Supertest: Light Tank Rework


currently on supertest, Wargaming has decided to make some changes on the low tier Light Tanks, seems like they want to tweak the statistics so that they can introduce tier 10 LTs.

These are the changes:


Tier 3

imagePz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
Turret   New Current Difference
Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
View Range 330 340 -10

Tier 4

imagePz.Kpfw. II Luchs
Turret   New Current Difference
Luchs 5 cm
View Range 350 360 -10
HP 82 92 -10
Hull   New It was Difference
Spread on the move 0.22 0.24 -0.02
Spread on rotation 0.22 0.24 -0.02
Luchs verstärkteketten
Spread on the move 0.2 0.22 -0.02
Spread on rotation 0.2 0.22 -0.02


Tier 3

imageM3 Stuart
Tower   New Current Difference
View Range 320 330 -10

Tier 4

imageM5 Stuart
Turret   New Current Difference
View Range 350 360 -10
HP 74 84 -10
Hull   New Current Difference
Spread on the move 0.2 0.21 -0.01
Spread on rotation 0.2 0.21 -0.01


level 4

imageM5A1 Stuart
Turret   New Current Difference
HP 82 92 -10


Tier 3

Hull   New Current Difference
Spread on the move 0.22 0.23 -0.01
Spread on rotation 0.22 0.23 -0.01

Tier 4

Turret   New Current Difference
HP 72 92 -20
Hull   New Current Difference
A-20 mod. 1938
Spread on the move 0.22 0.24 -0.02
Spread on rotation 0.22 0.24 -0.02
A-20 mod. 1940
Spread on the move 0.2 0.22 -0.02
Spread on rotation 0.2 0.22 -0.02


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Supertest: Light Tank Rework

64 thoughts on “Supertest: Light Tank Rework

  1. tribun1211 says:

    Yeah….nerf the Class that already is useless in game …. and dear WG…no one needs Tier 10 LT…like no one needed Tier 10 Arty…and please….fix Arty before LT….getting Oneshoted by Tier 6-10 Arty in a Heavy Tank while fighting on the front isnt fun…and no Arty needs AP or HEAT….HE is enough…

    1. The lord your savior says:

      Those are tier 3-4 and the nerfs minor.
      Calm ur tits. Complain in their forums – there it might does something if done well enough.

      Those rat tanks… it took – what? ~10 average matches to skip them?

    2. Deano says:

      i think the idea is that these tank will now get normal matchmaking while they are being slightly nerfed they are being buffed at the same time because they can be actually be top tier now so this overall could be a huge bonus and it would make any nerfs make sense. plus just imagine what the potential tier 9 and 10 lts could be like they could be incredible.

      1. arentatano says:

        that would be a big nerf for T-54 ltwt….cause its already a super powered T-44…..and comparing T-54 ltwt to T-34-2 is painful(poor T-34-2)

      2. Deano says:

        i reckon the t54lw could be one of the vehicles that they extend to tier 9 or 10 and the lttb at tier 8 but i wonder how they will do it. it will be pretty interesting to see.

      3. Not that proud says:

        That doesn’t make sense. The tier IV lights, the Luchs, M5, and M5A1 have a four tier spread. They see top tier at tier IV, but they also play in Tier V, VI, and VII games. So, if they are reducing the spread on these tanks, they would be making them see tiers 4-6. But that’s not normal scout MM since scouts typically don’t see their own tier as top tier. And it kind of doesn’t make sense as those tiers cover the classic WW2 tanks. It doesn’t make sense to keep the M5 from seeing Tigers and Panthers.

      4. wolvenworks says:

        if that is the case, where LTs will finally get normal mm, then that would make LT play more enjoyable. for LT noobs like me…i’m still stuck on chaffee dear lord help me T_T

    3. whitesample says:

      Tier 8 light tanks would be fun to play.
      But I wonder what will happen to tier 10s who are used to that… like the Leo 1 with its amazing view range…

    4. Not an idiot that tools in light tank says:

      Driving light tanks well requires not making mistakes that cost your health. If you can manage that much light tanks are basically better mediums. Just because you don’t have the skills to play light tanks doesn’t mean they are underpowered. How else do you think unicums pad stats? Typical mindless complaining pubbie

      1. huebi says:

        They pad stats because LT have a lot lower expected damage, so you don’t need to do a lot to get great stats. Furthermore a lot of LT have terrible pen for the MM they have, so stat padding is easy for everyone that uses some premium rounds. No matter what stats (in terms of WN8) you can get with LTs, they are generally pretty weak, not build to carry if you get tough MM. That is why nobody needs T10 LTs, if you are a decent player, you are used to play aggressive, which means that you don’t spend a lot of time with red-line sniping. There is a reason why tanks like Obj. 140 are great for stat padding, you can be useful in every match (on every map), which is something a LT will never be.

        Just think about it, what could the advantage of a T10 LT over a Leopard 1/Batchat be? It can’t be the viewrange, it can’t be the mobility, it can’t be the camo (I suppose nobody wants a top tier tank for passive scouting). I guess we will see T10 LT with guns like the Skodas, but again, why call it a LT then?

      2. whitesample says:

        You crealry havent seen the view range changes on sandbox dont you~?
        Yup, top tier russian meds had 300m view range lol
        Ru251 went fully invisible with like 30 camo rating on the move and stuff like that lol

        There is a place for tier 10 lights.

  2. Deano says:

    thinking of the tier 10 lts. how will that work? im guessing it wont be a matter of taking current tier 8s and stretching them to tier 10 because of the m41 90 although they could introduce new tanks at those tiers and move other tanks in to those current tiers and try to make the roughly the same power as the tank precious tier 8s. also what will germany do for high tier lights? we know the uk will be fine the french are pretty likely to be fine and id guess the americans too but the chinese and in particular the russians and germans im wondering about. the russians is a definite case where i could see the lttb being put tier 8 the t54 lw at tier 10 and then new machines to fill in at tier 7 and 9. the germans i have no idea considering it was so long after the introduction of the lt line to tier 7 that the ru 251 came in. maybe the return of the scout panther? at tier 7 the sp1c at tier 8 and something new for tier 9 or 10?

    1. arentatano says:

      how will it work
      i’m guessing it will involve a gravestone for the leopard 1.

      its already crippled by TVP havign superior hp/t (25 vs 20)
      and now it looks like light tanks are going to take its “role”(that it never really had) away.

      why play a leo 1…..a question thats becoming more and more difficult to answer….(not even accurate on the move….)

      1. Deano says:

        you never know technically they could go anywhere with this and i suspect theyve a plan to keep the leo relevant with the changes in the future. i suspect it will be one of the tanks that has a lower dpm has unrivaled accuracy aim time and higher pen than the others but still keeps its speed so it will be guaranteed to do damage with the shots it fires while not firing as quickly. i think that would be interesting to play so itd be exposed less often and for less time and will reliably deal damage when snapping shots off. (i wouldnt be surprised if they upped the damage for it to compensate for a slower rof but itd be interesting to see how they differentiate it from the 30b maybe the 30b has better gun depression but worse aim time and accuracy but slightly better rof)

        side not i foresee the amx 13 105 coming in the future 😀 and that has unreal potential.

      2. whitesample says:

        I always do 4k dmg on my Leo1…
        Its the perfect dmg dealer/support/sniper tank but it struggles to keep up with new and unbalanced tanks. You can scout in dire situations, but its not recommended. You are way better staying concealed on a bush and using your amazing view range to outwiev incoming enemy tanks.
        You play as a TD on the earliest parts of the game…
        if you see that the action is going away, you go fast to where it is and support, take oportunistic shots and retreat if they turn their turrets towards you.
        If you see that the action is coming towards you… You turn your tank and run.
        You focus high priority targets, firing at them as much as you can:
        TVP, T110E5, T57, Bat chats. While they are busy firing at other people.
        You only use its HP at the end of the battle, and still, you are prone to lose on 1 on 1 combat.
        So play with other people as much as you can. I mean, use them as meat shields.

        And yes, you have to AIM on it. 1.9 secs its a ******* lie. With all hidden stats to the gun, 1.9 secs which become 1.7 with BIA and vents… become useless and feel like 2.0 secs.
        And 0.3 its not that accurate too… It feels like a lazer fired by monkeys… -u-

      3. arentatano says:

        hope so. but only way giving it unrivaled accuracy, aim time, and high pen would work
        is if RU X meds don’t have such better gun handling that accuracy and aim time end up being irrelevant(aka how it is now)

        and if pen loss over distance isn’t so extreme that its high pen ends up being worthless vs RU X Med’s pen at close range (aka sandbox)

      4. Deano says:

        yeah i agree the tier 10 russian meds are just badly balanced they are to dam good i had a 140 for a while and sold it because its too dam easy its what you get if you were to fuse a light tank a heavy tank and a tank destroyer and a medium in to one tank. i would just throw it in to just stupid situations to see whether or not i could survive or not and more often that not i would not because of me but because of the trollness of that tank with its rof and gun dep. id say its op but not compared to the t110e5 currently. no single feature makes the 140 op its the combination of all its qualities. same with the others too.

  3. Some people on reddit suggest it might be due to the tier IV ligths lossing scout mm. Which I can live with if that is the chase. Or WG has finnaily lost it

    Michael Hughes

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see the need for tier 10 LT. The tier 8’s are already monsters unless u don’t know how to play their spotter/late flanker role.

    1. arentatano says:

      ^ this.
      though i will admit it would be nice to have tier 10 LTs……but as it is (lookign at tier 8) they would just take the tier 10 med’s job and make meds useless(other than some like batchat, russian X meds, etc. but stuff whose future is already….iffy…would be destroyed. M48 and leo 1 mostly. )

      1. pixywing says:

        With all the corridor maps they continue to shove down our throats, playing tier 10 LTs is going to be a bad time.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Pardon? I actually think the M5A1 is one of the best tier IV light tanks in the game thanks in part to the 47mm. Couple that amazing gun with its outstanding mobility, decent stealth rating, and high view range, and it is pretty OP compared to other tier IV lights. If it loses the 4-tier spread, a 10 hp loss is the least of its worries

      1. joel milhazes "sefhyo" says:

        People tens to forget what they did to Hellcat yes i know its a td yet nowbthe tank is one Of the crappiest tanks to play in tier 6

      2. Michael says:

        Er, have you been drinking? It’s not mobile, it ain’t that sneaky, the gun needs full gold and it’s easy to hit. That popgun is rubbish, and that top autogun fires all 5 shots even when you need to get back behind that rock. The M3 was a better scout. I actually preferred the pz38nA to the M5 stuart, at least it could be sneaky.

      3. wheeledtank says:

        I’m not talking about the American M5 Stuart.The main person even said “M5A1 Stuart,” so before you get butt-hurt over an internet opinion, be sure you know what the opinion is saying. I know the (American) M5 Stuart is bad, and the (Chinese) M5A1 Stuart is better in practically every aspect, and when the (Chinese) M5A1 is top tier, it is pretty OP (when I use it at least)

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        @Michael “I ACTUALLY preferred” what do you mean by Actually? 38nA IS the best only second to the Luchs.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      The 38nA is fun because you’ll be underestimated all the time and you can ass-rape IS’s & T29s with it. Tigers are also nom.

  5. Steve SEA says:

    If they nerf the Lts they will have to change the MM. As it stands scout Mm sucks ass, its time for a change. But I agree with TRIBUN1211, Fix the artty issues first.

  6. qwertypresser says:

    It would be nice if they would first fix their stupid game, before they make any more changes to the game. But then again this is Wargaming, planning ahead has never been their strong suit.

  7. Honcho says:

    Well, i just bought the Luchs today, nice to see that i bought a soon to be dead class of vehicles. unless they reduce the match making down to the levels of normal mediums of the same tier.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      If you think Luchs will become completely useless by losing 10m of VR and 10HP, while gaining minor buffs to gun handling, you’re completely mistaken.

      Luchs is made epic by its ridiculous mobility and glorious 5cm gun abuse. Losing negligible amount of HP and some VR will not affect that in the slightest.

      1. Honcho says:

        I have just started playing the german lights and my Luchs is almost stock (besides the radio and tracks). I have seen it getting into tier 4 games, so its mm is kind of strange because i have been in tier 7 aswell.

      2. Teknokraatti says:

        No, I definitely meant the 5cm. With it, it has over 700 more DPM, way better gold pen, better accuracy and stability and to top it off, it isn’t hampered by clip reloads anymore. 5cm for me any day of the week.

      3. whitesample says:

        Oh no… you are playing the luchs wrong… any tier 4 has that gun… m8…
        The autocannon, the 30mm one… thats a beast… DPM, pen? lol no…
        The luchs is king because of the harrasment you can do with that gun.

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        Who the hell plays a Luchs, you read correctly, A LUCHS with DPM in mind??? What the fuck?? You don’t evaporate singular M3 Lees within 3 seconds with that do you m8?

  8. Pangzhu says:

    I get it, if they make tier 9 and tier 10 light tanks, there would be no official need for stupid scout MM anymore (in my opinion there never was any reason at below tier 7 though).

    what baffles me is WHY THE Hxxx have they not fixed the agonizing matchmaking the premium tank t2 light gets? that thing is the only tier 2 tank, that sees tier 4 tanks!! LOL
    there is no other tier 2 tank in the game that has that bad a matchmaking.
    Even though the tank is statswise basically a clone of the M2 light tank, except worse in pretty much every regard, but the M2 has normal tier 2 matchmaking. 😉

    I have had some good games in tier 6, 7 and 8 light tanks, even when in facing maximum tier MM, but I doubt i would stop having fun being in my own and max +2 tier. That would improve the game for me at least.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Which is a crap idea really. It’s just lowering the skill curve for morons who cannot understand why lights don’t play like snipers or HTs

  9. This is amusing. Light tanks view range reduced.. i can remember when my Luchs was fighting tier 8 tanks. The only think Luchs had as an advantage was view range and camo factor. I can see any point WHY view range is nerfed. Even more, now lights are useless in 95% of the maps, and really there is view range to save them.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Even then, Luchs now has shit for viewrange anyway, so fuck that too. Then again, lights today really aren’t scouts. Much more surgical strikes, distraction. Terror drones to throw the enemy team off balance.

  10. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Makes me wonder what makes these nerfed LTs competitive. And how are they faring against other classes that are not balanced accordingly yet. Is anyone playing tanks that only get nerfed in some areas without compensating in others.

  11. pixywing says:

    Going by how it took almost 2 years to nerf the KV-1S, and years to remove the Waffle, this class change should be done by about 2025 going by Wargamings standard speed.

  12. stormcrow99 says:

    Wargaming going full retard. The stats of lower tiers do not matter for shit if your implementing higher tier vehicles for fucks sake. Who the hell thought of this bullshit? Hang him by the balls and burn the alive with a lighter, all rights to continue living a second further are over for the rest of eternities to come. Pls kys.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sooo, in the 10k games I’ve notched up, half of them are in Light Tanks. I guess I just shouldn’t bother playing this game anymore.

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