Loraine 40t- Supertest Stats *Updated Full Stats

Originally the French Tier 9 medium before being replaced by the Bat.-Chât. 25t AP, the Loraine returns as a Tier 8 premium.

*Full stats now up. Big thanks to Ctacello.


Tier: 8

Hitpoints: 1300

Engine: 850 hp

Weight: 40 tons

Power-to-weight: 21.25 hp/t

Maximum speed: 60 (for.)/23 (rev.) km/h

Hull traverse: 34 deg/s

Turret traverse: 37.5 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0.863/0.959/1.726

Viewrange: 380 m

Radio range: 570m

Hull armor: 40/30/?mm

Turret armor: 45/30/?mm


Gun: 100 mm SA47 A (autoloader, 6 shells)

Damage: 300/300/400

Penetration: 232/263/50mm

DPM: 2045.6

ROF: 6.819

Reload: 39.161s (2.727s between shells)

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 3.07.


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Loraine 40t- Supertest Stats *Updated Full Stats

59 thoughts on “Loraine 40t- Supertest Stats *Updated Full Stats

    1. No it’s just a 50 100 with even less armor.
      Thats what the Lorraine used to be when only HTs had tier Xs…

      Nothing new here, they just try to get money from people who liked the Lorraine before it was removed by making them pay for a tank that already exists in the game for free as a tiere 8 HT which isnt even that good now with all the autoloaders and other tanks at this tier. French tanks got f***** by the powercreep.

      1. It’s essentially a faster 50 100 with a better gun reload and 6 more horsepower per ton… What’s the point of the 50 100? I bet this new lorr will get 8 degrees of gun depression to boot

      2. GrimmReaperBG says:

        Erm….did you’ve just stated that there is no difference between HT and MT?! Because I am really curious how would you train your AMX 30B crew (or even the BC one)? More than that- it has 60 km/h speed, which is quite better than the AMX 50 100 and if you can’t see the difference there is no point in our talk about tenks.

      3. Well, I use the M4A1 ravioli and CDC croissant of course you filthy peasant. My question still stands because you just said the Lorr 40t has a better top speed than the AMX 50 100 which means, what is the point of driving the 50 100? It’s like why would you drive a T34 if there was a T34 medium tank that went 60 kmph and fired faster than the T34.

      4. Btw Grimmreaper, I took the time to reread your comment, it turns out you just didn’t read my comment in the first place. Lorr 40t is a AMX 50 100 but better, not the same mind you, but better as in more mobile and reloads faster for the same armor and 100 less hp. Because 100 hp is too OP

  1. And let me guess, people who originaly had it wont get a chance to obtain it for free even considering WG took away a tank they may have loved. Or if they do get a chance it’s through an impossible marathon again ?

    1. Urzum says:

      “impossible marathon”?
      working tax-payer with family here and still managed to get the t-44-100 in the last marathon.
      it’s just a matter of organizing your time properly and not being a complete tomato in wot

    2. DeanoGTO says:

      sad thing is i actually liked the lorr 40t i just got it 2 patches before it was switched and i actually enjoyed it but im guessing this will not be like the fv4202 and people will not even get the chance to earn it or be given it. even if they do i suspect it will be a dam near impossible mission i mean i struggled hard to get the “free” fv4202 and that was such a pain in the ass because i fucking hated the cent ax that tank for me is a huge piece of shit and it took so long to get through that dam mission.

      1. 40t was good before it was traded for a batchat. Undeniably, the batchat is better and user friendly. I don’t like how outclassed the 50 100 is because it is one of my favorite tanks at tier 8.

        You didn’t have to play the action x if you didn’t want to for the marathon. You could always just play the cromwell, comet or any other tank in the line. Owning an action x was the only requirement.

      2. DeanoGTO says:

        (bit of a rant)

        for some reason i cant reply to the guy that said you didnt have to actually play the ax for the fv4202 missions. thats not true on eu you had to get 750xp every day in it which doesnt sound too bad (also its a tier 10 so you never gonna get the bonus for hitting and damaging higher tier tanks which massively impacts your xp from the start) BUT when thats a tank you fucking hate that is such a ball buster of a mission. i cant tell you how many times i was just 1 shot ammo racked at the start of the game because that tank had an ammo rack made out of tinfoil. that tank put me off the leo line because their even worse for getting ammo racked. also dont forget that was the patch of or the patch after the retarded e5 buffs where you were seeing about 8 of those per side. (guaranteed 2 per side every game) i just tried to play it like a faster cent 7/1 but the turret is soo shit it just kept getting shredded no matter what i did shit i got away with all the time in the cent 7/1 i never ever got away with in that piece of shit. i love my cent 7/1 and e50m so its not like im bad in big mediums i just couldnt for the life of me get the ax to perform well…

      3. My bad, did the mission a long while ago on NA and played the AX after grinding to the leopard 1 (same or worse than the AX, ammo rack and all, but less armor if at all possible) so respectively, I did not have as much trouble as you. Sorry for your suffering. Still sold the AX after the mission was over, think I just need to revisit the tank after I get rid of the bad tank dilema in my head.

        On the bright side, if they plan to do anything similar with the lorr 40t they’ll force you to play the batchat at tier 9 and that’s a good treat of a tank. But all together, I don’t think wargaming will have anymore single line grind marathons because it’s targeted to just a small community. A trial with mixed reviews. Thanks for being nice about the rant, sorry if I was rude earlier, my mistake.

  2. DeanoGTO says:

    i thought they said the lorr 40t was never gonna return as a premium? well looks like they lied about that or the new leader just said screw it why not put it back in. in that case can we get the scout panther back? 😀

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      I don’t think they ever said that the Lorraine 40t wouldn’t come back. They even hinted at the possibility in one Q&A. What they said, however, is that they are not keen to introduce high-tier premium artilleries and autoloaders, because that could give the very bad players a whole new avenue to irritate their teammates. Kind of the same situation as it was in WOWS with the Saipan, I’m sure you’ll remember.

      I thought that the premium version would have been the Somua SM, but apparently no. Anyways, the tank looks good. Completely worthless armour, no VStabs and likely no rammer either, but speed and DPM look good. Now if we just had the stability values…

      1. What makes you think it can’t run VStabs? The AMX 50 100 and Somua can run VStabs as well as every tier 8 medium in the game (note: I did not call the AMX 50 100 or Somua a medium). Anyways, the armor is essentially as useful as a AMX 50 100 with the pike nose on front. Pretty much a faster AMX 50 100 at tier 8, rip 50 100 fans

        Otherwise I agree with you Teknoraatti, especially about premium high tier artillery but we all know that wargaming will eventually get drunk on vodka and release a high tier premium artillery for some quick cash. 😛

  3. And yet I wondered if it could find a place in a new branch for the french. Or as a reward for the new campaign reward tanks, what’s going to happen anyway besides changing the missions slightly? Oh well.

  4. Gray_Fox says:

    If they can remake this removed tank as a tier 8 premium, why can’t I have my Awful Panther back as a t7 German scout premium…

  5. wheeledtank says:

    Hey there Sexy. Shame you have a price tag.

    The Tank I was looking forward to in the French Medium Line. Yet it got removed.

    I wonder how many people WON’T get it just to spite WG for cutting-and-“introducing”

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      It’s not coming back and for good reason. It would suck in Tier 7 and be OP in Tier 6 unless they made it a medium at Tier 6 that operates as psuedo LT.

  6. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Played Lorr at tier VIII back then, and it could work. Since 50 100 has low armor anyway, it shouldn’t hurt.
    And with 6 shells instead of 5, it will be much better tank than the other French premium.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So you remove a tank and replace it with something else and THAN you add it as a tier 8 premium.To add insult to injury , we will probably have to pay for it instead of giving it to players that actually played it . So where is the awful panther as a premium? Where is the T-50-2 as a premium ? If this tank will be as a CW reward than alright , but if it will be in a bundle than im done , completely

  8. No_Quarter says:

    wait…. how does it sound good when we get this premium autoloader and somua one?!?

    Somua has 3.75 between shells and this has normal plus lorraine is faster and all around better tank, way better hp/t… like somua has nothing to it’s advantage… or lorr gets 11k price and somua is like 6k or whatever the CDC costs

    still, comparing those two premium tanks is like is-6 to kanonjagdfailpanzer

    1. Somua gets 200-220 effective frontal hull armor and it’s front plate shoots to 260-280mm thick when you use the full 10 degrees of gun depression. Lorr 40t will probably only get 8 degrees of depression max. Also, the Samuas side armor won’t be overmatched by 122/120 mm shells because it has 50 millimeters of side armor plus some patches of trach armor on top. Overall, the Samua is a brawler as 3.75 sec reload coupled with its fast aim time and good accuracy, it can still out trade most enemy heavies 3 to 1. The Lorr 40t is probably better because it doesn’t suffer from gold shells but we will have to see which is better when they release more stats on the tank as there are no soft stats to reliably compare with. Either way, you have to feel sorry for the AMX 50 100 because it has enough armor to be useless and slow it down compared to these two tanks and no where near as flexible and it doesn’t earn premium credits. Maybe they will replace the AMX 50 100 with the Samua? I don’t know what wargaming is thinking and releasing these stats is just raising hell.

  9. Hmm…that doesn’t look like a whole lot of change from when it was tier 9. Tho I guess that’s still OK considering it wasn’t that good in tier 9. I believe the gun handling is nerfed quite a bit? Mobility seems fine, and armour doesn’t matter here in the first place.

      1. Jurrunio says:

        Give it to them after COMPLETING a difficult, mind-torturing mission. WG won’t just send gifts out like that.

  10. Infernal969 says:

    So another premium that shits on the regular tier 8 tanks?
    It’s a faster AMX 50 100 (which is already borderline OP) that trades the armor for speed, which 50 100 had none to begin with.
    Did WG hire a new bunch of monkeys into the balancing departement? Or are they just going full greed mode? If so, then I’ll gladly uninstall this joke of a game.

    1. GrimmReaperBG says:

      No monkey will go that far in retardness! These are arguably human beings with negative IQ values.Pretty sure they often mistake their mouths with their behinds…

  11. Fcuk yeah, a Tier8 1800 clip prem. That is the only thing I lacked in my garage, after I got the Skorpion G. And I think this one has even better clip reload than 50 100, which I love anyway.
    Btw, isn’t Somua SM inferior to Lorraine in almost every aspect? Why would anyone take that instead of Lorr with current stats?

  12. (a) Supertest – in the past some tanks marked there as premium arrive as part of a new tech tree (ie new VK 100.1 P or whatever it is called in the new Maus line). It’s a shame the Lorraine 40t cannot lead to an AMX 10RC, but as that has wheels it is not an option.
    (b) Lorraine 40t, originally completely OP tier VIII, moved to tier IX, when it was completely rubbish, and then received THREE buffs to improve it in tier IX, before then being removed.
    (c) The version on super test seems better than the amx 50 100 in almost everything except armour. Current side armour values mean an IS3 will over match it.
    (d) I do not expect the final Lorraine 40t to have these Supertest stats, I expect a nerf. Argument against that expectation = Skorpion G.

  13. Major_Marinin says:

    Compare this to a Type 59
    The T59 becomes a joke after all the new prems that get into the game
    181 pen, 250 dmg, 2,9 sec aim time against the lorraines gun stats lel

  14. Jurrunio says:

    A medium tank that beats an equal-tier heavy in terms of firepower. That’s already enough evidence to chop a big [OVERPOWERED] on its hull. Not to mention the extra mobility over the heavy while being equally vulnerable to enemy fire. Also, getting this from the shop is much easier than the AMX 50 100, which has an awful predecessor (looking at you, M4 45′)

  15. Maxxonite says:

    Gimme my Lorr back in a premium form, they better take back the awefull BC 25 at replacement, it sucks real bad and now they want me to BUY the Lorr, no way, Shit giver and sneaky redrawer….naa WG is def starting digging its grave due to profithunger…

  16. Myau.Chan says:

    OW come on money graving WG. im just NOT giving you more PayPal love, you are abusing whit all this only money tanks. just NO NO.

    I really hate how they create so many borderline OP Money tanks. one thing is spend money to the game you like, and the other its just this prem tank frenzy. LOL

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