Lorraine 40t & Strv. S1

Good day everyone,

With 9.17.1, the new Tier 8 premium version of the Lorraine 40t has been added to the game client, along with the Swedish tank/pancake hybrid Strv S1. Courtesy of the lads at Dom1n, so they’re in Polish, but I’ll try to point out any major changes from our last stat posts (here and here).

*Lorraine magazine size has been reduced from 6 to 4 shells. Reload is 2.5 seconds per shot, with a magazine reload of 35.24 seconds.



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Lorraine 40t & Strv. S1

27 thoughts on “Lorraine 40t & Strv. S1

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was really excited for the Lor to come back as a premium. I figured they would nerf the gun handling and such. But why the hell did they nerf the clip? That’s such a damn shame. Not sure if I want it anymore.

      1. orgerix says:

        CDC could fit. It is roughly the same playstyle. But I am kinda sad the lorraine is a premium. The light/bat chat branch is basically amx 13 with various gun except the batchat 25 T (batchat AP is basically amx 13 with 105 mm gun)

      2. IRON says:

        Indeed yes, the Batignolles-Châtillon 25t would fit perfectly the tier 8 before the AMX-30, since its drive train and other of its parts had inspired the AMX 30 project! 😉

        It would be even more logical to have it at tier 8 since the Batignolles-Châtillon 25t was NEVER planned with a something bigger than a 90 mm (in fact it was the same gun as the the AMX CDC), and was originally planned with the same 75 mm gun as AMX 13, so we have here a stock gun!

        The top engine (of 500 HP IRL) should give it in fact a reasonable 19,6 HP/t. And the armor should also be lessen by 10 millimeters mostly everywhere.

      3. IRON says:

        But obviously you will tell me, it’s impossible to downgrade to tier 8 a tier 10 tank of many players that spent tons of our on it’s line to get it!!!

        But indeed, WG has the solution just in front of their eyes:
        Balanced well the upcoming AMX 13 105 should play really similarly, and could be given to to players owning the Batignolles-Châtillon 25t as a replacement.

        And for the players having the tier 9 FAKE Bat-Chat 25t AP, they could get the the AMX 13 90, and if they already have it, they could get the Upcoming premium Lorraine 40t as a compensation!

      4. There are a lot of illogical tier progression lines in world of tanks with generous amount of discontinuity between them. The main reason we accept them is by the simple age and comfort of time. I doubt war gaming is so vain as to restrict a tank line for the sole purpose of historical accuracy. From a game design perspective, the French line is very unique and a lorraine 40t does not follow the scout theory of battle that the current batchat line does. Try as you may to disregard this, a tank line still serves the purpose of teaching a player the skills they need for tier 10 and the lorraine simply does not bring any valuable lessons over the amx 13 90 to either the batchat or amx 30 line which are predominantly scout tanks in nature.

    1. it’s simply stupid, there’s no tier 8 on the autoloader line and the Lorraine was previouly tier 8, if 1+1=2 then why not return Lorraine as tier 8 before Batchats?
      for the AMX30B mini-branch they would need something else, the most obvious would be drop the proto to tier 8 and “squeeze” in the 30A or AMX/Leo hybrid at tier 9
      other option would be AMX-32 at tier 10 (30B with spaced armor) and drop the originals 1 tier each

      for premiums I’m sure they could find different prototypes

      1. They removed it (Lorr 40t) to began with because its play style was different from how the AMX 13’s and Bat Chat 25t played… big, no camo Vs. Small, Good camo tanks meant the Lorr couldn’t really play as a Scout/Medium the same way the AMX’s and Bat can…

        I’m glad to took it out of the line because it was pretty different from the rest, and I’m happy they are making it a premium tank… Just because a group of tanks feature the same firing system does not mean they all play the same…

    1. It an interesting idea, however, the opportunity of skipping an entire light tank line from a heavy tank line to drive fundamentally tier 10 scout tanks isn’t a good idea. It’s important that players learn the fundamentals of gameplay before getting their tier 10 tanks and frankly the ARL 44 and BDR don’t have much in common with the Batchat or AMX 30.

  2. To be fair, both tanks have been in the game client for at least a patch or two now. Still, nice to see. Hope the Lorr might possibly be a regular premium, instead of these “exclusive” premiums that go on sale every few months in the premium shop.

    1. With you on that FastestClassic, the last tier 8 regular premium was the M4A1 Rev. and it’s been a while since the tank’s release so it might be we will see a new one in the in-game store. Here’s to optimism ^^b

  3. Infernal969 says:

    So, another pay2win premium tank, this time double cancerous thanks to being an autoloader? What a surprise.
    Too bad that TVPs are tier 9 and 10. Would love to see an even more broken tank than those in the shop, lmao.

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