Maps Rework latest: Ruinberg


Rework reasons:
A strong, growing imbalance in favor of the lower team is observed on the map.
As a result of the analysis of statistical data gathered, we want to check the following changes that are aimed at balancing the positions for the upper team. However, we want to preserve the usual battle pattern and not make it absolutely symmetrical.
All changes generally affect the city.

Changes scheme:



What was added:
After the previous test, changes 8.1 and 8.2 were removed as they turned out to be ineffective. Other changes stayed. The small town was cleared of visual clutter and small destructible obstacles.
Also, points 9 and 10 were added to the old edits.

Point by point:

1. A residential area was opened to create additional diversity in streets, paths, and positions for SPGs of the upper team. There are similar positions in open residential areas for the lower team. Thanks to that, additional playing space appeared and the outdated dead-end disappeared from the upper left corner of the map.

2. Damaged building with firing points (similar to the one near the lower base).

3. Instead of the central temple building, there is an additional passage with positions for the upper team. It creates new opportunities for the defending team to hold off advancing enemies at the square or fight against more distant positions (the usual bottleneck at the square for the lower team was not removed).

4. Added piles near the building edges in these spots. The first pile at point 4 may be used by players of both the upper and lower teams.

5. The contour of the residential area was corrected to make it more ledged on the side. This allows more positions to be taken up nearby.

6. A position was added to shoot at the passage of the lower team.

7. Minor change. The obstructing burned vehicle hull was removed.

8. Loopholes in the walls were closed. One “balcony” remains.

9. Several buildings were added that allow taking cover from the balcony in point 8 and some other firing lines.

10. A small pile. A dangerous position that allows taking cover from balcony 8, but it’s open to other lines and SPG fire.
+ for the increased size of the map.

10.1 ( The dotted white line on the Mini map) The map increased in size towards the upper spawn point. The main goal of this change is to move the passage further away from the center of the map for the upper team, decrease the importance of spotting in these places, and create positions that have similar opportunities for the lower base. It is now possible to move from the city to the green area and back more comfortably.

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Maps Rework latest: Ruinberg

One thought on “Maps Rework latest: Ruinberg

  1. Leif Nordh says:

    what this map need is to expand the map East towards the cathedral and the FLAK Tower. That would make the map better for more classes of tanks.

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