Maps: Cancelled or yet to come


the WoTExpress Russian comrades gathered a very nice list of maps who were planned but ended up being cancelled and maps who are still being worked on, it starts by time order:

“Mexico” or “Texas”

-First seen in 2011.


“Arizona” or “South American”

-First seen in 2011.



-First seen in 2012 and planned for 0.7.3 patch.

-Cancelled for being too open/without cover.


-First seen in 2013 and planned for 0.8.9 patch.

-Only minimap ever appeared.



“Inca Road” or “The Way of the Inca”

-First seen in 2014.

-It was quickly cancelled but remained in SuperTest for vehicle testing purposes.


“Great Ensk”

-First seen in 2014.

-2×2 km Map expanded version of Ensk, made to test PVE elements.

-Never planned to make into the game.




-First seen in late 2015.

-Fate unknown.

Contest winner

-The map belongs to WG but the idea was from a player who won a map making contest.

-1200×1200 m




-Information on this map first appeared in a Q&A.

-No screenshots available.

“Minsk map wont come anytime soon, needs further work and internal testing. Wont come in 2015 or 2016 to be precise. We still need aerial photography”- Roman Tabolin


-Information about this map first appeared in October 2015, a developer asked on his instagram what were players opinion on having a Moscow landscape in WoT and that company “could very well surprise us”. The instagram post was deleted soon after, most likely the dev was drunk at the time and is a fake.



-Seen on 2015’s summer.

-Quickly forgotten, fate unknown.

-Uncanny familiarity with Himmesdorlf. See.

“Studzianka” (Poland) 

-First seen and planned in/for 2015.

-It was received many variations, latter being just less than a week old.

-Planned for 2016.



-Leaked on March 2016.

-No Information was given, we could perhaps contemplate seeing it this or next year.

Most Recent




  • A map usually takes half a year to make.
  • Only one new map is planned to appear in the game this year.



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Maps: Cancelled or yet to come

58 thoughts on “Maps: Cancelled or yet to come

    1. wfschepel says:

      Which, perhaps, shows just how hard it is to make a good map. Not to mention that players are the worst possible critics. Drive a MAUS? Shitty open maps, WG is SHIT! Drive a Ru? Stupid bloody town maps! WG can only make corridor maps! Then there is the difference between good players and the red, unwashed hordes. Bad players just want small maps where there strategical mistakes are less painful. If they go in the wrong direction, they can fix it. Good players want bigger maps where there skills and generally better use of vision control can be put to best use.

      1. Glenn A says:

        the TL;DR version is

        Shit players want maps where map awareness isn’t required
        Good players want large maps to flex on and be able to use tactics.
        Wargaming can never appease both sides of the “shit map discussion” so they just release maps to cater to both

  1. moogleslam says:

    Ugh, more maps which will tease me for all eternity…. in addition to all those they already removed!

  2. Der_Typ says:

    Okay some of these maps look very nice and even not so extreme corridor like. That reminds me that one of my biggest complaints about wot are maps. But hey only pros are working in the map design department so what do i know.
    I just hope we see some new or some of the older maps in the game soon and not so corridor like.

  3. Arizona? That looks absolutely nothing like Arizona. (Certainly looks like it could be South America though) What do people in Europe think Arizona looks like? HAHA. To answer the question, It looks like the Texas or Mexico map. I know this, because I live in this hell hole called Arizona.

    Other then that, interesting article. Would have been kind of neat to see some maps such as these, instead of the same 3 I seem to get.

    1. Aloeus says:

      I was about to say the same exact thing. South America? yes. Arizona? WTFNO. They should make a Grand Canyon map though, that could be fun

      1. The big problem will arise when, and if, the Trump becomes King of the U.S.A. He will ban all travel of people from Europe and the rest of the world and a Texas or Arizona map will be off limits to those of us on the EU servers.

  4. “Only one new map is planned to appear in the game this year”

    Not surprising at all WG don’t give a f–k shit about the Maps anymore and haven’t for some time,

    As now its only brawling ugly small City new Maps – good for heavy tanks only maps make it into the game it appears at the moment

    ~ Pilsen as example of newest WG Map
    (and what a utter shit Map it is, typical WG at the moment, remove brain and instant brawling face to face 4 minute slaughter fests

    screw WOT and its shity corridor Maps, its summer now!
    and so much more better things to do now with the sun out and warm summer days

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Let’s be real, the maps and how they’re laid out really isn’t any gamebreaker at this point, the biggest issue is the unclearance of where you can shoot and where you can’t.
      The difference between the visual and the collision models of the maps is disgustingly big, you really can’t tell which part is actually there.

  5. It’s a shame some of those maps never came out however I can see that the assets from the maps have at least been used in other maps – so at least the work hasn’t gone completely to waste.

  6. kilo_india_alpha says:

    It is not important that a map resembles Arizona. It is important that this map is fun. At present WG fails at making fun maps big time. But we will get the fucking rampage maps… At least so they said. And as all of us know we have a huge deficit in city maps.

  7. Well, just a few days ago I was looking at all the old maps that were removed from the game and now this article appears. Seems that the great WG map rotation (3 times in a row same map, same base) is making players eager for new/old stuff to be introduced.

  8. Dave says:

    Always wanted a map on a golf course. Some holes by the seaside, maybe with greens on little islands and sandbars with the islands giving some cover. Heavy veg between fairways. clubhouse up by some mountains/hills. Some deep sand traps.

    1. xX_WM_Xx says:

      The funnest Battlefield game ever created has what you want. Bad Company 1: Par for the Course.
      Those were the days 😛

  9. Alex says:

    No wonder the three first maps in that list never made it to the game, there are no corridors for the Russian heavies!

      1. I call bullshit, Sir. On this map arty would be scared shitless. Any scout worth of his name would spot them in a blink of an eye. Besides if there is no cover, camping in an arty heavy game is the worst fucking idea ever.

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      You can’t design a map depending on a broken game mechanic. This is how maps *should* look like, arty on the other hand is a completely different problem and should be treated separately 🙂

    2. michaelhagood says:

      Agreed, those maps look like they would be AMAZING to play. I’ve honestly lost a lot of interest in WoT because ever since I started playing over three years ago they have been doing nothing but removing maps. The game just isn’t interesting anymore with the lack of variety. They’ve been adding tank lines that break game balance and meta (hence the global re-balance). But new broken “sekrit dokumnt” tanks aren’t what the game needs. It needs a huge influx of new, varied, and interesting maps, while removing the current duplicates.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Last time I remember, it was called “Louisiana” not “Arizona.” I remember the “Texas/Mexico” map having the name of “Arizona” (I could be wrong. Those were a LONG time ago)

  10. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:


    The Texas and South American maps are what I have wanted forever, something new. God Dammit WG!

  11. Anonymous says:

    be good if wargaming did a competion called designe a map and the comunity decide which are the best 10 and have them added to the game and please delet all the current maps we have some off them have been in the game sinc beta

  12. CLAYM0RE says:

    so they invest in all of these maps and then cancel them? why waste the huge money/work-hours to do so?

  13. Klimax says:

    Rivertown could be interesting idea. Brutal battles for crossings (like Market-Garden). Would likely depend strongly on cover options. (Seems that at least some cover is available)

  14. no matter how you look at it they need a few new maps since many players are tired of only seeing new eastern-block based maps, and bad ones at that
    just for publicity purposes they need:
    >>a new map based in north-america, since we all know the 2 (serene coast and highway) curently available are bad and were often put to be removed
    >>one based in south-america
    >>the return of dragons ridge
    >>one based in either Japan or the pacific islands where the war took place
    >>maybe one based in Australia?

    1. Loch7009 says:

      This guys got the right idea. We need some variety. Also we need less closed in pieces of shit that are corridor maps. We need more open maps. However for them to them to work we need realistic amounts of cover, depending on the location. If its desert for example lots of sand banks. And if its the Australian bush we lots of brownish bushes

  15. Todeskult says:

    A tropical forest of some kind map would be nice to have, we are tired of city maps. Almost all recently introduced maps were city exclusive or with a significant city environment content, enough is enough!!!

  16. BatelGeuce says:

    -Cancelled for being too open/without cover.

    Really ? I guess thats why we still have Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient …

  17. Alex Knight says:

    Useless lazy Cunts -.- Half a year for a new map ? Ok, fair play. The last new maps introduced were: Stalingrad, Overlord, and the one with the Skoda factory (don’t even know the real name). What do they have in common ? They are ALL CORRIDOR MAPS! Why didn’t any of these make it ? Because they are not :/ Because they don’t favor USSR tenks!!!! NO COMRADE! RASHA NEEDS CORRIDOR TO BE OP!

  18. I always wanted a large map with terrain resembling Murovanka’s new magic forest and hills for the entire map. Should not be a problem since there should be enough elevation covers.

  19. Gkirmathal says:

    My first bad worded thoughts aside.
    Those first three maps look great (always have, btw).

    Though also vulnerable to one mechanics, but on the other hand scouts will have a better role on these three maps. Open enough form them to properly fulfill their intended role (!), thus able to counter arty much better than on all those pipeline corridor-isk maps we have now.

    Like some said, these don’t have much of any corridors, so LOVED by WG map and management teams and seemed dismissed due to that fact.
    They should be ashamed of themselves, if you ask me, by outright dismissing them without even letting them be tested by a greater public in CT and get feedback outside the supertest group.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hello Rita,

    Could you ask WG what is the state of PVE? they made the map, Ratton was in one of the T110E5 videos and that was it. Thanks in advance, I love you <3 :*

  21. Half a year to make a map? That roughly matches the rate that I’ve seen them added to the game since I’ve been playing (about since patch 9.0). But there’s no denying that more maps have been removed than have added in that short span of time and I’m not just pulling that out of my ass. I actually checked:

    Severogorsk – removed in 9.5 (Dec 22, 2014)
    Northwest – removed in 9.7 (Apr 22, 2015)
    Komarin – removed in 9.8 (May 27, 2015)
    Hidden Village – removed in 9.10 (Sep 1, 2015)
    Pearl River – removed in 9.10 (Sep 1, 2015)
    Province – removed in 9.10 (Sep 1, 2015)
    South Coast – removed in 9.12 (Nov 18, 2015)

    Kharkov – added 9.1 (Jun 17, 2014)
    Stalingrad – added in 9.4 (Nov 5, 2014)
    Overload – added in 9.7 (Apr 22, 2015)
    Pilsen – added 9.13 (Dec 16, 2015)

    Ruinberg On Fire – removed in 9.5
    Winterberg – added in 9.5
    These don’t really count since they’re just palette clones.

    I also didn’t bother including the clan wars only maps since I only play random battles.

    I remember reading a bit on why some of these maps were removed and usually it had to do with “so-and-so map favored THIS SIDE to win an extra 5% of the time” or something like that. But while I may be in the minority here, I’m willing to accept an extra 5% possibility of losing if it means that I have seven more maps in the rotation. Make an effort to keep it fair, dump more variety into the map rotation, and I’ll be happy.

  22. TheAngryJerk says:

    Hey WG, want to make open maps viable? GIVE TREES HITBOXES AND ACTUAL LEAVES. I’d like to see an arty player look at a forest and be all like WTF I can’t see the tanks through the foliage. Then as he/she fires at a name hit a tree trunk and realize the trees fall over and watch the tanks below fleeing in terror like beetles from an upturned rock.

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