Light Tanks Revision: France

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French light tanks have always had quite a unique gameplay rhythm to their gameplay. Their small size, decent maneuverability and speed, solid camouflage values, plus their autoloader guns pretty much defined their role in Random Battles. True hit-and-run masters, this swift bunch cultivated an army of fans over the years. And once these tanks fall in line with the regular ±2 matchmaking, are re-balanced and stretched to Tier X, there’s a good chance they’ll attract a few more.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into the changes coming to the AMX light tank line in the fast-approaching Update 9.18. Let’s get to it.


Following the switch to the normal ±2 matchmaking spread, the Tier V AMX ELC bis no longer sees Tier VIII battles, creating a much more enjoyable experience. To bolster its combat parameters, we also increased its firepower and mobility, while bringing penetration values down to keep it from being OP. Combined with a low silhouette, excellent camo values and superb speed, these changes make the tank incredibly efficient in bursts and at providing flanking support to teammates. Finally, its turret now traverses left and right by 360° with all guns except the 90 mm D. 915.

Remember how the AMX 12t (Tier VI) would end up in Tier IX Random Battles? Vulnerable to virtually any Tier VIII–IX vehicle, it rarely survived the first five minutes, unless it hid, of course. Now such sad situations are a thing of the past! But that’s not all. To prevent the AMX 12t from being OP, we cut its drum load to four rounds, while also boosting its specific power to 27.25 hp/t. You receive improved mobility that, paired with great camo values, small size and impressive view range, solidifies the AMX 12t as an excellent passive scout. Find a nice bush with a good field of view and assist your team by spotting enemies, and then later you can play the sniper, finding wounded tanks and clipping them back to the Garage.

Next up is the small and stealthy AMX 13 75 (Tier VII). This one gets more mobile thanks to an increased engine capacity and receives a smaller clip of four rounds. To compensate for this, we improved its reload time. It also takes less time to fully aim the gun. Gameplay-wise, the AMX 13 75 can be played as an invisible passive scout or an active scout/flanker.

Residing on Tier VIII is the all-new Bat.-Châtillon 12 t. Swift, dynamic and maneuverable, it has a shorter drum reload time than the AMX 13 90. This tank is great as an agile, active scout and at offering support fire to help allies by outflanking enemy tanks.

The scout with “teeth,” the AMX 13 90, moved up to Tier IX and with it came a boost in mobility and firepower. Now, it can pierce through 205 mm with AP shells. Its small size, great camo, and excellent view range make it an efficient scout, while a four-shot drum-autoloader comes in handy for finishing off crippled enemies and dueling enemy scouts.

Rolling out on Tier X, the АМХ 13 105 combines small size (and hence solid stealth parameters) with an autoloader gun. A three-round drum capable of dealing 360 damage per shot makes it an intimidating adversary that excels in both spotting enemy vehicles and hitting them when they least expect it.

What happens to modules, XP, Crew, emblems and camo you have on light tanks?

Configuration: If you have vehicles that changed a Tier in 9.18 and they are researched to the top configuration, they retain it upon changing.

Crew moves with the tank: Fully-trained Crew is transferred back to the Barracks and re-trained to 100% for a new Tier. If you have Crew trained to 100% on a light tank that moves up a Tier, but don’t have this tank in the Garage at the update’s release, the Crew will be retrained for a higher Tier regardless.

Emblems and camo: Emblems and camo bought with Gold and mounted on Tier VIII vehicles that move up to Tier IX will be removed. But fear not; you’ll get the amount of Gold they cost you credited to your account. Temporary emblems and camo you have on vehicles that move up a Tier will be removed as well. In this case, you receive the amount in Credits proportional to their remaining duration. Unique emblems and camo are here to stay: they’ll get de-mounted from Tier VIII vehicles and you can apply them to any other tank.

Finally, changes to the branch structure won’t affect XP you’ve earned on light tanks. They stay at the Tier they were earned on.

In case you missed it, we recently reviewed the Soviet light tank branch. Check out the link for insights into the changes and new vehicles coming to the U.S.S.R. Tech Tree, and stay tuned for more articles about the massive light tank revision.

The team is actively monitoring game data and welcomes your feedback on vehicle balance and other changes being tested in the 9.18 Common Test. Jump in to test them, stop by our forums, and share your thoughts!

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Light Tanks Revision: France

40 thoughts on “Light Tanks Revision: France

  1. Spaghetti says:

    “we also increased its firepower and mobility” Ok so clearly the guy from WG who wrote this whole synopsis either didn’t even read the changes to the ELC AMX or he’s just that dumb.

    1. A Dude says:

      Would seem you are the one who didn’t read properly. It keeps its troll gun. 240 alpha for a T5 scout? That’s almost ridiculously much. T8 mediums get that. And how exactly is that a penetration nerf? Look at all the other scouts on T5, none of them has more than 120 pen, also you need to consider it has now normal MM, and normal MM with 9.18 means to encounter less top tiers even if you are in a +2 matchmaking situation. And if that doesn’t help, you simply use gold. I really hope you didn’t forget that they also buffed the 75mm guns, which is a direct firepower buff.

      And after all – since when were light tanks all about their guns?

      1. Spaghetti says:

        Yeah dude. Because half the tanks at tier 5 don’t run derp guns that can immediately one shot you. What a broken little tank. 240 alpha? Man that’s insane. It’s not like the Pz IV H, the M4, the Sherman III, the KV-1, the KV-1S, the Hetzer, the T40, SAu 40, the Stug III B and G, the G1, etc, can literally one shot you and those are all tier 5 and 4 tanks. When you get into Tier 6 and Tier 7 games, your chances of getting one shot are extremely high. And by the way, idk why you think 240 alpha is “ridiculously much.” The Leopard’s clip potential is 360 damage. Sure, they buffed the 75mm guns, but if you ever use a 75mm on the ELC, you’re going to get made fun of. So just because the thing can’t see tier 8s anymore means you nerf the reload, the top speed, the health of the tank, and the power to weight ratio, which also in turn nerfs traverse across the board extensively. “Since when were light tanks all about their guns?” Ok so you’ve never played the ELC have you? The whole purpose of the tank IS THE GUN. That 90mm is the reason people even look at the thing. It has god awful view range, no armor whatsoever, you can’t turn the turret, and if you say to use the 75mm gun, then just don’t play the ELC. By the way, even if you use the 75mm, you still have the worst dpm out of all of the tier 5 light tanks. So you’re still not even close to being relevant. The only thing it still has going for it is it’s camo value, but what’s the point when you’re too slow to get into a spot to set up at? Even if the ELC is marginally better in the power to weight ratio department, it’s the most sluggish of the tier 5 lights by far, besides the Leopard because it’s so big, but even the Leopard has much better ground resistances.

  2. Pangzhu says:

    This nerf to the LTs is a tragedy…
    If they release the patch as is, with both LT-nerf and SPG-bullshit intact, I hope that many will take a break for some weeks from the game, so WG may feel it.

    1. Uuuhhh says:

      Have u played the new LT’s on the common test server? This is far from a nerf. Originally I felt like u about it, but after playing them u’ll understand this isn’t a nerf. Only real nerf was to arty, and with the speed and camo boost these suckers can easily take the place of arty. The French LT’s r absolute monsters. I did almost 5k damage on my first match with the amx 105, and all I did was play its role. Move up quick, hide/spot, and then unleash hell at the back half of the match.

      1. Pangzhu says:

        Sounds alot like you played test server before the micro path that nerfed the shit out of all the light tanks… whatever you say man… removing tons of view range, ammo and magazine size is not a nerf at all…

      2. Especialy in the case of the ELC its a massive nerf, the quality of that tank was the trollness of the gun. losing all that penetration, a little ROF and a lot of HP make it really awkward, there are even quite a few tier 5 tanks that can oneshot it without a derp, with a slight highroll. The current thing already requires a very delicate playstyle to do well in. The post patch thing isn’t even good then anymore. Compare it to a t34 or something and you will get murdered. (Bloody hell think about what these things are gonna do vs OIs…)

    1. KT375 says:

      what is you problem? i think it is a really nice tank with the sandbox stats, not the current ones. every mt is still better then the lights so i really dont get it why people are complaining.

  3. KT375 says:

    This is a really sad thing….esp the amx 13105 is to bad. it should at least recieve a 0.38 or 36, maybe a 0.34 for it’s acc, but 0.42 is inacceptable!

    also in comp. to the others dpm they can’t compete, please lift them on par.

    1. Melebo says:

      .42 is rather high but don’t forget this is where a large difference between lights and meds is made. Lights can’t really snipe that well. That’s not a bad thing, forces different playstyles.

  4. HUN_Sector says:

    13-105 is pathetic. 3 ammo in the magazine? Inaccurate gun? While tier 9 is somewhat usable, tier 10 is a psycho suicider light. Can not even defend itself from a tier 8 light. I will quit frenc light tree from 13-90 and moving up on the batchat asap.

  5. roadkingcz says:

    AMX 13 105 needs increase ammorack capacity. 24 rounds is just too low. Evem 13 90 has higher potential than 13 105.

    1. Oh and the firepower is utter garbage so if you aren’t on a scouting map (95%) you are literally worthless.

      Mobility and camo also means very little in half of these corridor meta maps.

  6. Keller says:

    I have 460 view range on my IS7 currently. How are the light tanks going to compete with my russian heavy? Let alone with my high camo russian meds.

  7. Here i was thinking that WG had come to their senses and buffed up the French to their former glory. Apparently not. Can’t belive they nerfed view range so people would spec into that instead of fire power… why not just remove gun rammers from the light tank class and nerf view range on MT and HT?

    And still no word on the abysmal M41 or that fact you can gget over 3k DPM on the T49?

    GG WarGaming, you have successfully fucked up the entier LT class and even make worse then it already is

      1. PUNISHER989 says:

        They are both, 9.18 on the left and 9.17.1 on the right.
        Please verify your info 1st before posting.

      2. I love how they are acting like most LTs need big nerfs, meanwhile in 9.17 most lights are worse than other tanks on their tier. You have like the bulldog, ru251, t54lwt, wz132 that would be (very) OP with their new MM. Pretty much all French LTs were so shit, unless you were very skilled, that all they needed was a little nerf of the clip for the 13-90 and the 12t, but the 13-75 and the ELC should have stayed exactly the same, or if they nerfed the penetration on the ELC which is fine, give it a significant buff in other gun stats as it lags behind MASSIVELY behind all the other LTs.
        And the 13-75 well its just utter garbage, bad pen, bad gun handling, meh clip, pretty good camo rating, meh view range, meh mobility, no armour obiously. Well that surely makes for a good tank…

      3. Spaghetti says:

        The excuse most people make is “BUT IT NO SEE TIER 9. TANK OP. ” Here’s what I think will happen. Wargaming will release a premium variant of the ELC, maybe a tier 8 or 7 version. They’ll call it the ELC Mecar or something like that. Historically speaking, the ELC did have a variant that used the 90mm Mecar gun instead of the 90mm D. 915 that we currently have. It’ll be like the same stats as the HWK 12s gun, but thrown on an ELC, buff the hp, the dpm, maybe the gun handling, give it the old 250 hp engine and boom. You’ve got a premium tank.

  8. ST33Lcz says:

    I am not sure what spotting did they mean ? How can i spot without viewrange ? I can mount Bino on HT and in this case i can spot also plus I can bounce some of the enemy shells…. Lights are spotters, so nerf their viewrange (Genius!)

  9. DalekMk says:

    Much more enjoyable experience ?
    They just killed ELC AMX, VK28.01, MT-25,… !
    The best aspect of scout was that you can currently make awesome and interesting games against even Tiers IX matchmaking !

    1. Q says:

      I still dont get the why current T7 LTs (that can meet tanks from T6 to T10) need nerfing after being moved up a tier (so they will still meet tanks from T6 to T10 in the new MM)… They will play against the same tanks they are already playing… And its not like LTs are OP now… Or if they are, how come they have not nerfed them by now?

      Also, how is the camo on AMX 13 105? Or to be more exact, how is the tank as a whole compared to Batchat?

      1. I’ve only been looking at the tier X LT’s, so I wouldn’t know about the other tiers. But the tier X LT’s are really not that bad. Their ability to keep their camo rating whilst on the move really helps them and with good crew skills and equipment they are pretty decent. I’ve seen people do good burst damage with the AMX even when playing the scouting role well…

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