Lost City Map in HD

The area looks like it’d been deserted for a very long time and has been taken over by the desert. Note the blowing sand and dust devils from 0:37 in the video. The map is being tested in two versions. One for full tier X MM and one for up to tier VIII only.

A free cam video of the HD rework of Lost city.

Our previous post about this.  Thanks to WoT Express for posting to YouTube.

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Lost City Map in HD

15 thoughts on “Lost City Map in HD

  1. Its a small enclosed corridor brawling City Map
    that most players if not all DONT want in the game unless playing in a Heavy Tank AND top tier

    Wargame complete asshats never learn never listen, complete dicks with a pole up there ass
    (just saying ….

  2. Never mind says:

    I don’t this it’s not that WG does not learn, rather they don’t give a fame.what the players think or want. This much is very evident.

  3. Heinz says:

    and now i am sitting here wondering why a Russian village is in the desert… is there a desert in russia that i did not hear of before. and i is it not ok to put swastikas on the German maps but a giant hammer and sickle is totally ok?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is it World of Tanks on console has ALL the old maps still and ones PC never had, way more, plus can provide players with mostly top tier games on the NA server, with approx. the same amount of people live on the server, and PC cannot?

    PC map developers need to have people who actually play the game on their team and try to make the maps friendly for most, if not all tank types…. this is something they have struggled with in introducing new maps recently, or reworking old ones, usually making them worse.

    1. Anonymous says:

      My son plays console and I watch on a regular basis…. If this map is on it with the BIG USSR/CCCP (old soviet Russia) sickle on it, I have not seen it, therefore not in the rotation very much…. but then, CONSOLE has WAY MORE (good) maps then PC.

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