Lost City Map Supertest Pt II

Previous tests were at 800m x 800m. Now this stage involves testing at the maximum Random Battle size of one kilometre square. This is being done to test game play for the more mobile vehicles. Also in this test the number of paths between buildings is being reduced to limit close range rapid flanking. This is in an attempt to prevent one team just rolling over the other too quickly. The additional space on the map edges will give long range firing points for mobile tanks (light tanks) to control (lock down) points on the map.

Further testing may be needed but if all tests are succesful the map is destined for the random battle rotation.

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Lost City Map Supertest Pt II

6 thoughts on “Lost City Map Supertest Pt II

  1. SirGruut says:

    Long range firing positions and light tanks 😛
    I get the idea but it wont work that well due to terrible penetration and accuracy.

    It will however be good for paper mediums/td’s

  2. another semi-city brawling for non thinking “HT paradise” quick easy to make symetrical ‘square’ map from WG

    LT’s until T9 ~T10 cannot “Lock down” anything especially corridors
    shit guns with low pen low alpha paper armour made of critical modules everywhere

    while MT’s and TD’s with light/ medium armour do exactly what, brawl/ die?

    more 4 minute turbo battles fast back to garage meme from WG

  3. wolvenworks says:

    personally think that we need more smaller maps. big maps are a pain to go around, especially on a 7v7 situation (the setup for most competitive fights)

      1. wolvenworks says:

        in the worst possible region for random-based teamplay? look i may be hardcore but i’m not THAT hardcore. those kinda guys are crazy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not too much creativity to get excited about here. Oh what ever happen to maps where MT’s could flank, LTs could spot, and TDs coud ambush… OH THE GOOD OLD DAYS! Bring back Dragon Ridge!

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