Live Oaks Mp Changes

Quick flyby video showing the current and supertest versions of the Live Oaks map:

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Live Oaks Mp Changes

10 thoughts on “Live Oaks Mp Changes

  1. I don’t see too much of a significant change to the majority of the map. In the south, the hill besides the bridge has been flattened, probably stops camping but now it looks perfect for swedish tanks with their high gun depression to hide behind. The other change is filling in the swamp/lake in the middle in certain areas with more cover. Not enough for a scout to yolo through them to arty but enough to passive scout away from the traditional td hills or any dangerous early game active scouting.

  2. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

    This “change” will not change anything…the swamp is still way too open and central for any meaningful use…
    only thing that will change is probably more scouts suicideing there trying to make it work…

    1. In short term yes, eventually people will learn or just keep on playing as they always have. At least at low tiers where general pub crews are awful, it won’t hurt throwing a light with good camo there like an amx 12t or 59-16

    1. Melebo says:

      Can you be any more pessimistic? I get the whole WG corridor thing but you should understand a square map with borders naturally has two lanes where you can’t be flanked. The outside routes. Changing this map to have more routes of attack means creating a whole new map because the central swamp will always be easily flankable. No way around that. So bassically you are saying this map should be deleted? got it.

  3. andrebellons says:

    Appreciate the changes:
    map will still be played in city or in bridge side… but they gave some new positions to make even middle playable to some scouts…
    Would also be nice to see if is possible to cross the lake to do some flanking at late game

  4. Changes for the sake of changes which aren’t required nor requested.

    Undoubtedly they will cause map balance issues on a map that was perfectly fine.

    WG 2017 looks like the year of tinkering this game for the worse…..

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