Maps and more Maps

And the next version of the Polish map “Studyanka2” has turned up in supertest. Here we have a free camera video. Note the ammo loadout this player has. 33.3% heat so Wargaming 5% premium really ?? Your statement without context is meaningless. Enjoy.


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Maps and more Maps

10 thoughts on “Maps and more Maps

  1. MTG says:

    why this diatribe about premium ammo in the post about the map? One example is anecdotal evidence which means no evidence at all. Do you suggest people are using also 33% HE? Do you suggest that being an observer on test/alpha/whatever special server means you have an ammo loadout typical for an average player? And Ru 251 is a representative tank? And that proportion of ammo used is the same as proportion of ammo taken into battle?

    I do not dispute here what is the real amount of gold ammo used in WoT, but neither place is sensible, nor argument made in a way that would have any sense.

  2. Apache1990 says:

    Hey, just because I carry 54% HEAT on my IS-4, doesn’t mean I fire it often except when necessary (or because I run out of my 14 AP rounds.

    I think all reasonable people should be carrying 30% premium ammo, if you don’t want to be useless against all the tanks being added with no weak spots (or ‘weak spots’ which can only be penetrated with premium).

    1. Kyros says:

      I carried till the start of this year 5-10 pay2win rounds depending on Tank. I was always against p2w rounds because they destroy the games balance and make armor useless, you can play absolutly without p2w shells if you have the knowledge about every tanks weakspots and exact armorvalue.

      On the other side you have UniCums, they are basically stat whores that spamm gold on everything, they are used to it and once you take their gold away you will see a average WoT player, take their special mods away and they are nothing more than tomatoes.

      Well back to me, since WG doesn’t give a shit about their gamebreaking p2w shells anymore, I have now 30-40% p2w rounds, and the moment someone dares to shoot his gold at me, I load my and spamm that fuckers to death. I dont give a shit anymore, players that cared about WoT are gone and the left ones dont give a shit. Im a very patient guy but time, time breaks everything.

      Btw. the *new* graphics should have been released 2015 but were intentionaly delayed to keep players on the hook. Instead they fed you with new shitty paper premium tanks, new shitty techtree lines and by far the best, the portioned HD models that were outsourced from some cheap labour shithole. You can not expect to revive a game with 2015 graphics in 2018. It’s sad to see a beloved game dieing.

      1. this game is *dying* because of people like you spreading this shit. quite obviously it takes a little more than mods and gold to be any good at this game. if you can play this game without p2w rounds and still be completely successful, why would they need them to be any good? I can’t confirm that no unicums use mods, but I damn well know that not all of them do. jesus christ, you of all people should know tactical awareness and some amount of skill goes into this game. be a dear and don’t stir the pot, take the high road and try to enjoy it as much as you can.

  3. I’m fairly sure this was a training room setup for the purpose of this video, not a random battle. Also, none of the ammo was fired, and their statement clearly says that 5% of ammunition fired is premium ammo. Your loadout can be whatever you want. Focus on the purpose of the video itself, a new map that will probably be introduced with the polish tanks.

  4. Paglia says:

    Some mods are usefull and don’t make a huge difference, they just smooth the basic game or make it more convenient to play.

    For instance, I use one to prevent me from killing my own teamates with a shot, one to get a bette scope (a little more then basic WoT) since I have a bad vision, one to highlight the fact I’ve been spotted and one to register some key stats during a battle. That’s basically it. Usefull stuff. Why not use them ? I don’t expect that the fact I played the vanilla game ’till my last days instead of using mods will matter when I’ll face St-Pierre.

    On the premium ammo topic, well, I carry roughly 2/3 AP, 1/3 prem and a few HE (unless I run my KV-2 which is 100% HE).

    Prem ammo are useful for key shots you don’t want to miss, or when you are bottom tier, or when you are facing a huge bunch of skilled players and your team is clearly not (e.g. it’S filled with clueless people). In that latter case, every time you will miss a shot, the probability of your team winning will go down at the same pace since most of your teamates have no clue on how to play the game. So each shot matters.

    Prem ammo are part of the game, since you pay them with silver. Either you use them and learn how to avoid offering your tank to them, or you whine about it. I don’t see the point in whinning about them. There are a lot of occasions where you don’t need them. There are also moments where you will need them and you should be using them

  5. Anonymous says:

    ” Note the ammo loadout this player has. 33.3% heat so Wargaming 5% premium really ?? ”

    You dont have any idea about this game, right?

    This portal is only about bashing WG. Rita comes back only on this occasion..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I got a little way into the video and had to switch it off – that map is as flat as a …….?
    Pancake ? Fart? New HD map?
    It’s more crap – no soul, no climbing , no surprise positions to learn – cos what would the tomatoes in their shiny new Premium way beyond their ability tier 8 tanks do then?
    Or heavies relying on their armour not expecting to be shot at except by someone brawling directly in front of them?
    Clearly EVERYTHING is being manoeuvred to make WG more money!
    Well flatten out all the maps or corridor them. Flat maps like the new Prok mean no chance for spotting in the middle for lights as they cannot back off below ridge quick enough- so no targets for TD’s or arty.
    Nerf all TD spots
    Buff heavy armour and as we already got add a great big arrow that points at the only bush for miles so you know where to 1 shot the zero armour TD.

    Then encourage everyone to play a “real tank” a heavy with better view range , non penable armour that can move and still disappear in front of you – with a turret and a big gun.

    Result more play heavies – so more have to spam premium rounds. Add the incentive to play Tier X – Bonds , ranked battles etc and watch the player base lose 10000’s credits per battle.

    For which the answer is to buy premium tanks or accounts with real money !!

    WG is a business and it makes money – why should it care if that annoys players who have played a game for years – as long as there is a conveyor belt of noobs parting with cash?

    Destroying the balanced game, but making more money FU players….

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