Lillehammer Map in Supertest Pt.II

After a week in supertest this is now our second look at this map. It’s a large map intended for the general rotation. Being developed in HD from scratch it’s one of the most symmetrical maps I’ve seen. The artists wouldn’t get a job a dam architects but i’s a game feature not functional.

Source WoT Express.

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Lillehammer Map in Supertest Pt.II

3 thoughts on “Lillehammer Map in Supertest Pt.II

  1. Wow, not bad at all! Surprised by the like/dislike ratio on this one. 🙂
    *patiently waits for the complainers to find ways to blame WG for anything they do even though they asked for new maps*

    1. heinz says:

      Back in the days arty could only hit stationary targets. now it constantly hits moving tanks which leads to camping near arty cover and people like you still think its the fault of arty itself instead the developers who made everything worst. Just my opinion.

      WG can remove arty anytime but then i want minimum of 50 gold, 500 free xp and 5000 credits per battle i ever played in an arty because this would then be wasted time and needs to be compensated.

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