of mounting 8 rockets and for now 2 bombs of undisclosed weight.


So the major question on everyone’s mind is most likely going to be what are we going to see in the French tree. For that we look to the data finds that are constantly being updated. For a while we have had a couple of French planes hanging around in these finds, these are:

  • MS 406 C1
  • MS 405
  • Potez 630
  • Potez 633
  • Vg 33
  • Vb 10C 1
  • Mb 157

So from these what we can gather is that the fighter line is set to contain the Morane-Saulnier series, the Arsenal VG-33 and the VB 10 and the Bloch MB.157. Then with the Potez 630 twin engine family included in this data find we have the potential for a heavy fighter/attacker line, so as of now best keep an eye on the War Thunder website and let us see what goodies the future holds.

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Les Français arrivent! War Thunder 1.73

12 thoughts on “Les Français arrivent! War Thunder 1.73

  1. Gal_Ardent says:

    Only!!! There are enough documented proposals in the forum to launch a full tree with fightes, heavy attacker, light and heavy bombers… and they are proposing a single line of fighters, what a joke!

    1. Billywarren007 says:

      Well they only just announced it so there is still chance for more lines, though if the Italian tree is something to go by I would expect for intro a fighter line, an attacker line and a bomber line

      1. Gal_Ardent says:

        I quit WT 2 years ago because I was tired to wait for french aircraft. I will not come back until there is a decent consideration for this country in this game, consideration deserving French pilot involvement and sacrifice during WWI and WWII. They today extend existing nation, introduced Italian planes before… There will be french planes in WWP 2.0 before any tree in WT, and WWP 2.0 looks good now. My money is not going back to WT before a very long time…

      2. Billywarren007 says:

        it is a fair criticism that the French have been a long time coming, but there is still no sign of the French outside the premium ground attack, and again it has only just been announced, when they reveal the full line up we will see what we are working with.

      3. Gal_Ardent says:

        True, I personnally contributed a lot to the proposal for the complete french tech three, and it is very frustrating to get all this work neglected whereas there are a lot of potential options in each plane categories. Hopefully, there will be more positive feedback on if from WT and I trust they will put a great effort to make the french tech tree looking good if they do not want to upset (further more) the french community…

  2. Kyros says:

    I hope they all got backmirrors so they can see the battleground while fleeing. And some white flags poking out between the windows.

  3. Don’t that one fighter that was a premium in the British tree a while back. The D.520 was it? 4 MGs and a single 20mm engine-mount cannon. It’d be a tier 2 like the Brit premium was, I figure with a BR of around 3.0


    1. Billywarren007 says:

      well there is currently the D.520 and D.521s as premium planes in the British tree, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them transferred over to the French Regular Tree 🙂

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