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Good day everyone, me and my friend Ragnarov2, came up with some ideas on how WG could fix some of the problems WoT has, while WG does have their own ideas, we still wanted to share our ideas with the goal to start a discussion in the comments below.
Also keep in mind that WG is likely to never see this and that these are merely our ideas of how things could be done, these ideas will likely never come into the game. So don’t go hating on us because we wrote something that you might not agree with, if you don’t agree with us let us know politely and maybe we could start a nice conversation.

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How to Fix Arty

As mentioned above, this is just a our view on how things could get fixed.
First of all let’s start with the most controversial class in World of Tanks: artillery! for artillery we use WGs attempt in fixing arty which means: low damage and the all new stun mechanic. While it’s hard to balance the damage you do and the stun time for snapshots, which is a pretty big problem.
Our version would make Artillery aim way quicker with a better accuracy and a quicker shell travel speed. While this would look like a substantial buff to Arty, the biggest part of our proposal is that arty would be able to charge it’s shots.
What this means is simply: Artillery would for example aim in 5 seconds, during these 5 seconds of aim time the damage is maybe a mere 10% of what it could do potentially. And afterwards there would be a charge time. Each second of charge time adds maybe 5-10% to it’s potential damage.
The Player has the choice to immediately click and do low damage and a short stun time. Or waits till the shot is halfway or fully charged and does similar damage to a TD or maybe 30%.
In addition Arty should not be able to penetrate it’s shots, it would not get any AP rounds. And in order to make this balanced, every player would be have Sixth sense by default, so they know when they’re spotted, so if they insist to stay in that location, they could get hit for 30% of their Hitpoints. In addition the stun duration also increases with each second of charging.
The only way to avoid this is to move, when arty moves the aim circle out of a certain area near the place where it first aimed, the Charge would reset so even slow tanks have a chance to outrun arty.
In addition there could be skills that could:
-Reduce the effect of the arty hit ( recieve less damage when hit and have a shorter stun duration)
-Increase the charging time for an artillery aiming near you
WG could also add various support shells like smoke screens and flares, which could also use the charge system in terms of how long they stay and what radius they cover.
I think that WGs own way of fixing arty is a good step in the right direction, but it wouldn’t solve the camping problem. If they add a similar system to what we have proposed they could remove most of the camping as then you would know when you’re spotted and you would get the chance to Avoid getting hit. So if you get hit for 30% of your HP you would know whose fault it would be.

Along with this arty should also receive a buff to the amount of xp and credits that they gain to bring them in line with the other classes

How to fix Premium ammo

In our Opinion, fixing premium ammo would require the complete removal of the current system of “Standard Ammo/Premium Ammo/HE” and instead replace it with 4 types of ammo available to all vehicles except SPGs.
The 4 types would be as follows:
AP ammo, being the “jack of all trades” I’d work pretty much like it does now, decent penetration, standard damage and a moderate penetration falloff at longer ranges (Probably similar to the way it was on the sandbox server).
APCR ammo would have the highest penetration at the cost of reduced damage and being almost completely useless at long ranges due to the significant penetration falloff.
HEAT ammo would be the sniper’s best friend, not losing any penetration at long range however it’d sacrifice a little bit of penetration compared to the AP rounds. Which makes it ineffective at close range compared to the AP rounds
HE rounds would stay pretty much as they are now.
HESH rounds would have much lower pen but high module damage and high normalisation (so they deal HE damage more consistently than normal HE ammo)
Having so many ammo types might cause a problem on some vehicles however that can be mitigated by increasing their ammo capacity slightly if needed to accommodate the increasing number of shell types.

While every vehicle would get these new ammo types (Excluding artillery of course) their penetration values would also be changed in order to allow heavy tanks to withstand everything but the biggest guns head on.
The general idea would be something along the lines of:
Light tanks would have a short reload time on their guns however their damage per shot would not be too high and their penetration would only allow them to use that rate of fire only if they manage to flank the enemy.
Mediums would be somewhere in between, not being able to outright penetrate a heavy tank head on however if they really have to they could by switching ammo types and in addition aiming for weak spots in the armor.
Heavy tanks would be capable of penetrating their peers even with the standard AP round as long as they know where to shoot.
TDs would be tasked with dealing with threats that are far away and with reliably penetrating heavy tanks their teams might have issues with thanks to the high penetration of their guns.

How to fix MM

MM has been and still is one of the major frustrations of this game, being matched up against vehicles you realistically have minimal chances of doing anything to (for example a T7 having to fight T9s) isn’t exactly fun for anyone.

Reducing the matchmaking to +/- 1 tier difference would probably solve most of those issues and make the games where you’re bottom tier less frustrating. (However this part should be disregarded if it turns out to considerably slow down the matchmaking times)

Another option would be to even out the HP, damage and penetration scaling over the tiers so even bottom tiered vehicles stand a chance, and don’t get one or two shotted (Especially on lower tiers like T4 and lower where getting one shotted by higher tier tanks is way too common)
This way the higher tier vehicles would still be superior over their lower tiered counterparts, however even if you’re lower tiered you’d stand a chance if you know what you’re doing.
Along with these changes, the artillery cap should be lowered to 2 per team in order to make life a little easier for the slower vehicles.


How to fix personal mission

The best way to deal with this Problem is to completely get rid of the old system. To many missions require pure luck, either you need to get the right mm or you need a team who knows what they’re doing. It also forces people to sometimes throw the game or deny the team to get more kills because some heavy tank needs to capture the enemy base.
I know a lot of people who have given up on even trying to get the vehicles. I myself am 1 Point away from getting the T-55A, i just never get the right mm to complete the mission.

The proposal we’ve come up with Works on a Token System and would include different things from WoWps Token system and WoWs loot containers.
The Idea is that the players can earn Tokens each battle depending how good they play and what tank they play.
So if you’re having a good game in the Batchat 25t then you’d get as an exemple 1000 MT Tokens and 1000 France Tokens, while a bad game in the E100 would give only 100 HT Tokens and 100 Germany Tokens.
In addition battle hero awards would also give Tokens. That way good players will be able to get the good stuff easier than bad players.
The Tokens could be exchanged for various goods in some sort of “Valor Shop” for special Valor Shop only Tanks, Special Camo, Female Crew, Premium Consumables, Gold, Free exp, etc.
To buy something in the Valor Shop could spend different Types of Tokens: The above mentioned Nation Tokens and Class tokens.
You would need to pay with for example 6 types of Tokens, 3 National tokens (from playing different nations, no matter which specific nations they are) and 3 Class tokens (No matter which class it actually is, as long as they’re 3 different ones)
So either 100 HT, 100 MT and 100 SPG, 100 Sweden, 100 USA and 100 USSR Tokens, that way the players could be motivated to play different Nations and Classes while not Forcing them to play to many Classes and Nations.
Which ones the Player does chose does not matter.
This system would promote good playing and yes, while this would give even the biggest tomato the chance to earn a tier 10 reward tank, however it would take a bad player a lot longer to receive a tier 10 Tank while a good player would have it relatively quick.
WG could also add a Supply Crate System similar to WoWs, you could receive them just like the Nation and Class tokens, however you could spend those Supply Tokens for different tiers of crates, each higher tiered crate costing a bit more than a lower tiered one, and each tier could get better Rewards. These supply crates could give regular premium tanks, regular unlimited camo and premium consumables etc.

So These were our ideas on how wg could fix certain things. and while WG is likely not gonna see this, it would still be interesting to see what you think about it, agree with our ideas or would you do some things different than us? Let us know in the Comments, let this be a nice a civil discussion.

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