Light Tanks Revision Details

Good day all,

WarGaming has put up an article on their portal detailing the full changes to the Soviet light tank line. The changes to the line itself can be read here, but there are a few details regarding all lines that apply to crews, XP, and camo/emblems:

– If a tank that is moved up a tier is fully researched, it will retain that after the move.

– Crews trained to moved tanks will be moved to the barracks and retrained to 100% for a new tier. Even if you do not have the tank in the garage at the time, crews in the barracks will recieve that training.

– Emblems/camo will be removed with a full gold refund, or credit value equal to the remaining time on temporary camo/emblems. Unique emblems and camo will be removed and stored to be reapplied to any tank of your choosing.

– As mentioned before, earned XP will stay on the tiers it was earned on.

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Light Tanks Revision Details

34 thoughts on “Light Tanks Revision Details

    1. Anonymous says:

      The answer is you don’t get a freebie.

      This has happened many times before with tanks being added or moved up, down or around in trees.

      The new tank will have to be researched as normal.

      1. Melebo says:

        I highly doubt it. Yes you won’t get the freebie as in: no free extra tank. You don’t, however, have to research anything more than if you had the tank in your garage. Anyway, just get the tier VIII scouts in the garage if you can before the patch.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea sounds like a ripoff. i got 170k on ru251 but it’s not “fully researched” because i don’t want to buy PTA.

    1. Christian Eichhorn says:

      Whats the problem here? Either unlock the PTA or leave the XP on Tier 8 and unlock the PTA later. The RU will be moved to Tier 9 and you will receive the new Tier 8 for free. Or am I wrong? At least I think this is the way it is going to work.

      1. Nighty says:

        The line is not connected there anymore. You can go from the tier 7 to the Indien Panzer now, but from there on no other connection available. I am stuck at the same problem, 55k xp on the RU now that will be stuck on the Tier 8 SpiC then with no other chance to use them then using gold and convert it.

  2. Alex Knight says:

    – As mentioned before, earned XP will stay on the tiers it was earned on.

    WOW, big FU to the grinding of pretty much everyone -.-

    1. Soifon99 says:

      i’m sorry buddy but it’s 100% your own doing in thinking they would move the xp to the tier 9, you gambled and lost.. don’t cry over it, be a man and take your losses..

  3. GetOuy says:

    FFS….just found out that the Russian tech tree changes in a way i won’t get to T54 from T54 lightweight anymore…wasted hours…

  4. No_Quarter says:

    it is retarded to keep the experience on T8 after moving as that experience was earned in T9 mm.
    but gotta force people to convert it, gotta do it….
    i bet there won’t be that free exp discount in months from now on

    1. Soifon99 says:

      WG: “yeh let’s give everyone free tanks so they don’t have to grind and don’t lose time in spending ingame” said NO company ever..

      WG is a business! they need to earn money!! why the flying F do people always want shit for free?!?!?!

      Ah man f*ck my supermarket for asking money for bread! boeeee
      Ah F*ck blizzard for asking a monthly fee?! why is the game not free.. those servers, buildings, computers, personnel are free for them right? they don’t have to pay for them? maybe the personnel can live on a salary of 50$ a month so i can play my game for free

      1. Nighty says:

        The answer is relative simple, they want to keep us playing and cause of that they want to change the light tank lines. The community never asked for that and is still sceptic. And that said a that heavy change in the lines should not be loaded on the customer (who is already paying enough with other things).

        They want to change the lines and that said THEY should care that ne changes are done completly and not just partially.

      2. No_Quarter says:

        who said it is for free?

        -people spent TIME to grind exp on T8 lights working as T9 mm
        -now that exp gets left behind on lower tier in MM, as new light tanks have regular MM which is considered as “less weight” and generally current light MM is harder than new one as you never ever had -2 mm
        -so basically you have to pay to get back your invested time and experience you earned in way harder conditions that ones that will be available in 9.18

        I do not see what’s free, people earned that experience the legit way.

        I have all T8 lights but WZ and I did not start any grind as I did expect wg to come up with some shit as this.

        It would be okay if for example current 13 90 and future Bat 12t have the same MM, +-2, and 13 90 gets buffed and pushed up the tree, In that care it would make sense in terms of weight to leave the EXP behind. It was earned in that MM with that set of enemies.
        13 90 currently has +3-1 mm which makes it effective T9 so in my book that EXP is earned AS T9 and should stay like that.
        Batchat 12t has MM tiers 6-10, and 13 90 has 7-11 (hope you are aware MM uses fictional tier 11 for creating matches with higher weight, meaning those matches are harder in a way).

        Not to mention that every T9 light tank from 9.18 will be better that CURRENT T8 light tank, and the CURRENT one has HARDER MM as it never mets T6’s and is never ever a top tier.
        Or is it just me that it sounds harder to meet higher tier opponents with worse tank…… (compared to 9.18 T8 light tank)

        Except from money extortion I see no reason for this BS, not one reason that works mathematically.
        WG, classy as always.

        @SOIFON99 – your sarcasm failed as you missed the point of my post, I do not want things for free, I am just good at math

  5. NIgmata says:

    T49…researched T54E1 but didnt buy. Get Bulldog into garage with 170k useless xp and retrained T49 crew into it.

  6. Jagodinac1 says:

    I just wonder what happens with my tanks since I have all tier 7 and tier 8 light in the garage and fully researched some with gold cammo and emblems. Wz-132 will stay the same. That is one thing that is for sure. The other thing for sure that all the other light tanks in tier 8 with great crews will now be at tier 9. But what with the others?
    Bulldog will become tier 8 as well as LTTB, so will I get new light tanks on tier 8 and on tier 7? And what happens with spic and amx 13 75? Do I keep them as tier 7 or as tier 8?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how this would apply to the WZ-132? As I read it, it means that a fully researched tier 8 RU251 owner with no XP will get a T9 tank fully researched but a fully researched, tier 8 WZ-132 owner will have to grind and purchase every new module on the new T9 Chinese vehicle.

    1. Jagodinac1 says:

      WZ-132 stays in tier 8, so you will have to grind for tier 9 light tank. All other tier 8 lights will go up to tier 9…

  8. Saša says:

    The most retarded thing is that they are going to remove crew from existing tanks and retrain them (“for free”, FU) to tank that precedes that tank… We have already paid in gold for re-training crew from LTTB to T54ltwt, and now they are going to retrain them back to LTTB? FU WG, this is sooo wrong… 800 gold (or 400 during 50% event) wasn’t enough for you, you want us to retrain crew again?! What is wrong with you WG ?!?!?!

    1. Cent says:

      IIRC your crew will be retrained to the new, higher tier tank in the branch. i.e. your tier 8 T-54Ltwt crew will go in the garage and be retrained for tier NINE T-54 ltwt. I could be wrong but I think I read this in a previous Q&A and that’s how I understand it. I certainly hope I’m not wrong, for that would be a nice assfucking with sand for lube.

  9. Tuomo says:

    Does anyone know what will happen if I have T-54 (the tier 9 med) researched but not bought from the light line? Will it be researched after the changes with the whole med line researched as well? I’m wondering if I should buy it now or just wait..

  10. NH says:

    So then the crew won’t move with the tank or wtf? “Retrained for a new tier” <<<Bullshit-talk lvl99 it can be either for t9 or for new tier 8 (because, you know the crew should be on tier 9, but they will retrain it for t8 and therefore it is new you silly why are you angry and crying??? oh, you thought that.. well we didn't mean that.. <<fckn politican-style ?abstruse? talk ) If the test server reflects the final phase of this case, we won't get t9 crews… btw they stated on their official sites (at least on EU) that the crew will move with the tank… At the moment I can't exposit these statement knowing the CT situation : "Crews trained to moved tanks will be moved to the barracks and retrained to 100% for a new tier."

    1. Cent says:

      “– Decision on the experience of Tier 8s was not easy, for a long time we have discussed it and finally decided to look at the statistics. Only 10% of current players in the Russian play Tier 8. It is in the range of 100k to 200k. ___We decided if a person has a Tier 8, for example an AMX 13 90, we are now moving it to Tier 9, making it an elite with all modules, we retrain crew, fully transplanted to Tier 9, but the accumulated experience remains at Tier 8.____ There is, for example, the situation when from 13 90 leads to the AMX 30 and this transition will continue. I want people to reach Tier 9 properly. It was a difficult decision. This is the official position, which will be respected.”

      From this blog’s transcript of a dev Q&A. (
      I wish WoT players weren’t so angry all the time

  11. Hanz Klatil says:

    Im still not sure about one thing – if i have tier 8 light (t49), but only the engine researched, will i get tier 9 t49 with everything researched, or just the engine? Im asking because the gun is gonna cost like 4 times more experience after its tier 9 and i want to know if i should research it now

  12. Steve says:

    Everything “_says_” that your crew from your (old) tier 8 will be trained to your (new) tier 9…. But that’s not what happened to my crews on the test server…. Is WG talking out of the other side of its mouth? or is the test server running a bugged process? Either way, WG is making a mistake

  13. Saša says:

    CENT, current situation on test server is that my T54ltwt crew is retrained back to LTTB !!!!!

    So I have to pay training from LTTB to T54ltwt AGAIN.

    Doesn’t have anything with accumulated experience, that could be understood, but why crew have to be trained again?

    I wish that WG is not greedy all the time… This is plain fucking rip-off.

  14. What bothers me is that with ELC and Chaffee, and other Tier 5 lights, essentially dropping to the match maker of Crusader, this will make crusader pretty much useless, unless it is buffed. Crusader, now, is THE light tank to play. Stealthy with good gun. Once ELC drops to same matchmaker – what’s the point of playing the Crusader, or, for that matter, Valentine. Crusader, and Valentine, unlike ELC were mass produced. Crusader and Valentine, were very much used in WW2, unlike Chaffee who barely saw any action. 90% of the times wargaming does something to the game – they make the game worse. What they forget is that there are alternative games and pissed off players (like me) WILL leave eventually.

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