Making of WoT’s HD Graphics

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Brief post here, but for those interested here is an article going over the process of creating World of Tanks HD maps and tank. Covering everything from lighting to water effects:

The amazing team of artists from Wargaming discussed all the updates to GI, particle systems, materials, water shaders and other elements of the astonishing World of Tanks engine.

“Wargaming has recently released 12 HD maps for World Of Tanks PC on a Sandbox server. Those players who managed to take a glimpse into it were truly amazed by the new improved graphics. The community reviews went viral shortly and though the server is off now, the dates of new playtests will be announced soon.

Everything the players saw was a result of hard work and collaboration of all art and tech departments. Today we’ll go backstage and talk about new lighting and shading, terrain, particles, post-processing and all the other stunning work they did to push the game to a new level.”

Full Article

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