“Lost City” Test Map

Good day everyone,

Few new images of a map that most of us know as Ghost Town. Now with a few tweaks from the map that was seen in competitive modes and on Console.


Some of these changes include:

  • Reduced the number of passages through the center of the map, hopefully stretching out the time of battle.
  • Increasing the size from 800m X 800m to 1000m X 1000m.
  • Additional houses and cover along the edges of the city, hopefully opening up opportunities for lightly armored tanks and light tanks to have longer sightlines and space to engage without having to get into close range brawls.

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“Lost City” Test Map

7 thoughts on ““Lost City” Test Map

    1. V1perMcKay says:

      I so remember Rampage Mode. It was one of the most fun modes I tried alongside Chaffee Racing and Frontline which is among my top 5 great modes they ever released. This is my top 5 I think they got my ticks of approval:
      (1.) Frontline
      (2.) Rampage
      (3.) Chaffee Racing
      (4.) Christmas Event
      (5.) Laviathan’s Invasion

      1. Anonymous says:

        Idk if you are being sarcastic or what rampage was the worst mode because missions were hard and people rigged like crazy to get t22sr and if you did not join the rigging you were tked.

  1. L3gionaire says:

    This map was for the Team Battles mode. It was good for 7 v 7 coordinated teams. But for 15 v 15 randoms ? Let’s be honest, this will be a failure or a big crazy nonsense brawling map.

  2. reminds me of a Stalingrad & Kharkov type corridor brawling style of map where you are screwed over royally if you don’t have heavy armour

    yeah WG this will go down well with HT’s I – that’s ‘if’ what you chosen and click into when “Battle” is clicked, suppose rest of the classes can go fuck themselves, again

    StalingShit & KharkShit were not popular at all in RU and the EU if fact removed from RU servers tears ago I beleve

    WG never learn, repeat same mistakes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Since we are mentioning CONSOLE… can we get most of the other maps from CONSOLE? Even the ones that PC took away? Please….

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