Master Ambush Mod

Another mod thats been catching peoples attention, this one called Master Ambush. Essentially taking info on the camouflage parameters of the bushes infront of you and the enemy you’re targeting to let you know when you can fire and remain undetected.

While not officially illegal, it is looked down on and may very well be added to the list soon.

Careful what you download, everybody.

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Master Ambush Mod

35 thoughts on “Master Ambush Mod

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      list of illegal mods will never be a good solution – because the mod author would simply rename the mod and suddenly it will become legal again. The only “list” that would actually be good.. allready exists:
      (skip to point 5 )

      The problem is that those are rules for third party developers (mod creators in this case). There are no rules for mod users (players). So creating a mod is illegal… but using them is simply… NOT outlawed.

      btw. looking at almost every cheat definition… ALL mods that affects battles or battle loding screen is cheat in some way. Only HD skins are questionable.
      On ESL for exaple there were bans for… using of XVM…Yup it happened…

      So if something is illegal on ESL… than why it would be legal on regular WoT random battles ? it simply does not make sense.

  1. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I don’t see word “cheat” anywhere in the text. I think you might have strayed a bit from your usual gaylord blogs and posted in a completely unrelated post.

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well unlike your previous useless drama alert on a mod; THIS TIME it may actualy be considered a cheat. Especialy since spotting system is so unclear and seems so random (but because of that I highly doubt it works well).

    However please save yourself some time and directly link PlazmaKek’s website.
    That will both show the world that cheats exist in WoT, advertise them to all your readers (because that’s what you’re mostly doing: spreading unknown potential cheats, eventualy participating in making the game more toxic with “cheater” spammed every game even against own teammates, but certainly not helping fighting cheats), and even give them the download link.

    Thats what Pk originaly did: he made a website with completely open cheats for WoT updated frequently and not even hiding. It exists for a long time already, and he wanted to prove that WG doesnt care about cheats and that they’ll just let the game get ruined. Have cheats been banned yet ? Nope.
    You think you’ll make a difference ? I highly doubt it. You’re just helping the cheats get more popular and the community get more toxic.

    Rather have no news for a day or two on the blog than seing it become WoT’s Drama Alert. We went from daily Q&As with devs and lots of leaks to few articles (even if that’s not directly your fault) and multiple cheats showoff already.
    The blog shot its own reputation with the AW sponsor a while back, and this kind of post doesnt help it recover either.

    1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

      If being called a cheater is toxic, I’d suggest you to go play Barbie (yeah, I know it may be toxic too).

      One options is to keep cheats in secret, that way only the most determined players would be using them gaining more advantage, or spread the knowledge as far as possible, to make anyone able to use them.
      That way users who use them wouldn’t have so big advantage, and WG eventually would have to react, after mass leaving of those players, who don’t know anything.

    2. Tommy_Gun says:

      Keep in mind one simple thing: According to almost every cheat definition out there,
      cheat is a modyfiaction (hardware or software) that gives player advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder.

      ^ ^ ^ That is a description off almost EVRY mod that affects battle or battle loding screen in WoT.
      (only better looking HD skin for tanks are questionable here).
      So illegal mods are… about 99% of all mods available for WoT.

      I hope sonner or later WG will simply remove res_mods folder and add some sort of anti – cheat machanism (for example file checksum check, so the game with modified files would simply not work).

  3. Anonymous says:

    i wish the spotting mechanism might be more clear. i still get spotted soemtimes where i didnt remembver i was berfore so that’s really strange right now.

    still that is a little bit too easy to play with this. if only it is totally accurate.

  4. For those who don’t understand Russian (and with what little I understand): The mod tells you whether or not you’ll be spotted when you fire your gun (red square yes, otherwise no). This means that it takes into account the lines of sight and view range values of the tanks spotted, and does the calculation based on that. Basically, it gives you information that is in no way available for a normal player during a match.

    Someone can correct me if I understood something wrong from that video.

    1. Foo says:

      The information is available to you if you are skilled.

      And just like with reload timer mods, this one just gives information you should already know (rough estimates/default). It can necessarily not tell you precise information since the exact configuration of the enemy vehicle is unknown in your client.

      1. Rombat says:

        Yeap…let me explain you something…you have an autoloader with 4 shots…you killed a guy and get cover after a house…an friend of the enemy comes to the sceen on the other side of the house…he woun’t atack you because he knows you have 2 moore shoots. You wait and he waits…as long as you decide that you’ll do the moove to atack and you realize that you need all 4 shoots to bring him down. You finelly do the reload stuff…in the next second the enemy atacks…???….why?…because he knows that you started to reload…and that my dear friend is a cheat not a great skill of numbering the shoots.
        As far as i’m concern any mod that help you to become better of the other players who don’t use that special mod is not a mod is a cheat…a cheat that is called so blattant a mod.

      2. Foo says:

        “You finelly do the reload stuff…in the next second the enemy atacks…???….why?…because he knows that you started to reload…and that my dear friend is a cheat not a great skill of numbering the shoots.”

        Apart from the slight detail that no reload timer mod current available does anything like that. In fact, no such data is sent to your client at all so displaying that information to you is an impossibility. The only event available for these mods in your client as an observer is the fact that an enemy tank fired its gun. And that is only available if any tank on your team actually sees it. And what you can do with that information is clearly quite limited.

        Still, having a mod that helps you keep track of which enemies fired and not is clearly a massive advantage, and I’m not arguing it should not be disallowed. The point is simply to debate on correct facts and not various personal opinions based more on feelings than anything else.

      3. apache1990 says:

        @Foo “Apart from the slight detail that no reload timer mod current available does anything like that. In fact, no such data is sent to your client at all so displaying that information to you is an impossibility. The only event available for these mods in your client as an observer is the fact that an enemy tank fired its gun. And that is only available if any tank on your team actually sees it. And what you can do with that information is clearly quite limited. ”

        Reload mods technically can read current clip status of autoloaders, because they send that info to the client for the purposes of the E-sports spectator mod pack they use for streaming. I still think that’s a terrible idea, and that they should implement a proper dedicated spectator mode so that the game can distinguish between players and spectators, and send the data appropriately (since currently they spectate by using an “Observer” tank that has no model, and automatically dies when the match begins).

  5. killa99191 says:

    All that information is available to player who has decent enough playing experience and memory about different tank values. Like i know from experience how far i need to be from bush to not get spotted by shooting. All this mod does is that it takes away that edge that i as experienced tanker have against noobs. Same thing as any mod that shows some characteristics of enemy tank, ie. Reload time of different tanks. All that information is available to player who is observant enough.

  6. bob says:

    another cheat.
    why bother call it mod
    if it gives an advantage, its a cheat… DUH.
    fancy skins (mostly) dont do…
    mods are cheats, all of them

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      I Agree.
      “if it gives an advantage, its a cheat”

      Exactly. There are no unknowns here. We have 0 or 1. Binary system. If something gives advantage it is a cheat. If it doesn’t it is not a cheat. It is preet simple…

      btw. If you look at it deeper… 99% of “mods” are cheats.. So yes why bother to coll them mods anyway. Becouse it sonds better ? I don know…

  7. Popcornhead says:

    Or you could have the delight of knowing you don’t have an advantage your enemy doesn’t and actually play the same game as everyone else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    there are a lot of streamers that told us numerous times: PULL BACK 15 METERS BEHIND A BUSH BEFORE YOU FIRE AND YOU WONT GET SPOTED!….as to making a mod for it.. mentally challenged ,intellectually impaired individuals that need to use it…well… hell: MAKE THEM A MOD THAT REMINDS THEM TO USE PAPER TO WIPE THEIR OWN ASSES……guess they need that too

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      I actually think that youtubers (WoT streamers) are partially guilty for sytuation with cheats in wot in random battles.
      I mean… dont get me wrong but… try to find a WoT youtuber who is not using any kind of “mods” (aka cheats) and has a large fan base… So it goes like this…
      Sombedy is watching that youtuber and than thinks..
      “Hey ! He / She is using those cheats, Posts a video with his / her nick and does not gen a ban from WG ? So I also cen use those “cheats” with no consequences ! ”
      Thus it creates a “snowball effect” and something that I call “social acceptance” for cheating. 🙁

  9. Wait a second, all it tells you is if you will be seen after you fire from behind a bush.

    It doesn’t change your camo rating.
    It doesn’t change the bush’s camo rating.
    It doesn’t increase anything at all.
    It measures your camo and the bush’s camo and tells you what many skilled players have already learned from experience.
    And it doesn’t stop you from firing if you can be seen behind a bush.

    That is hardly a cheat since all it does is help you hide better and shoot while hidden.

    Real cheats warp the mechanics of the game to give you an unfair advantage, like changing the armor ratings of your tank, giving your gun the ability to lead a tank at full speed automatically, or even shooting through obstacles to hit vital points.

  10. a_scrub says:

    I hope this gets listed as a cheat as soon as possible, no player, no matter how experienced could judge thier camo to this accuracy. It removes the need to have knowledge of how bushes work and the camo of your own tank in different situations. The only thing it does is punsih people that take time to actively learn the games mechancis.

  11. mocoow says:

    I hope they add it to the cheat list as soon as possible. There is no way a player has the ability to calculate camo this accurately on their own. Especially if the mod has access to the exact viewrange of the enemy tank. The only thing this does is lower the skill ceiling for the game by removing the need to learn about how camo works. I am pretty sure that I would win more of my games with this mod enabled than without it, and I already have extensive knowledge about camo mechanics by actually reading about them and playing the game. This mod completely removes that advantage that I gained by investing time into the game by giving more accurate knowledge to someone who just installs a mod.

    1. morganakis_gr says:

      lol you really so smart to read about camo in game .lets the rest stupid players just to take advantage against you in so many maps in the game that really give you the knowlege to win using bushes… hm lets remember 3-4 maps ? in rest of them you hide under water and use submarine mods? or just fly over the clouds? or you just dont care about the rest players that wg really gives the advantage to use all the mods? or you dont take shot from unicum(t67) player that ammorack you every single shot? your problem is the camo mod? and the ritas also and not all the aimbots? just pathetick

  12. heldermartins1 says:

    The blog is been swarmed by kids from the 90’s, it seems….

    In what world do you guys live in? The world that says having fun at all cost is the key?

    1. Marian says:

      A person born in 1990 is 26 years old, and one born in 1998 is 18 years old .. so old enough to drive, drink and acquire a gun license in most countries, but apparently just a kid when it comes to games or blogs, according to your “kids from the 90s” remark. It’s people like you …..

      1. heldermartins1 says:

        Does the shoe fit? If not, u can buy a bigger one and shove the gun there, along with all the licenses u can fit in.

        Having a gun license doesnt give u a brain; having a driving license doesnt say u know how to drive; downloading borderline illegal mods doesnt say it is 100% legit.

        Its all about common sense. From what I see, u may have a bit but, when it comes to gaming, u lack… and a lot. Ence, the 90’s “remark”.

  13. JustTheTruth says:

    According to WG’s previous “replies” it should be legal. It does nothing more than XVM, grabs different data and stats (none of which is hidden for the player) and operates on it.
    If XVM is legal because “you can as well alt-tab the game and check stats of every player” then so can you do with this, calculating your camo based on every bush and distance ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°).

  14. Rombat says:

    to have a list of illegal mods means that wg recognize in public that in this game exist cheats…so the’ll never do that because they’ll never recognize such things ever.

  15. Effe says:

    Thank you rita for finding this cheat i never know about it now i can use it thanks to you. You should start posting the downloads for this so people would save some time.

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