M46 Patton KR for Sale on EU

Hello everybody,

For the next few days the EU premium shop will have several bundles for the Tier 8 American Premium, the M46 Patton KR.


Bundles include personal missions giving ×5 XP on a victory (after first victory of the day).

The bundles include…

M46 Patoon KR – Supreme (€79.99)

-M46 Patton KR

-1 Garage Slot

-11,000 Gold

-Equipment: Medium Caliber Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, and Improved Ventilation

-50× Personal Reserves

-25×Large Repair Kits

-25×Large First Aid Kits

-25×Automatic Fire Extinguishers


M46 Patton KR- Ultimate (€49.99)

-M46 Patton KR

-Garage Slot 5,500 Gold

-30×Personal Reserves


M46 Patton KR- Standard (€32.50)

-M46 Patton KR

-Garage Slot


Bundles will be in the EU shop for the rest of the week.

As much as I usually don’t like over the top paint jobs, I’ll admit this one has character to it.

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M46 Patton KR for Sale on EU

4 thoughts on “M46 Patton KR for Sale on EU

  1. I was gifted this tank by my friend and platoon-mate and it’s great. If memory serves, it’s stats have it fall somewhere between a fully upgraded tier 8 Pershing and an un-upgraded tier 9 M46 Patton, two very solid medium tanks. Between this and my IS-6 (also a gift), I actually prefer playing this one just a bit more: more maneuverable, faster rate of fire, rounds are cheaper, which leads to greater profit after a match when compared to the cost per shell of the IS-6. And the paint job is awesome.

  2. lafie says:

    Very good tank, I’d reccomend it in a heartbeat to anyone that wants a US premium medium, and yes, over the Super Pershing.

    And before anyone points out how bad my stats in mine are, I have seen others show off just how good this tank is, so there 😛

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