LHMTV & GSR 3301 SETTER Tier VIII/VII British LTs Part II

For this part we have the overlaid stat amd compare screens plus an update to the tech tree.










Original Russian Images WoT Express, overlays RSR.


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LHMTV & GSR 3301 SETTER Tier VIII/VII British LTs Part II

3 thoughts on “LHMTV & GSR 3301 SETTER Tier VIII/VII British LTs Part II

  1. it would be nice if the stock gun of the GSR3301 Setter was the derpy 76mm from the FV101 Scorpion since the Tiers 7, 8 and 9 are somewhat related to it and Tier 7 would probably be the highest Tier a 76mm gun firing HESH and HE could somewhat be effective, it will not but the gun options seem good enough

    I would also like the Tier 8 to have a DERPY 120mm gun since it was designed with such weapon in mind (120mm recoiless gun), the top gun can pen 226mm and so with 165~175mm penetration and 400 avg DMG the 120mm would be a fun option, even as a grind gun

      1. I know they say that all the time but that is because they think players are dumb and don’t know things, recoiless guns are only a problem IF you give them APFSDS as standard ammo, however if you make them DERPY with HE, HESH and premium HEAT it can work without any problems

        in the end there’s really no reason as to why mid-century smoothbore guns and recoiless rifles cannot be added simply because the armor penetration values of several guns in the game are not historical, they can balance them to fit whatever META they want without making them underpowered

        lets put it this way, the Leo 1, the M60, the S-Tank and the Centurion all fired APFSDS ammo IRL, if the game was historical the L7 and its copies could never be added to the game

        we recently had the French armored cars added to the game, some of those were armed with low-pressure guns that IRL can fire APFSDS as well and normally would not be added to the game

        most of the post-war top tier tanks that existed IRL could not be added because they had acess to HEAT-FS ammo capable of negating all armor, those shells with over 400mm of armor penetration would be OP, but were they added to the game?

        no, so there’s really no reason for them to reject recoiless rifles because they can simply balance them to fit the game, as for the mecahnic it is pretty simple, tere’s almost no recoil and so the dispersion will be low BUT the muzzle velocity are on DERP gun levels (faster aiming times but harder to hit aything at all), it should balance each other to fit the game

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