Lindybeige and The Chieftain

Ramble  over a Churchill tank (with added Sherman)

Two tall men struggle inside a WW II tank.

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Lindybeige and The Chieftain

5 thoughts on “Lindybeige and The Chieftain

    1. Robopon says:

      But at least if he gets something wrong in his video, he usually makes a follow up where he says “Aha, I was wrong there, you see” so he’s alright.

  1. Jolly good video! Sorry, I’m still in Christmas mode.

    If I’m not mistaken, at some point all the Churchills being made were built with internal tubing for the gases for potential conversion to the Crocodile. I’m not sure how long the pipe from the flamethrower would be… I believe it would just screw into something somewhere in the forward compartment.

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