Map For the New 30×30 Game Mode


The pics are the loading screen, mini map and large-scale textures.


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Map For the New 30×30 Game Mode

7 thoughts on “Map For the New 30×30 Game Mode

  1. Great, so once you exclude the mountains & water, it’s pretty much a standard sized map, with twice as many tanks on it. That should be great for tactical manoeuvring…

    1. Never mind says:

      LOL that’s funny and just about right. 🙂 Except that’s really just kind of sad. Thanks WG a standard map with 60 players getting into each others way and fighting for the ONE TD spot and scout bush. 😛

    1. heinz says:

      I remember WG once said they can make all maps HD or none because its a new engine or so. So this will not be HD in 9.20

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