Marathon with Gifts: Nations


Dasha invites you to a festive cinemarathon with gifts marking the Fifth Anniversary of World of Warships! We’re going to present the best episodes of our Naval Legends series for those who haven’t seen them, and those who don’t mind watching them again. Join our festive cinemarathon, and expect gifts!

YouTube Shipments

Be on the lookout for bonus codes shown in each episode of the historical marathon. As with the in-game Daily Shipments, all gifts are revealed in advance! Each bonus code will unlock a chain of combat missions. Complete them all to get four containers of the new “Five Epochs of the Navy” collection and 1,000,000 credits!

Want even more gifts?

If we manage to get the indicated number of new subscribers by the time each video is published, the reward of credits will be replaced with Coal. If we get the specified number of subscribers for all episodes, completing the combat missions will bring you a total of 10,000 Coal!

The first episode goes live on September 7—set a reminder!

Festive Stream

Join our festive stream in honor of the project’s Fifth Anniversary on September 17! Let’s celebrate this special occasion together! Many gifts, interesting guests, and an ocean of positivity await you! We look forward to seeing you out on our virtual seas!

Previous Episodes of the Marathon

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Marathon with Gifts: Nations

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