Light Tanks Revision Details

Good day all,

WarGaming has put up an article on their portal detailing the full changes to the Soviet light tank line. The changes to the line itself can be read here, but there are a few details regarding all lines that apply to crews, XP, and camo/emblems:

– If a tank that is moved up a tier is fully researched, it will retain that after the move.

– Crews trained to moved tanks will be moved to the barracks and retrained to 100% for a new tier. Even if you do not have the tank in the garage at the time, crews in the barracks will recieve that training.

– Emblems/camo will be removed with a full gold refund, or credit value equal to the remaining time on temporary camo/emblems. Unique emblems and camo will be removed and stored to be reapplied to any tank of your choosing.

– As mentioned before, earned XP will stay on the tiers it was earned on.

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