Lest we forget.

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Lest we forget.

2 thoughts on “Lest we forget.

  1. Tony Rye says:

    Those of us who’ve had Parents, relations, friends, etc who’ve been killed, injured (either physically or emotionally) will never forget.
    The ( in the UK) poppy is as much for aiding those who have given limbs or sanity and support their families as it is remembering..

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>IT IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT<<<<<<<<<<

    Only buy from the RBL sellers or website as the money goes directly to the charity.

    Don't buy from places such as Joom or Wish 'cos the money goes into the pocket of a (typically) Chinese businessman. If you just MUST have such a product, then make sure you give at least the same to you RBL collector. (in UK RBL = Royal British Legion)

    Nearly everyone on the EU and the Russian server should be for ever grateful for all those who fought and suffered against fascism. The South Koreans as well (and when my Dad returned to the South, he was given such a warm welcome, even after all those years).

    Another point which is often forgotten is that in these days of Islamophobia, many Muslims fought, usually voluntarily, for not King and Country, nor Islam but to help those who were helping defend them.
    Remember also the African and Caribbeans as well fighting for the British Army, again usually voluntarily, for somewhere that they had never seen. And remember that their grand- and great grand-parents may have been taken from their homelands by force for slavery.

    The Centenary has helped re-focus the minds of the general public, but we who 'play at tanks' have enough knowledge that we WON'T EVER FORGET the sacrifices made.

    Thank You to all of those real heroes.

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