Maps In Supertest

We Have a map that was first shown in November 2015. The map Crab is now in HD. We also have the latest version of the map Berlin. First the 2015 version of “Crab” then the HD and last Berlin. Enjoy.

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Maps In Supertest

10 thoughts on “Maps In Supertest

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonder how many times the letter B will get swapped out for the letter P. Though it looks fairly ok though light on soft cover.

  2. NoComment says:

    Wonder how many times that letter B will be replaced by the letter P 🙂 Though a little light on soft cover it looks okish. Berlin also still an ironing board so wil develove into a camp fest and those bridges are going to be great for 3rd person view.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Crap (b) looked like a crap map back in 1015 and guess what? It did NOT get better with age? will this be tier 3 and lower map? For upper tiers this map will in fact live up to its name CRAP!

  4. WoTs player with 31k battles says:

    Crab is TOO SMALL and will probably play like Ensk which is a terrible map for anything except heavies.

  5. WoTs player with 31k battles says:

    Crab IS TOO SMALL, and Berlin is Paris 2.0. Both maps are way worse than some of the older favorite maps. Why cant Wargaming re-introduce the maps they took away? They were WAY BETTER than these.

    P.S. Put someone on the map building team that play World of Tanks on a regular basis. These people DO NOT know what they are doing!

  6. heinz says:

    this map Crab looks very good but how dare they make a map without a city on one flank. now all the heavy tank drivers will cry like babys.

    I love it.

  7. TovarishTony says:

    Seriously? They are gonna make that Berlin design the final one? War Thunder made a better version of that.

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